Interview: Who is Rosie Cepero from TLC’s “Angels Among Us”?

TLC is carving out a niche for people connected to the afterlife — and now has a second entry in the genre, Angels Among Us. The series follows the life of Port Chester, New York, native Rosie Cepero who talks to angels on a daily basis. So who is Rosie Cepero and what do angels really look like? We caught up with the warm-hearted and bubbly Rosie to talk about all that and more. Her new 12-episode series Angels Among Us debuts Sunday, Sept. 7 at 10pm ET/PT, immediately after Long Island Medium, and follows her life on her 126-acre farm with her husband George and three sons Frankie (31), Georgie (27) and Joey.

Rosie Cepero from Angels Among UsAccording to Rosie, angels don’t have wings on their backs and don’t fly down and just start talking to us like we see in the movies — instead it’s all about a beautiful light.
Rosie Cepero: I can be basically anywhere — at the supermarket, at the nail salon, or just when people come here on our property – there are no guarantees when the message has to be given. What happens is that beautiful light shows up. It looks like a spotlight. It’s a different color and the angels come through, they move forward. I feel really hot — radiant heat comes through — and that’s how I make the connection.

Rosie tells us we all apparently have guardian angels, but not all of our angels have a message for us [so don’t worry if you’re not hearing from yours, maybe you are doing just fine]. So who exactly are these angels and do we know them? Rosie explains …
A guardian angel is a messenger. When they have something to say they will come forward. And they’re all different. One could be giving a message of guidance. One could be giving a message of a warning. One could be giving a message of hope. Another could be just saying: “I just need to connect with you, the person you feel is me.” I mean, there are all different messages — they are never the same. Basically guardian angels are here to give us messages of hope and protection — they are divine spirits — it could be our loved ones or a complete stranger. If you all of a sudden have a fear, they show up and they guide you, they bring you to safety. What I do is I find and connect with people. When the guardian angels are there and they have a message I bring forth the message. The guardian angels know that I can connect with them. They come when they have a message. We all have guardian angels but that doesn’t mean we all have a message.

For many of you, this might sound a bit similar to what Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium says, only the beings Rosie is talking to are apparently angels vs. everyday spirits. (Is there a difference? Does it even matter? A message is a message, right?) So how does she know whose angel is for who? Rosie tries to explain …
Let’s say I’m doing a group [session], sometimes it can take an hour because they don’t have messages, but when they do come through, what I feel is this really warm feeling in my body [no, it’s not what you’re thinking…] and I know that the connection is going to happen and then I look for the light to see who the message is for and they [the angel] will be behind that person. The guardian angel comes right through the spotlight. I see an image. Sometimes I see a clear image and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they tell me who they are and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they tell me a specific name; once again, it’s always different.
Rosie Cepero from Angels Among Us

Rosie actually started talking to angels at age 3 and developed her gift over time. [She’s pictured above with her husband of 32 years, George]
I would be in my crib and I would be talking away for hours. Mom would say, “Who are you talking to?” And I would say, “My angels. My angels.” And my mom would say, “What do they look like?” And I said, “They look like people, people.” And then mom would say, “Describe them.” And I would describe what they looked like and they would tell me who they were. My mom had this gift. My mom was a spiritualist, my great grandmother, grandma – it’s generations.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of angels I think of ghostly people [and people with wings], but when we ask Rosie if angels look like people, and if they were people at one time, she tells us they are actually divine spirits with pasts, and we may indeed know them …
They’re divine spirits. Guardian angels are divine spirits. They are people who have pasts and they come to guide us. They’re our guardian angels. Sometimes they are relatives, or a complete stranger. That’s another thing people have to understand, guardian angels are given to us the day we are born. We’re assigned to them. Then as we grow older, they guide us: they tell us what to do and not to do, they teach us, they are our mentors. As we get older, if we lose a loved one, they become our guardian angels if they feel the need to — if they want to watch us and protect us. But if they have a message they will come through — and that’s where I connect with them.

There are times that people will say to me, “Let’s say you almost got into a car accident and you’re driving and all of sudden you hear “make a left, make a left” and out of nowhere you are making a left turn and you just avoided a car accident.” People come to me and say, “I heard this voice, can you tell me who it is and why they were there?” And I sit with them and sometimes they come through and it takes an hour, sometimes 15 minutes and that person could be their father, and their father could be their guardian angel.

As far as I know, when people pass they become divine spirits. And God actually chooses our guardian angels and sometimes they are our loved ones and sometimes they are complete strangers. I don’t know who they are. When I make the connection I will tell the person who their guardian angel is.

Apparently Rosie’s upstate New York home is a portal for spirits; that’s where she does some of her private one-on-one meetings.
I have my group readings and, of course, my one-on-ones on my beautiful property, because my property is loaded with angels. My house is a portal, which helps. A portal is a tunnel where the angels come through so they all help each other.

Rosie credits a personal experience with her own guardian angel, who she says is her father, for saving her life.
About seven years ago, my guardian angel, who is my dad, appeared to me in a dream and he told me that I needed to check my left breast because I had cancer. I said, “Wow, OK.” I woke up and told my husband that I had a warning from my guardian angel. I immediately made an appointment and they told me that everything was fine [this was after a mammogram and ultrasound and a confirmation letter that stated everything was OK]. I had the same dream again, and my dad actually appeared next to my bed and said, “Change doctors now.” I changed doctors and I met Dr. Adora Fou and told her about the dream and she believed me and said she would help me. … [After performing another mammogram that showed a questionable area] we did a biopsy and a week later I found out I had breast cancer. … I’m the matriarch of the family and I knew this would devastate the family, but with my faith and my guardian angels, we beat the breast cancer. That is a very strong story – the connection was amazing and that was a warning.

 >> Angels Among Us airs on TLC Sundays at 10pm ET/PT

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  1. Hi Rosie I lost my mother 1 year ago my daughter was very sad about it been waiting for her to come and give us a signed, pero nada we haven’t have a dream about her yet please help my daughter to fine peace. thank you estela

  2. hey Rosie I’m sure you receive thousands of requests but if by luck I can meet you that will be so awesome. Thanks

  3. Rosie I have tried to talk to the long Island medium. But no luck. We lost our son Barry in June 2011. I found him dead when I tried to wake him. He wasn’t asleep. He had passed during a time between 1:30 and 7:15 am. I don’t know if my guardian Angel has any news for me. I was just 2 weeks ago told I have bone cancer. Could you please help me. Maybe ?

    • Rosie I have had a recent experience where someone told me I have many guardian angels talking to her telling her to tell me that they are there for me. She also said I have healing abilities that I am not using. I don’t know what to think. What should I do?

  4. Rosie, I would love to have a group meeting with you and my children I am a firm believer of angels and think my children need you and your gift. Please pray about this and call me at 775 379 7504 I’m not sure how but I will find a way to meet and take my children to you, or maybe bring you to them if you are willing. Thank you and God bless you.

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