Meet Amish Barbie and her castmates on TLC’s Breaking Amish Season 3


The Amish are back  on TLC — and this time they’re Brooklyn bound! Breaking Amish Season 3 premieres tonight at 10/9CT, featuring five new cast members looking for a chance at a new life and achieving their dreams.


Pretty Miriam, 26, is a single mother from Ohio who dreams of a career in the construction field. Having endured constant taunting from her community for giving birth outside of marriage, Miriam must decide choose two options — go to confession for her disobedience or leave her son with her family to pursue a fresh start in New York. Since Miriam only wants a better life for her little boy, she must decide whether leaving him to achieve that will be worth it.

Next up is Vonda, 29, a hardworking Amish woman from Indiana who has fully committed to her faith and community through baptism. Heartbroken after losing her boyfriend to cancer — and hiding a secret passion — Vonda wonders if a fresh start might be worth the risking of being shunned.

The next cast member has a name that belongs in New York City. Barbie, 22, from Kentucky is like every English 22-year-old girl. She wants to go out and explore what the world has to offer her while she’s in her prime, but her parents are constantly pressuring her to settle down. Barbie also has a long-time boyfriend that she’ll be leaving behind, and while he’s always been supportive of her dreams, a trip to New York will test how strong their relationship really is.

Bates, 21, wants to leave his Ohio Amish community to pursue his dreams of being an actor (maybe playing Norman Bates someday?). Because Bates’s father isn’t too happy about his son’s not-so-Amish lifestyle and girlfriend, the two to have a rocky relationship and Bates currently lives in a barn to avoid confrontation. Still Bates knows his mother and siblings will be crushed if he stays in New York for good.

Perhaps the most intriguing new cast member is Matthias, a Bulgarian-born 21-year-old who was adopted by Amish parents living in Ohio. Frequently feeling like an outside, Matt never officially joined the church and has always wondered about his birth parents — even more so now that he recently married a Mennonite woman who is expecting their first child later in the year. Hoping to earn a living in the music industry, he faces the tough choice of leaving his new family behind to launch his career or returning home to raise his child and give up his musical dreams.

Though most of have had at least a taste of the English life, living in the middle of New York’s graffiti-covered buildings, honking cars and sexily dressed people freaks them out at first. But having access to their dream lives and other temptations that promote “the Devil’s work” might be more than they can resist.

Watch the premiere of Breaking Amish on TLC, Thursday September 18 at 10/9C.

Photos/video: DCL