Angels Among Us recap Episode 1, “Angels Are Messengers,” Episode 1

Angels Among Us recap Episode 1, “Angels Are Messengers” (original air date Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014): Do you have a guardian angel? Rosie Cepero from TLC’s new Recap Angels Among Us Episode 1 with Rosie CeperoAngels Among Us (Sundays at 10pm ET) believes you do and she’s wiling to make some introductions. In the premiere episode of Angels Among Us “Angels Are Messengers,” Rosie welcomed viewers to her spiritual world and her cozy log-cabin home, which she shares with her husband of 30 plus years, George , and their three charming sons Frankie (31), George Jr. a.k.a. Georgie (27) and Joey (25).

“I am blessed with four amazing men in my life. They are the love of my life,” Rosie tells viewers.

Rosie and her family live on a 126-acre working farm in Port Chester, New York, where they have livestock, trails, chickens and Rosie’s most “prized package of it all” — her pig Brooney (spelling not confirmed).

In the first episode, we get a glimpse of her talent — communicating with angels — as Rosie welcomes a woman named Mary Ellen, who lives in a neighboring town, to her home for a reading. Almost immediately Rosie feels a warm heat, which signals an angel is near and proceeds to explain how color is the entrance for an angel to come through. She tells Mary Ellen that her brother is with them and says that he is handing her a feather. The feather was the confirmation Mary Ellen needed to know “for sure it was real,” as at his funeral they all brought feathers. Here weRosie Cepero learn Mary Ellen’s heartbreak, where she explains how her brother was killed in a car accident when she was just 14 (he was 19). The two were like “Frick and Frack” and shared a special relationship.  Rosie tells Mary Ellen that her brother is her guardian angel. “They come through to give us hope and protection, they just want to make sure you are OK.” But Rosie wasn’t done. She also tells Mary Ellen that her guardian angel saved her from a potential tragedy when her best friend and her husband were murdered five years ago. “He saved you Mary Ellen. You weren’t supposed to go there.”

Next up Rosie’s on the street, cameras in tow, shopping for an impromptu party for Frankie, who’s moving out of the family homestead. [She’s pictured below with sons Joey and Georgie] At the party store she gets word from a persistent angel to head to the “cups,” “cups,” “coffee cups.” And while we would have loved to see a winged man waiting in the aisle with some hot java, instead we are introduced to Caroline, a young clerk at the store. Rosie asks Caroline if she believes in angels. An odd question, undoubtedly, coming from this normal-looking mom whose got some strange camera crew Rosie Ceperofollowing her, but Caroline hesitantly plays along. Here Rosie gives her spiel on her gift and wows her with some personal insights — mentioning Caroline’s dove tattoo with angel wings that have her grandfather’s initials on it, as well as, whispering to her that its “OK to indulge in ice cream” — a line that her grandfather frequently said. Caroline, who is emotional at this point, explained how when Rosie held her hand it felt as if her grandfather was holding it. But it wasn’t until Rosie left and then came back telling Caroline that her grandfather had one more message to validate he’s watching over her — Rosie grabs Caroline’s hands and starts circling around within the store aisle singing “Ring Around the Rosie” — now that tugged on the heartstrings. Caroline’s crying. I’m crying. I’m sure other viewers are crying. Because Caroline relates the entire experience to an old home video she recently watched where her grandfather was … yep … playing “Ring Around the Rosie” with her. Now that was crazy.

Lastly, it’s Rosie’s own children who validate her talent telling stories on their mother’s gift and words of warnings. Just imagine being a teen growing up with a mom like Rosie, i.e. “a little somebody told me you shouldn’t go to that party …” But let’s not digress. In reality, Frankie didn’t appreciate her gift until 2006 when he failed to listen to her and ended up in a serious car accident. “It was in that instant that I knew I had a guardian angel and that my mom’s gift was true,” he shared.

The episode concluded with the Cepero family hosting a party for Frankie.

Read more about Rosie’s gift in our interview with her.



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