TMZ sports show coming to REELZ

Jeff Pfeiffer

TMZ, the gossip site/show that primarily focused on Hollywood before also branching out into sports (where it helped break stories this year about such figures as Donald Sterling and Ray Rice), will be bringing that combo of Hollywood and sports to REELZChannel in the new series TMZ Hollywood Sports. Premiering Sept. 29, the series will air weekdays at 8pm ET.

tmz-sports-hollywoodHarvey Levin, creator and managing editor of TMZ, said in a release: “This is an especially exciting venture for us because we think we can attract sports fans who love athletes and non-sports fans who are interested in athletes who have become some of the biggest celebrities in the world.”

TMZ Hollywood Sports is a natural extension of REELZ’s Hollywood Happens Here brand,” said Stan E. Hubbard, REELZ CEO, in the release. “TMZ is an amazing partner for REELZ and, together, we will deliver a fast-paced, hard-hitting and fun look at a collision of worlds where sports (with no Xs and Os) meets celebrity meets Hollywood.”

TMZ Hollywood Sports will, according to a release, feature executive producer and host Evan Rosenblum “leading a free-flowing TMZ ensemble discussing everything from athletes’ dating lives, cars, homes, toys and jewelry to social media gaffes, hilarious endorsement deals and public missteps … TMZ Hollywood Sports will dive head-first into the wild, off-the-field world where athletes and celebrities mix.”

REELZ also says that the show will report on celebrities whose lives intersect with the sports world, including business partnerships between A-list stars and Hall of Fame athletes. The format will also include one-on-one interviews with celebrities and industry experts commenting on stories and major events like Hollywood red carpets, the Final Four, Super Bowl, etc.

TMZ Hollywood Sports airs weekdays on REELZ at 8pm ET beginning Sept. 29.