Nicholas Sparks makes TV debut with Lifetime’s “Deliverance Creek”

I’m probably not the audience for Nicholas Sparks books and films, but it cannot be denied that he has a tremendous track record in both, given successes such as The Notebook (and its film adaptation), A Walk to Remember (and its film adaptation) and more. Those film adaptations of his books were on the big screen, but tonight he makes his television debut as executive producer of Deliverance Creek, airing 8pm ET on Lifetime. The two-hour movie comes from his Nicholas Sparks Productions.

deliverance-creekDeliverance Creek is not based on a Nicholas Sparks work, but does include the themes that fans of his should enjoy — primarily, a sweeping drama in a historical setting, in this case the Civil War era. The film stars Lauren Ambrose  as Belle, a widow and mother of three determined to protect her family and land. A corrupt bank pushes Belle into becoming an outlaw, and forces her to question whether it is better to be good, or survive by any means necessary.

The film also features Skeet Ulrich (who is billed as a “special guest star” for some reason) and Wes Ramsey. It’s a likable enough first foray for Sparks  into television, and it’s probably fitting that his company would start into this area. Frankly, films like The Notebook almost seem like they could be Lifetime movies (aside from perhaps some language or sensual moments). Deliverance Creek has an interesting backdrop (if a bit derivative of Gone With the Wind at times), and Ambrose is good in the starring role. I would guess we’ll be seeing more Nicholas Sparks productions on television in the future.

Deliverance Creek premieres Sept. 13 at 8pm ET on Lifetime.

Photo by Zade Rosenthal. Copyright 2014