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Dedeker Utopia Ryan Berenz

FOX’s reality TV social experiment Utopia is underway, and as with any other show of this kind (especially those on FOX), it takes a certain combination of personality and sex appeal in the cast to keep viewers checking back. The women of Utopia have plenty of both. Check out their pics and vital stats from FOX:


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Hex Utopia
Don’t call her Katniss. Sure, hunter Hex Vanisles is “six feet of twisted steel and sex appeal,” but her primary game is to bring lessons from Utopia back to Detroit, her hometown.
Name: Hex Vanisles
Vitals: 25, single
Habitat of Origin: Detroit, MI
Occupation: Unemployed
Skillset: Hunting; fishing; gathering

Dedeker Utopia
In Utopia, Dedeker wants everyone to feel safe, warm and comfortable… with her non-traditional sexuality: polyamory. “I’m not a freak. I’m not a sex addict. This is not a kink,” says the liberal, who hopes to educate her fellow Utopians.
Name: Dedeker Winston
Vitals: 26, polyamorous relationship
Habitat of Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Model; motion-capture artist
Skillset: Cheese-making; social mediating

Bri Utopia
“It would be nice to be the prettiest girl in Utopia – that way, I could have my pick of the men,” says Bri, who is also passionate about animal rights and sustainability.
Name: Bri Nyugen Vitals: 20, single
Habitat of Origin: Westminster, CA
Occupation: Veterinary technician; student
Skillset: Farming; raising livestock; horseback riding; canning fruits and vegetables; building huts

Bella Utopia
If there’s one person prepped for success in Utopia, it’s naked yoga enthusiast Bella, known as “the peppy prepper with a purpose” in her Southern hometown. “I’d rather be digging a hole than on a date,” says Bella, who nonetheless remains “open to the possibility of having a child in Utopia.”
Name: Bella Chartrand
Vitals: 45, single
Habitat of Origin: Griffin, GA
Occupation: Real estate entrepreneur; survivalist prepper
Skillset: Has been ready for Utopia for 10 years

Nikki Utopia
An ideal society won’t take shape overnight, but don’t expect that to phase Nikki. The holistic doctor and tantric sex enthusiast is sure to take a hands-on approach to communal living. “The human touch is so loving and healing,” she says.
Name: Dr. Nikki Noce
Vitals: 29, single
Habitat of Origin: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Medical and Holistic doctor; life coach; herbalist
Skillset: Non-traditional medicine; yoga instruction; gardening

Amanda Utopia
“I’m pregnant, but not powerless,” says Amanda, who plans to keep her pregnancy a secret from the other Utopians for as long as she can. Her work with developmentally challenged children reaffirms her belief that if “everyone treated each other like family, the world would be a better place.”
Name: Amanda Scott
Vitals: 30, single
Habitat of Origin: Seattle, WA
Occupation: Behavioral specialist
Skillset: Patience; organizing/planning; singing



A business entrepreneur straight out of college, Kristen believes strongly in personal accountability. “I don’t have time for fat people…lazy people…people who make excuses for their life.” She’s a take-charge woman who is “totally in charge” of her relationship with her boyfriend. “He’s just there for my support.”
Name: Kristen Vanstrom
Vitals: 23, in a relationship
Habitat of Origin: Jamestown, NY
Occupation: Former burlesque clothing company owner
Skillset: By her own admission, “sowing the seeds of drama”


“There’s no doubt that I’m responsible for the Tea Party movement, in large part, in Southern California,” says Rhonda Deniston, a former surf rat and soldier who changed her politics when she “became a productive person in society.” She and her tattoos want to show America a different, better version of the Tea Party.
Name: Rhonda Deniston
Vitals: 48, married, one child
Habitat of Origin: Oceanside, CA
Occupation: Political activist/entrepreneur
Skillset: Disaster preparedness, political organization


Photos: ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Credit: Christopher Fragapane/FOX

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