Raising Asia Recap Episodes 8 and 9: Blood, Sweat and Tears

This week on Raising Asia, it’s Asia’s big debut performance of her new single at Planet Hollywood. Things are a bit tense (but when aren’t they?) because Shawn has to fly to Dallas for work and miss Asia’s performance. He makes sure to remind Billy what they talked about beforehand about him possibly losing his manager position. If this Planet Hollywood performance isn’t perfect then, it’ll be the last performance he’ll work on with Asia.

Adding to what seems to be a never-ending battle between Anthony and Billy, Anthony comes up right before the show with some great news. He tells Kristie and Asia thRaising-Asia-Kristieat one of his close friends, Kelly Rowland, would like Asia to open up for her at the Long Beach Gay Pride Fest. Of course the two can’t resist more performances especially when this is “Beyoncé’s cousin.”

Asia hopes that she’ll get on Kelly’s good side and be one step closer to being friends with Beyoncé. At least the girl has high hopes. Kristie isn’t too worried about the ongoing fight between choreographer and manager. This is prime example of the two peacocks going head-to-head making sure they come out on top with offering Asia the best performance opportunity.

On the day of the Planet Hollywood performance and Asia isn’t nervous at all. This makes Aunt Gina nervous. Asia doesn’t have a care in the world as she’s licking her $20-plus bedazzled lollipop, and enjoying the sugar rush. She even suggests that her mom and aunt get a couple of drinks to release some stress, since Kristie is starting to get nervous. Plus driving in Las Vegas is crazy and making a wrong turn is sure to make you late. Everything ends up being okay, even if  they arrive at Planet Hollywood a little later than planned.

Raising-Asia-CryingWhile getting ready for her big debut as a singer Asia still isn’t off of her sugar rush. Kristie tries to get Asia to calm down and focus, but this just adds more stress and Asia has a meltdown right before she’s about to go onstage.

Asia tells Kristie to leave. Kristie finally does, slamming the door in frustration. Aunt Gina tries to help save the day but she, too, is in tears. She can’t calm Asia or Kristie down, so she goes to Billy for help since he is the manager/psychiatrist. Really unsure why she called him for help, since she’s Asia mother,  but he manages to calm Asia down so she can go out there and perform.

Ever the pro, Asia pulls off the performance, which means that Billy can stay. Anthony is still pretty upset that he’s lost all creative direction to Billy, but Kristie is thrilled she’s keeping Billy on the team. Can someone please explain why she favors Billy so much? Anthony does help out and care for Asia, too … a lot.

Shawn has a talk with Gina since he heard about the meltdown while he was traveling. She tells him that Asia kept asking for Kristie to leave and this really upsets Shawn. He has a talk with everyone and puts Kristie in her place. He says that if Asia says to leave, Kristie needs to leave at that moment. Good for you, Shawn! I didn’t think you had it in you!

In the next episode, Eye on the Pride,  the show at Long Beach Gay Pride Fest is only three days away, and things aren’t looking too good when Anthony calls Kristie to let her know that  he’s stuck in the Atlanta airport. So Shawn takes control of the meeting and tells Anthony that he’s giving Billy full control as creative director.

I understand how the Rays would be upset with Anthony not being there, but he’s still able to take the meeting and have Asia practicing the dance routine he’s choreographed. It’s not his fault the plane is delayed. I don’t see why they need to instantly give Billy full creative control. It’s Anthony’s turn! Another thing that needs to be cleared up is what exactly their idea of  a “creative director” is. I’m thinking Anthony is already doing that since he’s the choreographer and Billy is a manager who plans and manages things for Asia.

But anyway, Anthony is finally able to show up for a dance rehearsal and talks to the Rays about his vision … even though they’ve kind of taken that away from him. He wants Asia to be able to relate to the gay community through her performance and song, because a lot of superstars have gained fame through the support of that community. He feels her song isn’t relateable and needs to change to something more fun and upbeat.

This doesn’t go over well with Shawn at all, because he feels like Anthony is already telling him his daughter’s song isn’t a hit. The two bicker while Asia leaves the room. Finally Shawn calls Billy, since he’s the manager, and lets him decide. Billy says Anthony can’t change the song so Anthony has to suck it up and choreograph what he has to work with.

Thankfully, Anthony isn’t one to sit down and take no for an answer without a fight, so he adds in his own little remix to Asia’s song for the performance. Kristie seems to like it during rehearsals on the day of the performance so looks like Anthony’s version is going to stay. You go, Anthony!

Raising-Asia-Crying-Dance-FailUnfortunately that power is short-lived, once Asia starts practicing her routine with the backup dancers. She gets thrown into the air and lands on her tailbone. The waterworks begin and Kristie comes in to see what happened.

I thought she’d be furious at Anthony but surprisingly she wasn’t. She tells Asia to basically suck it up and she’ll be okay.

At the venue, everyone quickly becomes angry with Anthony. He can’t be found and Asia hasn’t had time to practice on the stage. Billy shows up and makes sure to point out these issues and blame Anthony since he’s the one who booked this gig. Oh and one more thing: The schedule got a little switched up and Asia won’t be opening up for Kelly after all — so she’ll have a smaller crowd than they expected. Again.

But in the end, Asia puts on an awesome show and has everyone in the crowd calling her a mini Janet Jackson. No one can believe she’s only eight-years old. Billy’s thinking the same thing, only because he’s shocked while watching the performance and discovering his song has been messed with. He also doesn’t like that the backup dancers were wearing masks over their faces because it’s a bit too provocative for Asia.

Hey, it’s something Beyoncé has done so it’s something mini-Beyoncé was bound to do!

Next week on Raising Asia, Shawn wants to switch roles with Kristie so he can finally get his one-on-one time with Asia and allow Kristie some time with little Bella Blu. Once again Anthony and Billy battle over what direction Asia’s career should be taking. Anthony tells Shawn that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and should leave the song decisions to him.

So what do you say, Raising Asia fans? Will it be Anthony’s mini-Beyoncé or Billy’s bubblegum princess that wins out?

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