Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10 recap: The Real Benefactor

Last night, Teen Wolf opened up with a scene of two werewolves — including Liam’s school rival Brett — running around the school parking lot from what appeared to be only a couple of assassins. It’s later revealed, once they’re trapped, that they are surrounded by a whole clan of assassins trying to gain money from the benefactor. Just as they’re waiting to die together, Kira pops up and saves the day with her sword-swinging action deflecting the arrows the assassins are shooting. You go, Kira!

Teen Wolf Season 4 cast

Kira brings Scott into Doc’s office and shows him what she’s found — Satomi and the rest of the remaining werewolf pack that’s been in hiding. Scott helps them find a better hiding spot at Argent’s warehouse. Argent warns Scott and the pack that the assassins are hunters who now only care about money, and the pack isn’t safe with him since they might already know where they are and are waiting until sundown to fight.

Meanwhile, Melissa locks Stiles and Malia in Stiles’ hospital room until they talked things through, unlocking the door once the pair kissed and made up. Stiles still has the tape of Lydia’s grandmother Lorraine that Brunski had Lydia listen to. Melissa finds him a tape player and the happy-again couple listen and discover that this wasn’t recorded at Eichen house. Thanks to Malia’s super-hearing, she recognizes the record player from the lake house in the background noise. So it’s a short, strange honeymoon trip for the two to the Martin lake house to see what really happened.

Back at the Sheriff’s office, Lydia finally convinces Stilinski to allow her to talk with Meredith and sort of gets through to her by talking to her calmly and acknowledging that she only wants to help. However, Meredith turns the tables once again and tells her she’ll only talk to Peter. They bring Peter in and he’s unsure that the cops got the right girl. This is probably the only time I’ll agree with Peter — since she looks so innocent, she couldn’t be the evil one, right?

He goes in to talk with her anyways and things quickly hit the fan.

Meredith touches Peter’s face and tells him that the scars are all gone. This upsets Peter a lot — for whatever reason — and makes him lunge at Meredith. Lydia knows that Peter and Meredith have met before since Meredith is talking about the burns on his face from the fire, and predicts what’s going to happen next but she’s a little too late. Peter makes a connection with Meredith to get the real story.

While this is going on, Meredith is talking in some special banshee language that only Lydia can translate. She says that Meredith and Peter were in the hospital together right after the fire happened. While Peter was in a coma, Meredith could hear everything he was thinking. It was like he was sitting right next to her bedside, talking over her. He told her how he was going to get revenge for what happened to him and said that he warned his sister that this was going to happen but she dismissed it and made everyone weak. Then he launched a plan to use all his money and allow anyone to become an assassin, because he wanted to kill every supernatural — not just the werewolves.

So big shocker … Peter still is evil because he’s the one who created this and doesn’t even remember it! Poor Meredith was only following his orders like she was told to do. And now I’m not too sure if I should feel bad for her again or still hate her for what she did.

While that big news dropped like an atomic bomb, Scott and the rest of the werewolf pack get some unfriendly visitors. They are getting bombarded with the assassins that have entered Argent’s warehouse and can’t keep up, but they try to put up a good fight with Argent’s help, so Stiles and Malia can get more time.

At the lake house, Stiles gets frustrated that they’re trying to mess with a record player that plays nothing, and I don’t blame him since he can’t really do anything, being human. He turns off the record player, saying they need a banshee there like Lydia or Meredith, but once he shuts it off Malia says she can still hear something spinning. They pull the record player away from the wall and find a cord going through the wall. They pull it out, ripping the wall apart, and find something unexplainable. Behind the wall are machines with what appear to be records turning inside. Stiles knows what they are and tells Malia they’re the dead pool.

He shows Lydia a photo from his phone of what they look like, because they need to find out how to turn them off. There’s a spot for a key,  but no one knows where it could be, even Lydia. When Stiles points the camera to the floor, Lydia notices her red wine stain in the white carpet is gone. Stiles being a man doesn’t realize how impossible this is, even with the help of professionals. She then realizes it wasn’t really wine — so it must be a clue. Stiles grabs the same bottle of wine and Malia smashes it on the ground to reveal the key inside.

Just as Scott is saving the day, he grabs one of the assassins and something about him changes. He gets on top of the guy and just starts lashing out at him, shredding at his stomach. His eyes seemed to get bigger and darker than usual and his face becomes more evil-looking. I’m not too sure what happened exactly, but that’s not the same werewolf Scott that I’m used to. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into Peter in the end!

Before Scott can finish the guy off, the assassin’s phone starts vibrating and the others start to flee. Scott picks up the phone and reads the message from the benefactor saying that all contracts have been terminated.

Looks like the reunited Stiles and Malia make a good team and shut off the machines just in time.

It wouldn’t be the same if there weren’t another twist added to an episode of Teen Wolf season 4, and sure enough, Peter goes down into the sewers to meet with Kate and lets him know the progress. She then tells him that she doesn’t believe he’ll come through on their deal, and as I’m sitting here wondering, “OK, what is your ‘deal,’  Peter just comes out and says it. He guarantees he’ll come through because he can’t wait to kill Scott.

WHAT?! I swear if he touches one hair on Scott, he’s dead thanks to the fan base! You watch out, Peter Hale!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Are you happy to see Stiles and Malia back together? I just hope she doesn’t go against him and go on Team Daddy for some reason. There’s always twists like that in this show so you never really know. What do you think happened with Scott for a second there while he was killing that assassin? He seemed to be tapping into that Alpha power a little too much. What about Kate and Peter’s plan? How do you think they’re going to accomplish that? I’d like to see them try. Leave your thoughts below.

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