It’s finally here: “Outlander The Wedding” episode

Only two episodes remain before Outlander goes on hiatus, returning in 2015 with the second half of Season 1, but it’s Episode 7 — Outlander The Wedding (airing on Starz Saturday at 9pmET) — that we’ve all been waiting for. And let’s just say, you won’t be disappointed, as the wedding is exquisitely translated to TV in smoldering and endearing detail (no spoilers here, but we loved it). Watch the Starz preview.

Outlander The Wedding episode 7The events leading up to this episode have found Claire (Caitriona Balfe) struggling to make sense of this 18th century world she’s been cast into, and desperately trying to make alliances with people who can help her return to 1945 and her husband. Last week’s episode delivered, quite literally, a gut punch to Claire, as well as a brutal kicking at the direction of the sadistic Captain Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), who believes Claire sympathizes with the Scottish enemy and her newfound clansmen. Dougal (Graham McTavish) interrupted the beating and demanded Claire be released to him — after all, she is a guest of the clan — and Randall agreed, but warned that if Dougal didn’t return Claire to him he would be accused of and punished for harboring a fugitive.

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So the only “legal” option the clan had was to change Claire from an English woman to a Scot via marriage, and who better (the clan’s motives included) to marry the mystery woman than the ruggedly handsome Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)? And that’s where “The Wedding” begins — preparing for Claire to take on Jamie’s name, clan and family.

As series writer and executive producer Ron Moore told earlier this year, the series will always put the book first. “In the writer’s room, we always start with the book. We put the book up on the board first. What’s the book version of events, what are the scenes, and then we kind of go from there. OK. Well, that doesn’t quite play here in the hour format. How do we bridge that? Maybe we change or maybe we add some things that could have happened, but aren’t mentioned there. Maybe we have to change something, but we always take pains to get back to where the book takes us because that’s sort of our job.”

So what did you think? Did the book or the TV show capture it better? Was it everything you were hoping for?  Did it leave you blushing? Comment below.


  1. I was so very impressed with “OUTLANDER” that I kept watching it over and over and each time the whole beautiful story became clearer and I understood more. Claire and Jamie could not have been better portrait than by SAM HEUGHAN and CAITRIONA BALFE. They were very convincing and beautiful.

  2. In interviews w/the Costume Designer (Terry Dresbach), she said that it required ~THREE THOUSAND man-hours just for Claire’s wedding dress. At, say, ~$50/hr (which was the amount I saw offered in an ad for a costumer in N. Hollywood, so YMMV), that’s $154,000 (in labour cots alone) for ONE dress! :-O

    Of course being a former fashion model, Cait has worn nearly priceless prototype dresses designed and created by the world’s top fashion houses, but it’s been a while. 😛

  3. I recently was turned on to the Outlander, I finished the first book in 2 weeks, by the end of month 4 I had read the series and a few more.
    I love love stories, but with this series I also learned a great deal of history that was boring in high school. So kudos Diana you taught me American and European history. I go around and quote places and events, it gives me pleasure of knowledge. I so look forward to seeing ALL the books on television. Thank you

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