How to contact Rosie Cepero from “Angels Among Us”

TLC’s newest vessel for connecting us with the afterlife is upstate New Yorker Rosie Cepero and her 12-episode series Angels Among Us, whichmakes its debut on Sunday, Sept. 7 at 10pm ET/PT. Inevitably, fans will be eager to know how to contact Rosie Cepero to set up an appointment of their own.

How to contact Rosie Cepero from TLC's Angels Among UsBorn and raised in Port Chester, New York, Rosie shares that her gift of talking to angels has been in her family for years. “I’m 100% Italian. I was raised with a very protective, strict father. My mom was an angel [not literally] – she was all about God, angels — a Catholic. She explained to me what my gift was. My mother, her mother, her great grandmother [all had the same gift] – it’s a very special gift of connecting.”

For those who are interested in learning how to contact Rosie Cepero from Angels Among Us, below we detail her contact information:

When you go to her site, click on “Contact Me.” You will be asked to complete a short form that asks for your name, phone and email. You are also given space to include a message. Don’t put too much detail here (avoid things like: “I’m looking to connect with my dead mother who died two years ago in a tragic ….”). She does indicate that she is scheduling for both private and group “angel readings.” Based on past experience with Theresa Caputo, thousands of people flock to these types of people for closure, so if you are interested I recommend you get on her waiting list ASAP.

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Rosie’s series, Angels Among Us, showcases the stories of people from across the country who go to Rosie’s 126-acre farm in Port Chester, New York, seeking answers to unexplainable events in their lives. According to press details, some simply feel a constant presence around them; others have miraculous stories of how they were protected during times of imminent death. Every personal story is unique but the one constant is the clear voice of an angel who relies on Rosie and her promise to communicate their message. If you are a fan of Long Island Medium you will LOVE this new series.  Angels Among Us airs on TLC Sundays at 10pm ET/PT.



  1. Everything my family has been through over the years good and bad there has to be someone watching out for us. U are truly blessed and gifted and I hope and pray I hear from you..Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I so believe in angels, it is the only way I could have survived the past 7 years. I would love to talk to you and find out who has been helping me through these years.

  3. Dear Rosie, I’m full of fear and anxiety and fatigue, but so many things have happened Angels had to be there. Please help and reply, love , randy

    • I believe in angels I have some of them around me but sometimes I don’t understand what they ‘re trying to tell me . I am in NY also . Thanks

  4. I have had things happen in the pass few years and I believe angels have intervened on my behalf. I would love for Rosie to contact me @ (304) 240-6315. I live in West Virginia

  5. I have had many connections with spirits who have tried to communicate with me. Is there a book that could help me learn how to become more open to them, so I can know what it is they want me to know. Love your show which I could meet with you sometime.

  6. I I had special people in my life pass away . At left me with a lot of pain in my life .My given mane is Inez. I sure hope Rosie will contact me . thank you ! Kay

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