Dating Naked Episode 7 Recap : AJ and Liddy

After the revelation that Ashley and Alika, two of last week’s participants are getting married (they actually got married Aug. 6, but their wedding will be televised on VH1 Sept, 18), I have to look at Dating Naked Episode 7 as more than hot bodies hooking up. There is an honest-to-God chance that people might meet, fall in love and get married!

Let’s see if today can up the number of married nudists.

Age 30 from Berkeley, CA. He’s a pro wrestler
Has been single for 7 years and he’s a big Nickleback fan. And he admitted that. Which may explain why he’s single.

Lives in Oakland and does sales (what does that mean?)
In her life, fun trumps everything else. She has never had a relationship longer than 5 months.

Date #1
This is AJ’s first blind date too. AJ’s body is sick.
To break the tension, Liddy proposes some naked cartwheels. Which is too precious.

Then their “Official” date is riding a big banana. They are both fun and ready for adventure. Riding a banana boat is a ton of fun, so it is a perfect date for their active bodies.

“AJ and I are a team, but I can’t tell if we’re a romantic team.”

At dinner, AJ asks some pretty heady questions, which is not what Liddy was expecting to hear and she seemed a little turned off by it.

While they hang out, they mutually decide that they’re more friends than lovers. They’re looking for different people and they each wish each other well. That’s sweet.

Date #2

Dating Naked Episode 7
since many people may have already seen Meg nude, here’s a pretty pic of her clothed.

‘Tig ‘ol Biddies” that’s what AJ said when he saw his second date. Yup, you guessed it, AJ’s second date has fake breasts in her supermodel body. If AJ could give himself a high five, he would.


His hot date has a name. She’s Meg from Charleston, SC and she’s stripped at a club in NYC for over 2 years.  She freely admits that her boobs pay her bills. “Big boobs make more money than small boobs.” No one ever doubted that strippers weren’t savvy businesswoman. I wonder if she’s tired of men ogling her body. Then again, if she was tired of it, she probably wouldn’t be a stripper and she’d be an econ major.

Liddy’s second date is with Joe from Bowling Green, KY. He’s a 31 year-old redneck. Their date is a scavenger hunt, and Liddy is so unimpressed with Joe’s appearance that she’s hoping to find a cuter guy. He’s trying to be a southern gentleman, but every time he touches Liddy ‘s butt to keep her from falling, she gets more and more skeeved out. If he was hot, Liddy’d be fine with it, but Joe’s not.

AJ and Meg are riding horses. He asks about her broken engagement.

Liddy and chicken-fried Joe are not natural-born navigators. But, when they find the magical key, their treasure is chocolate and rum. Tasty!!

AJ and Meg share losing their virginity stories and worst sex stories. Meg dated a man who was gifted with height (He was 7 feet tall) but his manhood was miniscule. Then she implied that she’s had lots of sex.

Dating Naked Episode 7
Werk and twerk or you’ll look like a jerk!

That night, the foursome hangs out and Liddy is jealous that AJ’s second date is hot and her second date was a dud. So, she starts pole dancing. And it’s okay, but she rocks the casbah (and the huppa that they’re sitting under) so hard that it nearly falls down. AJ has a brain boner and Meg (whose job is to work the pole) is unimpressed. But she doesn’t one-up Liddy, which is classy.

Joe has a big ol chunk of chaw in his jaw, he seems surprised that Liddy’s not wanting a piece of him. Because he’s denser than fog.

Date #3
AJ meets Xandra and her nipple piercings. And her belly piercing. And her lip piercing. And her nose piercing.

Liddy’s third date is Steve, who “has a nice package.” And he hugs. His life motto is “Be positive and test negative.” He’s looking for fun and he’s awesome looking, right down to his meat hooks.”

Dating Naked
Wild-child Xandra is Xactly what AJ needs to get out of his comfort zone!

AJ and Xandra’s date is peer pong. He proposes that if he gets a ball in before she does, he gets a kiss. Excellent Xandra totally blocks his ball like a beast and then she flips and goes all LeBron and tries to dunk her ball. But AJ gets his ball in her cup so he wins a kiss. And Xandra totally goes deep with his tongue. She is hilarious and it’s had not to be attracted to her positive energy. AJ has three totally different women to choose between.

Liddy and Steve get to ride down a giant slip’n’slide. As a kids, I used to ride my slip’n’slide for hours at a time. But unlike Liddy and Steve, I didn’t first coat my body in oil, and I wasn’t naked. But it’s  fun date and gives them an opportunity to writhe all over each other. Later, Liddy and Sexy Steve drink mmmmmudslides and they’re both looking for a fun, no strings relationships.

That night, the six pack hang out and the second Meg and her twins come out, they guys start drooling. AJ hangs with Xandra but she’s totally not interested and feigns a headache. Liddy and AJ get cozy on the couch and Steve goes frat guy and becomes the biggest D-bag ever! Too bad, because he Is hot and he is fun, but he is dumb. AJ notices it too, and knows that Liddy deserves better. She deserves someone like him so he takes her upstairs ad they talk.

As they’re walking upstairs, I can’t help but notice that AJ has something on his butt.  So here is a picture of it. It appears that someone has written “My B!@#$” on his fanny with marker. Can you guess who would hate this? Ashley form last week.

So I checked on this butt action.  In the dating naked Blooper Reel (which are always LOL, An unseen part of AJ and Xandra’s date was giving each other henna tattoos. Xandra claimed AJ’s ass, hence the henna.)

She takes him to task for hooking up with Meg and her little Megs.
I’m not impressed by Meg.”
“You’re not impressed by her, but you would f@#$ her.”
At least he admits it.

The next day at the selection ceremony, AJ has a tough choice between three women who intrigued him in three different ways. Meg teased his body, Xandra opened his mind to the possibilities outside of his comfort zone, and Liddy grew on him. And he wants to keep growing, so he chose Liddy.

Liddy obviously didn’t choose Joe. He’s right for someone, but not her. Steve is a d-bag and AJ blew it by picking with his pecker before picking with his brain. But, since no one wants to be alone, she picks AJ. And Steve says that he’s okay with not being chosen. Once he knew there was a girl with fake boobs on the island, he wanted to hook up with her. He does live in the porn capital of the world (It’s true. Chatsworth, CA is where many porn companies are headquartered, which is weird, because the city is pretty strip-mall looking. But then again, I guess porn is the strip mall version of a film.) AJ and Liddy kiss. And kiss, and kiss. And AJ gets an erection, which Amy comments on.


Dating Naked Episode 7
Oh Amy, don’t ever change!

Sweet Amy has to see so much nudity.

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