Recap “Angels Among Us”: Rosie experiences United Airlines 811 disaster

Recap Angels Among Us, Episode 5 (original airdate Sept. 21, 2014): In last night’s episode of TLC’s Angels Among Us, Rosie Cepero turns a skeptic into a believer, experiences the United Airlines Flight 811 disaster and helps a young man realize he really does have a guardian angel. In Angels Among Us: A Little Bit of Faith, Rosie does a group reading at a winery where a skeptic named Steve (fromRecap Angels Among Us - Rosie Cepero on United Airlines flight 811 Aurora, New York) rethinks his original viewpoint of the whole angel thing when Rosie shares some vivid details about his late father. “It’s remarkable she would have this information on something that happened 60 years ago,” Steve said, after Rosie shared in-depth details on some of his father’s severe diabetic seizures. After talking with Steve, Rosie gets pushed toward Steve’s wife where Rosie explained how she was “feeling as if she was being pulled from her seat.” Rosie was initially reluctant to “go there” and tells that she hears screaming. OK, so the screaming thing is kinda creepy, and not knowing where “there” is adds to the suspense on this one.

Here we learn a bit more about Rosie’s gift and that “going there” to Rosie is reliving some of the actual events – the smells, the sounds, the feelings, the warmth, the pain. “Every reading I get placed back in time, I can actually see what happened,” she shares.

For this connection, Rosie starts to understand that the screaming and the incredible wind she’s feeling involves an airplane disaster.  “It’s an island. Ocean. Were you in Hawaii? Tunnel. Many people died. I hear the plane, I hear the explosion and fire,” she blurts to the woman.

United Airlines Flight 811What Rosie was experiencing was the explosion that occurred on United Airlines Flight 811 in 1989, when a cargo door and a huge piece of fuselage broke free from the plane, and sucked nine business-class passengers out with it.  Nine people died that day. “You weren’t suppose to be on the plane?” Rosie asked. The woman told Rosie that she was originally suppose to be seated in the business class area, in the front of the plane, where the people were killed. Rosie explains how it was her guardian angels at work that saved her. Clearly exhausted from the connection, Rosie reaches out to the woman: “You shook me. I have to give you a special hug.”

In a separate one-on-one session at the Cepero homestead we meet Jacob, a man in his – maybe – early thirties. Jacob wishes to validate his feelings that someone has been looking out for him. Rosie almost immediately connects with his younger brother and tells Jacob that his brother keeps touching his chin and doing this [sign language hand sign for thank you]. Rosie doesn’t understand what that means, so Jacob explains how his brother was deaf and it was a frequent communication between them. Jacob doesn’t need to share many details, Rosie knows he died young and was run over by a car in a tragic bicycle accident in 1997. Rosie asks Jacob why he feels such guilt and he explains how he feels guilty for moving out of the house and not being there, something his now angel wants him to let go of. Rosie then shares that the angel is handing her some little stones. Jacob understands, as he just went to where his brother was buried and bought new stones and placed them around his grave. “He’s saying thank you,” she tells him. But there’s more to this message than just a thank you. Rosie tells Jacob: “He’s stopped you from many things. You’ve had not good thoughts.”

Jacob admits that things had gotten tough for him a few times and he came close to ending his own life. Rosie tells him that his brother keeps repeating “Why? Why? Why? Why?” We learn that 15 years ago Jacob attempted to drive his car through a guardrail and off a bridge. “I don’t think it was physically possible for the car to slow down the way it did. It felt like something literally wrapped its arms and pulled me back into the seat and when I looked over it was like my brother was standing/sitting there with me,” Jacob said. What he felt was real Rosie tells. “Your brother saved you because he loves you. It’s not your time. You’re a great man. He needs you to understand and believe in yourself.” Now, that was gut-wrenching.

Rosie also made a visit to Adams Chainsaw Carvings where she was able to deliver a message to the owner Fernanda and her son. The message was from Fernanda’s mother. When Fernanda hugged Rosie in the end, she said: “That hugged felt different. It was special, it was odd. I can’t explain it.”

I can’t either, but it’s clear that her work is truly healing, inspirational and life changing for the people she meets.


  1. Hi!, Rosie I just watched your show for the first time, I love your energy and in I felt a spiritual connection immediately. Yes I am Cuban, and yes my name is Maria de los Angeles. I am 47 years old and I have had many experiences from childhood validating that there is a reason why my mother gave me that name. I will continue to enjoy your show, congratulations for bringing somethings so unique and much needed. Keep up the good work and maybe one day we’ll meet.

  2. Love your show, and how very graciously you help people with theses angelic messages.
    God bless you, keep up the good work, the world needs more spiritual contact globally and individually.

  3. Rosie…. The MOST IMPORTANT & RELEVANT TV shows are You & Teresa…. Never in history has such HAPPENED!!!
    You and ALL that do what YOU do are Changing Earth One SOUL at a time…. You open Eyes . Minds . Souls and Lives to the Real Truth that we ALL are in but so few MISS… The Pain . Hurt . Sadness . & Desperation in the End Will BE UNDERSTOOD…… The work done by You Rosie is so very very Beautiful. Special . & So Very Much NEEDED. CHOW BELLA…..

  4. hello Amiga , tenho visto o teu programa no tlc aonde eu vivo na Norway , sinto que tudo esta contra me nao tenho sorte na vida, gostaria que fosse possivel se tu sentes algo de me, me podesses responder ! um grande beijo , regarsds 🙂

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