Hallmark Channel announces development deal with author Karen Kingsbury

She’s the “queen” of Christian fiction, according to Time magazine, and now novelist Karen Kingsbury (pictured) has a deal with Hallmark Channel to have two of her popular books developed into original movies, the network announced today.


The Bridge, based on Kingsbury’s 2012 novel, is scheduled for a Holiday 2015 premiere on Hallmark Channel. According to a release,”the captivating romance follows Molly Allen, a woman who left her heart in Franklin, Tennessee with the man she walked away from in college. When Molly finds out The Bridge, a beloved bookstore back in Franklin, is in jeopardy along with the bookstore’s owner, she immediately returns to help, only to come face to face with her old flame, Ryan, again—along with a river of buried emotion. Molly agrees to do anything she can to help and as she and Ryan join forces to save The Bridge, their special bond reignites. Little does Molly know she is about to discover a long-held secret as she and Ryan rekindle the kind of love that can overcome all obstacles.”

The second Karen Kingsbury film in development is A Time to Dance, from Kingsbury’s 2001 book. Again from the release, the film “follows the bittersweet story of John and Abby. When their perfect marriage starts to fall apart, they make the sad decision to separate, but when they gather their children to tell them the news, their daughter interrupts with a surprise announcement of her own: she’s getting married! Determined not to ruin their daughter’s season of happiness, Abby and John secretly put their plans on hold. Despite their best efforts to keep their distance, the wedding plans bring them back together and help them to remember why they fell in love in what feels like a lifetime ago.”

No time frame is available yet for the premiere of A Time to Dance.

Karen Kingsbury said of the deal, in the release: “Hallmark is a trusted name in TV and with my millions of readers. I am beyond thrilled to begin this partnership. My readers will count down the days till the first of these two future classic movies!”


  1. So very disappointed in Hallmark for not showing parts 1 and 2. Will read the book instead of waiting until next year. How inconsiderate, Hallmark

  2. I was so dissappointed this turned out be part 1 of 2. I watched waited for just in cases. I was totally disappointed

  3. I think everything has been said, but I would like to join in, just in case Hallmark thinks only a few caught their foolish mistakes.
    (1) Hallmark THOUGHT this movie was so good they could double their money by showing half this year and half a year from now.
    (2) They knew NOBODY would go for a two-parter separated by 1 year, so they kept it secret. Obviously, that didn’t work.
    I hate surprises. My wife and I will not be watching it next year!

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