Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Recap: On The Run

Last night was the Teen Wolf Season 4 finale and while it was sad for many fans, the episode didn’t disappoint. It started off by showing Kira once again in the bottom of the dungeon. She spies a door which leads to a cave-like hallway, and as she’s walking through it, calling out for Scott, she gets a visit from Scott the berserker. He wrestles with her a bit before Kate shows up. Kira notices Scott’s tattoos on the arm of this berserker and demands answers from Kate.Teen Wolf Season 4

Kate explains that they’re in what’s known as the Temple of Smoking Mirrors and she visited this place right after she escaped the Calaveras looking for help. She found the berserkers and got the new nickname  La Loba — the bone woman — once she realized she could not only control the creatures, but also create them. She then goes on to say that she wants Scott to kill because he didn’t do so to become an Alpha like everyone else has to. Right after this, berserker Scott displays his loyalty to Kate by stabbing Kira and leaving her to die in the tunnels.

Back in Beacon Hills, Stiles goes to tell his dad everything that’s happened. Stilinski doesn’t like the idea of following orders from a man with three eyes, so he advises StiTeen Wolf Season 4les to not go down to Mexico. He does agree to make sure he finds all the connections and see if they’ve heard of anything, though, and if he comes up empty, then Stilinski will purchase two plane tickets for him and Stiles.

Stiles says he agrees with his dad’s decision but we all know the guy doesn’t like to sit back while his friends are in danger. Looks like Stilinski knows Stiles hasn’t changed either when he denies Stiles a gun. You’ll always be able to use that trusty bat of yours though, Stiles!

Things seem to be official between Braeden and Derek, since they can’t seem to stop kissing and flirting. Braeden even tells Derek that she wants him to stop thinking so negatively about this trip down to Mexico. Derek doesn’t think he’ll make it out alive but she knows he’ll be okay. If they weren’t so busy fighting off supernatural bad guys, they could maybe post cute pictures online and make their relationship Facebook official — although, I’m not sure how many people their age actually use Facebook anymore.

Everyone manages to show up to a secret location, without Stilinski’s knowledge, to search for Scott and Kira in Mexico. With Braeden’s U.S. Marshal authority she manages to get a police van which is hopefully going to hold Liam on this Full Moon night.

Peter is one of the explorers on this mission and he keeps insisting that they leave right away. However, the team is one person short — Lydia is missing. Malia said Lydia had to get a jacket from Kira’s locker at school because the scent on her sword wasn’t strong enough. Doesn’t seem like Peter cares — which could only mean that he’s up to something. Especially since he drills into everyone’s mind that they need to kill any and every berserker they see because they won’t have many chances to do so. He forgot to mention that Scott is one of these creatures now. Liam offers to have Mason look for Lydia since he has a study group meeting at school.

Liam calls Mason from the road and he says that he can’t find Lydia, but her car is in the school parking lot. He offers to go back inside and look around for her some more. If he finds anything, he’ll call Liam back. Doesn’t look like he’ll be calling Liam back anytime soon because poor Mason gets himself caught in the middle of things he shouldn’t have ever been involved in. He finds Lydia’s phone and on it is a blurry picture of a berserker. He’s confused as to what this is and —  lucky for him — he gets to meet one up close as he turns around. Now the berserker has Lydia and Mason locked in the basement of the school without their phones.

Kira is still trapped down in the Temple of Smoking Mirrors when she sees an apparition of her mother who tells her to fight and teaches her how to heal her wounds, just like a werewolf. Kira realizes that it’s through pain that they heal, so she starts to cut up her hand and through that she gains enough strength to get herself up.

Liam starts to shift during the ride down to Mexico and, nope, this van is not strong enough to hold him. Derek tries to have him focus on the triskelion and repeat, “Alpha, Beta, Omega.” The saying means that each one can change into each other in the werewolf world, but even Stiles knows this isn’t going to help Liam. That’s when Stiles thinks of another little tune for Liam to repeat, “Sun, Moon, Truth.” Luckily for everyone in the van, this one works and helps Liam control his shifting.

Just as the gang arrives at La Iglesia, a berserker grabs Derek when he opens the door to the back of the van and starts going to town on him, stabbing and cutting Teen Wolf Season 4Derek to shreds. All I’m doing is yelling at the TV, “NO!,” and wishing I had popcorn to throw at it as if that would help.

Braeden is just as furious and grabs a gun to go to town on the berserker. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to kill one of these sick creatures, so she only scares it away.

Derek tells everyone else to go inside to get Scott and Kira while Braeden stays outside with Derek. Cutest yet saddest moment, ever!

Just as Peter is about to make a plan of attack with everyone inside the caves, Stiles gets a call from his dad. Needless to say, he’s furious but realizes getting mad at Stiles won’t help solve anything. So he offers his help by going to search for Lydia and Mason at the school.

Outside of La Iglesia, Braeden is in a bad situation —a berserker is holding her up by the throat with Kate laughing on the side. Out of nowhere, trucks pull up and start shooting at Kate and her precious creatures. Turns out it’s the Calaveras, along with Argent and Parrish. Who the heck told them they were going to Mexico?!

Anyway, Stiles is able to find Kira inside, where she tells him about Scott’s, uh, new look. Away from the fight, Braeden runs to Derek to check on him. Things aren’t looking too good and by this point, I’m in tears. Just like that, poor Derek stops breathing and I’m an emotional wreck just like Breaden.

At Beacon Hills High School, Lydia and Mason try to make a break from the berserker guard. Lydia hands Mason a baseball bat and tells him to run. Aw, it’s really cute that she’s taking advice from Stiles, but Lydia, has it ever really worked out for him before? Of course the bats do nothing against the ginormous creature and it sends the two flying across the room. This is when Stilinski comes to save the day by handing the berserker a bomb that explodes it into pieces. Lydia then realizes that it wanted to keep her in Beacon Hills so she couldn’t predict who they were trying to kill.

Lydia is smarter than you, Kat,e and already knows your plan on killing Scott, no matter where she’s at.

Malia is about to kill a berserker, with the help of daddy Peter (how cute), until Stiles and Kira come rushing in. Kira cuts off the dagger Malia was about to use and Stiles tells Teen Wolf Season 4everyone that it’s actually Scott. Right after this heartfelt moment, berserker Scott slams everyone out of the way and grabs Liam by the throat. This is when Liam makes a true connection he never seemed to be able to make with the normal Scott and the timing of his decision is actually on point. He looks into Scott’s eyes through the mask and tells him that he’s not a monster. He’s a werewolf just like Liam.

All of a sudden, the berserker costume and mask start to crumble off of Scott as he tears away at it, breaking free to be his true Alpha self once again. Scott then looks at Peter and tells him he knows that it was he who taught Kate how to create the berserkers. Peter doesn’t deny it and wants to fight Scott to end it all. Malia steps up to fight off her dad, but he slaps her to the side. Great parenting!

Kira makes an attempt to show she’s worthy of a fight but Scott tells her to step down. He wants this fight to be between only him and Peter.

In this  jam-packed with action finale, another fight is happening right outside La Iglesia. Kate is about to kill Araya Calavera when everyone stops, hearing a howl coming from the distance. At first I thought it was the desert wolf that we were finally going to be able to see. Instead, it’s a black wolf with piercing blue eyes that comes charging towards Kate and starts attacking her. The wolf transitions back into a human and…it’s Derek! OMG! Turns out he evolved into a major butt-kicking werewolf because he grabs the head of a berserker and it disintegrates, leaving behind its pelt.

At this point, Argent shoots Kate with a special bullet filled with yellow wolfsbane which makes her transition back into a human. She takes off running into the caves and Argent follows her. Kate says that Allison’s friends are to blame for her death, but Argent makes sure she knows that Allison died saving her friends. He doesn’t know if Kate is worth saving anymore but doesn’t exactly want to kill her. She is his sister after all. Kate sprints away and Argent lets her do so.

Scott and Peter have an epic battle scene which, at first, makes it look like Peter is going to win easily. Of course, Scott channels his Alpha powers and finds new strength in order to defeat Peter. Scott tells Peter that he was never an Alpha but always a monster. After all the fighting is over, Argent explains to the crew that he’s already made a deal with the Calaveras to capture Kate. In return, they won’t bother any of the people in Beacon Hills. Now Argent has to go off with the Calaveras to find Kate, so he won’t be returning home.

Derek asks Braeden is she ever really was a U.S. Marshall and surprisingly she was. She had a normal human life until she let her work get too involved in her personal life. She said her “special” interests started when she got really interested in a certain case involving someone with the code name Desert Wolf.

Lydia gives Parrish his own hardcopy of a bestiary and when I saw this I thought, YES! We’re finally going to figure out what Parrish is! Of course, I don’t get what I want and we never find out what he is in this entire season. Lydia only tells him that this could help him find out what he is.

The last scene is of Peter getting admitted into Eichen House — and I have to admit, I didn’t see this one coming. By the looks of it, seems fitting that Peter be put in the asylum because he is acting like an insane person would. Plus, we all know what he is capable of when he’s not behind bars. Lucky for him, he’s not alone in his cell. His roommate is … the man with three eyes! Peter asks who he is and the creepy hole-in-his-head guy says that he’d much rather show him. This is when he reveals his secret eyeball and Peter is freaking out! Have fun inside there, Peter. You won’t be missed!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Did you like the entire season or was one of the previous ones a favorite? I liked how this season allowed the characters to explore themselves more and actually have relationships. Plus, I’m an action flick kind of girl so I loved all the action they threw into this season. Do you think Derek and Braeden will last until the next season? I really hope so because I’m rooting for them the most out of all the relationships. Derek needs someone like Braeden and Braeden needs someone like Derek. Do you think Argent will kill Kate if he needs to? He let her go this time but he made a promise to catch her with the Calaveras. I don’t think they mind if she dies. What do you think Parrish is since we still have no clue? That’s my only complaint because I think knowing would’ve been a nice set-up for next season. How do you think Peter will do in Eichen House? Do you think he’ll escape like he said he would? Leave your thoughts below.

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