Naked And Afraid Recap: Nicaragua Season 3, Episode 8

What’s up Naked and Afraid?  I thought your season was over, and now here’s a bonus Naked And Afraid Recap: Nicaragua! Lucky me!

Let’s meet our nudists:

Amanda Leigh
Occupation: Pet Care Specialist
Survival Skills/Expertise: Shelter building, water sourcing, spear fishing, trapping
Amanda’s two phobias are latex balloons and spiders
Amanda grew up in Texas running around as a country loner hunting snakes for dinner
Likes animals more than people.
Amanda wants to prove that she will has her ornery spirit

Joshua Bell
Age: 28
Occupation: Gunsmith
Current Residence: Roxboro, NC
Survival Skills: USMC veteran, country boy, hunting, fishing
“Mother nature is going to be my Bitch”
Grew up on a Tobacco farm and is using his Naked and Afraid experience to kick his smoking habit.
Joshua says “this is another day on the farm.”

Joshua has the strangest nude body I’ve ever seen on Naked and Afraid.

Amanda has a lush mane of hair that perfectly covers her chest.

Naked an Afraid Recap: NIcaraguaAmanda brought a machete that is kick butt. It has a pokey spike on the end that would be great for poking a hole in a coconut, but this isn’t coconut territory.
Joshua brought a roll of Duct Tape which has to be the most genius choice ever! If crafty teens can make prom attire out of Duct Tape, then I can’t wait to see what Josh can do!

Amanda loves his choice and is looking forward to a duct tape bikini, saying,”my dad always says, if you can’t Duck it, F@#$ it.”

Prior to their insertion into Nicaragua, both Amanda and Joshua were assigned a Primitive Survival Rating (PSR) by survival Experts.
Josh scores a 6.1 out of 10.0
Amanda scores 5.8 out of 10.0

They’ve been dropped off on the shore of the Dan Juan river but they need to move inland to avoid the local caiman, but they’re heading thick into spider monkey and howler monkey territory. And, guess what, there are over 150,000 different species of insects, spiders and snakes. Yikes!

Day 1

Naked and Afraid Reca: NicaraguaTheir machete dulled quickly, but their shelter is moving along nicely.

Joshua take a break to make a cup out of duct tape and they dig a well and get water. Easy Peasy!

Next, Joshua fashions a duct tape bra for Amanda. What a gentleman!

Later, in their suspended “Bed,” Joshua comments that they platform is listing a few seconds before it crashes to the jungle floor. Hilarious for me, but unfortunate for Amanda and Josh,  Thankfully, no one was impaled by a stick.

Day 2
Amanda and Josh struggle to make fire. But at least their well is FULL of water! Thank heavens for small miracles.

But A group of monkeys has been attracted to their voices and proceeds to pee on them. Eew.

Josh makes a blanket out of Duct Tape and it doesn’t look too bad! And, Amanda has blue underpants!

Josh is starting to feel symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. I’ve never smoked, so I can’t imagine how much this sucks for him, but I am starting to wonder if quitting cold turkey is making an experience that is already pretty terrible even worse.

And he’s touchy-feely, which freaks out “Don’t touch me” Amanda.

Day 3
Josh thinks it weird that Amanda’s so wigged out whenever he brushes against her.

They decide to forage for food. Josh finds bananas and pineapples! Or maybe they’re plantains, which are less sweet, but very tasty. Where have they been inserted, The produce section of Trader Joe’s?

Josh is exhausted carrying the fruit and shortly after returning to camp, he gets sick. And vomits the rest of the day and night. When he finally starts vomiting blood, the medics are called in. They deliver an anti-nausea drug and he falls asleep. A few hours later, he starts sleepwalking and when he wakes up, he needs Amanda to turn on her diary cam to guide him back to the shelter. That is very scary, he could have slept walked himself right into danger and a Monkey’s bedroom.

Day 5
The next morning , they cut open and eat an unripe pineapple. Josh is so hungry that he scarfs his pineapple. Minutes later, Joshua needs to “visit the vomit tree.” and pukes and pukes, and pukes. He decides to tap out.

Now Amanda has 16 days that she has to survive alone in the jungle.

That night, she is actually a little relieved to not have anyone trying to cuddle with her. Without a partner, the howler monkeys decided to venture closer to camp. So Scary!

Day 6
Amanda didn’t get much sleep, but she did get hundreds of sweet bug bites. I wonder if the pineapple made her more tasty for the bugs?

Joshua’s pineapples have rotted in the heat and humidity so she tries to eat an unripened plantain. It was not tasty, but she hopes her body is grateful for the starch and calories.

Day 9
Amanda finds an almond, but can’t open it’s tough outer shell

Day 10
Amanda is on autopilot.  she’s not attempting to make fire any longer, she’s just drinking water and laying around camp

Day 13-15
Amanda remains in camp and makes no attempt to get food. Her camp is filled with bugs however, which I’m sure if petrifying for arachnophobic Amanda.

Day 16
Amanda is dispondent and she’s being taunted by monkeys. She flees the camp for a few hours, but finds an incredible reserve of guts. Even though she’s a loner, being alone is really getting to her.

Day 21
I can’t believe that Amanda has been able to survive so long on her own! She is amazing! bu now, what may be the toughest part: Amanda has to hike east through the jungle for a few miles to a tributary river and follow it for a few more miles and then swim out to a rescue boat. I wonder why she never made herself any Duct Tape shoes, that would have been a Day 1 priority for me. But Amanda is finding strength from somewhere, and she keeps going. Her persistence is amazing. I actually shed a tear for Amanda when she found he boat. She has no clue how incredible she is. I hope that watching this incredible achievement builds her self confidence.

After her 21 day ordeal, Amanda has lost 21 pounds and her PSR improved from a 5.8 to 6.3 out of 10.
Because he quit after only 5 days, Josh’s PSR falls from 6.1 to 4.3 out of 10.

After the show, Josh has quit smoking and while he regrets tapping out, he knows it was the right thing for him to do. He’d love another chance at Naked and Afraid.

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  1. Amanda did a great job, how many people could have survived for 3 weeks by themselves considering the guy she was stuck with the first week? She deserved a much higher rating a 5.8 to 6.3 was terrible she should have jumped to at least an 8.

  2. Amanda has by far the juiciest caboose of any of the girls that have been on the show. Such a shame that she covered it up most of the episode with that stupid bag. There was some other girl from Texas last season that could give Amanda’s butt a run for the money. It’s true: everything is bigger in Texas.

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