Forever on ABC: Death becomes Ioan Gruffudd


Premieres: Sneak peek Monday, Sept. 22 at 10pm ET/PT
Airs: Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT beginning Sept. 23
Who’s In It? Ioan Gruffudd, Alana De La Garza, Judd Hirsch, Lorraine Toussaint

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Elementary and Castle fans should love ABC’s engaging drama Forever, which concerns the strange existence of Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd, well cast), a dashing, deeply intuitive medical examiner working for the city of New York.

Morgan’s keen understanding of life and death — and what makes people tick in the interim — comes from much more than time on the job. For the past 200 years, the doctor has lived dozens of lifetimes and died dozen of deaths, experiencing the pain and horror of each demise, then resurrecting mere moments later — a mystery he’s, well, dying to solve.

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IOAN GRUFFUDD FOREVER“I started to think, well, what if my son wasn’t immortal,” says series creator Matt Miller (Chuck)  of the impetus for Forever. “Would watching him grow old and die be too painful? Would, over time, the curse of immortality — the affliction — be more than I could bear? … From that came this idea of a character who had the thing that all of us want  more than anything, immortality, and he didn’t want it anymore. What would that look like? What would that guy do for a living? And from that came this medical examiner idea — if he was initially a doctor, he would work as a medical examiner purely for research, to be able to examine bodies and study the science and try and figure out some way to kind of end his curse.”

And in the series premiere, when Morgan’s latest passing connects him both with a stranger who may share his fate and with beautiful but embattled Detective Jo Martinez (De La Garza, CSI: Miami), Morgan’s secrets — and his carefully guarded heart — are put to the test. Watch for a touching twist at the end of the episode involving Morgan’s beloved confidant, Abe (Judd Hirsch).

Forever premieres Monday, Sept. 22  at 10/9CT in a special series preview. On Tuesday, Sept. 23, Forever will premiere Episode 102 “Look Before You Leap” in its regular 10/9CT time slot.

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