Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 11 recap: Going Berserker

As Teen Wolf Season 4 heads for next week’s season finale, the action and intensity couldn’t be anymore heightened. The episode starts off with a man dragging a body bag into a freezer which isn’t your regular morgue style — this guy has a special interest in human cuisine.

Unluckily for the still-alive girl in the body bag, she makes this discovery by noticing the many wrapped up bodies hanging from the ceiling . Looks like Beacon Hills has another supernatural creature on their hands and Deaton somehow knows about him and is able to fight him off to return Patrick back to Eichen House.

teen wolf season 4 3rd eye

Deaton arrives at Eichen House and is interested in talking to a fellow doctor that knows a thing or two about the supernatural. This guy even went so far as to drill a hole in his forehead to gain an extra sense in the world. While this may be a very good reason for him being admitted into Eichen, he surprises everyone when he shows Deaton his extra eye, which allows Deaton to see what he’s seen … and get answers as to what Kate did to Derek.

However, Deaton doesn’t listen to the doctors at Eichen about not stepping to close to Third Eye Man and soon he’s in some sort of coma.


Liam continues to have trouble with his nightmares, which are now invading his life in the daytime, too. He keeps seeing visions of the berserkers and they aren’t very pleasant. He can’t stop replaying the night of the attack on the hospital roof in his head, and — since Liam is a typical guy — instead of talking to someone about this, like maybe his Alpha, Scott, he keeps his emotions and secrets to himself.

Doesn’t seem like Derek has troubles sleeping! He’s cuddling up next to Braeden in bed and let’s just say I couldn’t be happier for these two. Sadly, the moment is short-lived. Derek’s alarm goes off in his apartment letting him know an intruder has arrived. The half-dressed couple gets up quickly, grabs their guns and gets ready for a showdown.

When Derek opens the door, it’s not exactly who they were expecting to see there. Lydia is at the door and before anyone could ask her why, she lets out her heart-stopping banshee scream. Not sure why she’s screaming but I do know that it isn’t good. Looks like someone is going to die.

Since Scott and Kira haven’t really been able to have their own first date yet, Scott decides it’s the right time to finally make that happen. I would agree, the sooner the better, since the rate at which the citizens die in this town tends to increase quickly.

The date teen wolf season 4 date nightnight starts off super romantic with Kira lighting all the lights in the apartment using her fox powers. Oh yeah, did I mention that this date night is taking place in Derek’s apartment? I’m not sure why but I find it kinda weird and cute at the same time. It gets really awkward once things heat up. It’s a pretty steamy scene and all I can think about is previously seeing Derek in bed with Braeden. But I know Derek was just trying to help Scott out, and it’s really Scott and Kira’s teen hormones that are to blame.

While the two lovebirds are having an increasingly sexy first date, they too get an unlikely visitor. A berserker and Kate come barging through the windows of the apartment before Scott and Kira have time to react. So the battle begins.

Since the teen’s heads are still probably off in la la land, Kate’s team ends up winning, and she tells Scott that she wants to know what is so special about him since he managed to get her family of hunters to break apart. Kate, being a girl after all, makes sure that she tells Scott she’s not only getting her revenge on him but also the ones he loves … including Kira.

While Scott and Kira are unsuccessfully battling Kate’s team, her brother takes it upon himself to try to find her in the sewers. He finds her secret hiding place, but finds Peter there instead. This is when Peter grabs a metal pole and shoves it right into Argent, leaving him to bleed out, Peter tells Argent about his work with Kate and their plan to harm Scott and Kira.

Lucky for Argent, Parrish has been following Peter’s every move since the whole Meredith incident and finds the sewer and a badly-injured Argent.

Argent warns Parrish about Kate and Peter’s plan and tells him to go rescue Scott and Kira. But Parrish wants to be the hero and get Argent out alive instead of leaving him to die. But Argent is exhausted anteen wolf season 4 argent stabd has nothing left to help Parrish remove the pole embedded in his body. So Parrish taps into Argent’s emotions and tells him to get angry—  even if it’s about Allison. That does the trick. Argent finds his strength and is able to help remove the pole. In the process, Parrish’s eyes glowed and changed colors like a wolf’s, reaffirming that he’s something supernatural. Still don’t think he’s a wolf … but he can change his eye colors and make them glow too.

Come game night, star players Scott and Kira are nowhere to be found, and all Stiles knows is that they’ll be running a little bit late. It’s not until Peter’s arrival that things start to align. He sits down with Malia to have a father-daughter chitchat, telling her that he’s found his desert wolf — which is her mother. Of course Malia is interested in knowing more and possibly even meeting her mother, but Peter tells Malia that he’ll let her know everything about her mother — once she’s done killing Kate Argent for him. Talk about being sneaky! Weren’t he and Kate just working together — and now he’s going to kill her?

Deaton is still knocked out thanks to the man with three eyes. In the hospital at Eichen, the doctors fear there’s nothing more they can do, until Lydia shows up and tells them she needs to speak with him. They look at her like she’s crazy, but sure enough, Lydia is able to wake up Deaton and he tells her — along with the rest of the gang — that Scott and Kira have been taken to Mexico. If they want to find and rescue them, that’s where they must go.

teen wolf season 4 kira bonesI can’t confirm that Kira is in Mexico once she wakes up but I can confirm that she’s in big trouble and in a very creepy place. It doesn’t help that she wakes up surrounded by bones. I’m not sure if they’re human or supernatural, but it looks like once you’re locked inside this place you don’t get out either way.

Scott, on the other hand, wakes up to find Kate standing over him. He’s strapped to a table that also is covered in bones but these appear to be more animal that human. In fact, they look really familiar. Kate explains that she’s going to make Scott become something that his friends and family won’t ever recognize and when she grabs a mask resembling a skull, everything starts making sense. Those bones looked so familiar because they were the bones of the berserkers. Then when Kate places the mask over Scott’s face it makes complete sense: she’s going to turn him into one of her freaky berserker slaves.

What do you think is going to happen with Scott? It looks pretty self-explanatory, but do you think he’ll be able to weasel his way out of it? I hope he can because if he doesn’t,  I don’t know how he’s going to return to his true Alpha self. Do you think Malia will take Peter’s offer and kill Kate in order to meet her mother? Do you think someone will be able to help rescue poor Kira in time? And what exactly is Parrish? Share your thoughts below.

The Teen Wolf Season 4 finale premieres Monday, Sept. 8 on MTV.