Raising Asia Recap Episodes 6 and 7: Who Wears the Pants?

This week on Raising Asia the battle between Anthony and Billy rages on. Since Billy is Asia’s manager (along with his other 20 roles), he books Asia to perform at an upcoming artist’s album release party. The artist is named Dario and, like Anthony, I have no idea who he is. Which makes me wonder even more why Kristie would allow her daughter — the next Beyoncé — to perform as an opening act for someone no one has heard of? Hmm…

raising asia kirstie ray

In case we forgot how much of a control freak Kristie is, let’s go over exactly what she freaked out about with the breakfast Shawn made for Asia. Asia can’t have bread before eggs or eat yellow eggs in general — only egg whites. Did you know there’s fat in peanut butter? Asia can’t have all that fat in her breakfast because she now has peanut butter, bread and a banana, oh my!

Kristie says she’s not the villain here. She says that her family along with Shawn are the ones that cave into Asia’s requests, because they end up feeling bad for her. Really? Well of course I’d feel bad for an eight-year-old who just wants some peanut butter on her toast in what, I think, is a very healthy breakfast for a kid. It’s not like she’s asking for them to run through the drive-thru at McDonald’s every other day!

Kristie then mentions that Asia also can’t be eating like this because she has Shawn’s genes and she can get bulky. Excuse me, you basically blamed your husband for having fat genes, but if I do remember correctly, he was a body builder and doesn’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger today, even though he’s retired, so why worry about Asia with all her workouts?

raising asia shawn

With Shawn already feeling down after the breakfast ordeal, he still tries to have a voice in Asia’s career, though clearly Kristie doesn’t want him to have any part in the decision making or even really want him showing up to practices. Shawn thinks it’s because Kristie loves Billy so much (not exactly sure why…maybe it’s all that Fame) that she doesn’t like it when Shawn talks negatively about him. Shawn, just isn’t sold on Billy just yet and needs the guy to prove himself worthy.

With just 24 hours before Dario’s party, Anthony is late to rehearsals because of an important meeting. So Kristie does what she does best and starts barking at Anthony for being  late. I don’t know why she’s so angry at him since Asia’s manager has been M.I.A. this entire time due to “illness.” Anthony brings up a very important thought about the venue. He can’t even believe that Kristie doesn’t know where the venue is because she’s such a micro manager. See Kristie, get angry with Billy not Anthony.

Asia says Mama Ray really needs to get her behavior in check.

Poor Shawn tries to have a heart-to-heart with Kristie to make sure he’s saving his relationship and family. He says that he takes what Kristie’s sister has said to heart, because she has been through a divorce and knows what she is talking about. However, Kristie doesn’t seem to care what either have to say and the two leave a nice lunch without solving anything.

So it’s the night of the album party and the venue isn’t exactly little Beyoncé exclusive.

raising asia episode 6

It’s a dive bar only for people 21 and over, so Asia gets the luxurious dressing room in the parking lot. The stage is super tiny, uneven, has gum stuck onto the floor and it appears that bums are even trying to watch Asia’s performance from outside the venue.

The crowd size goes from Asia’s last performance at World of Dance with 10,000 people to 30 people. The red carpet is something that a little kid would make as a fort out of blankets and all I’m thinking is Billy is finally getting fired.

But Asia is a professional, so she makes sure the show goes on, anyway. She puts on a performance packed full of attitude like always; though I’m not sure the crowd (except her family) really felt the performance since it wasn’t exactly their style.

Upset with Billy’s venue, Shawn tells Kristie that he would like to have a talk with Billy and be more involved in the places Asia is set to perform. Anthony agrees that it’s Billy’s fault and he should be held responsible for his decisions.

raising asia episode 6 billy

raising asia episode 6 anthony

Kristie agrees for Shawn to be more involved in Asia’s career (purely out of frustration from his complaining) and tells him to talk with Billy. Whatever the two set up, she’s fine with it.

Sure she is.

Shawn says Billy has one last chance to deliver at Asia’s singing debut at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, otherwise he won’t be signing anymore checks … which makes his wife look like this.

raising asia no more checks

In the next episode, “Hit the Road,” Asia and her family head off to Vegas. Okay not all the family because poor little Bella gets left behind to do more amazingly fun crafts with grandma, and she expresses how unhappy she is with their decision this time. Not sure why they couldn’t just take Bella and make it a family trip, but that’s the Rays for you.

Little Bella tries keeping up with Daddy driving away while she’s in her little pink truck. It’s the cutest, saddest thing ever! If I would’ve seen that, I would’ve taken her with.

Right from the start, the road trip goes south. Asia wants something to drink, but Kristie won’t let her drink anything other than water. She can’t have caffeine because Kristie says that would make her a living nightmare — nice, Mom! She also can’t have milk because she doesn’t want Asia to have mucus in her throat. I understand it’s for her singing because I too have limited myself to only drinking water on days of auditions. However, Asia’s a kid and they really don’t need to have her on a dairy lockdown all day. Just clear her throat out with some water after and you’re fine … and not dealing with this.

raising asia epsiode 7 asia p

Of course, Asia starts crying and throwing a little tantrum because all she’s left to drink is some orange juice. I have driven to California from Wisconsin with my family multiple times — even with my then baby brother at times (sorry Bella Blu) — and have never had an experience like the Rays did in that short period of time with older people. But that’s Asia’s personality for you says Shawn.

They finally get to Vegas and Shawn wants to meet with Billy to let him know that he’s trying to wear the pants in this relationship again. Shawn tells him that this is his last chance to prove himself. Immediately, Billy tries pointing the blame at Anthony, saying he’s getting too involved where he shouldn’t be. He tells Shawn about the manager that Anthony tried introducing Kristie to behind his back. Sure, that might have been a little shady, but hey — it’s Hollywood, so you should know it gets a little dirty.

For Asia’s performance at Planet Hollywood Anthony wanted to incorporate a cube where Asia would be able to hang and perform off of. Shawn tells him he’s not too comfortable with it since Asia hasn’t had a lot of time to practice with it — lies — and gets rid of it. Instead, Billy will be taking over the choreography and already has something set up to show Anthony and Asia’s family. Talk about playing dirty!

Anthony is upset because he feels that it’s an insult upon him that the Rays would think that he’d put Asia in harm’s way with the cube. He also isn’t too happy that Billy — who has now stripped down to a white sleeveless undershirt to flex his muscles as choreographer — has full creative control over the whole performance, leaving Anthony feeling useless and wondering why he’s spent his time and money on this performance.

Billy wants to show he’s still tough guy and starts to get in Anthony’s face. I’m not sure why Billy wanted to start a fight in front of everyone, including Asia, but he did. Kinda hoping Billy messes up because he needs to get out of here. It’s time.

billy roars

Anthony thinks that Billy will mess up, because after seeing what he put together he doesn’t think Asia will be able to sing and do the dance at the same time. He asks Shawn and Kristie if Asia will be lip syncing . The parents give him some attitude and tell Anthony to just be quiet and wait to see what happens. Anyone else feel like Anthony is the only one looking out for Asia at this point?

Next Week on Raising Asia, the battle of Billy, Anthony and Shawn rages on and it all comes down to Billy and what he’s put together for Asia’s debut as a singer. Will he fail and be fired or be successful and be one step closer to making Asia a star?

New episodes of Raising Asia premiere Tuesdays at 10/9CT on Lifetime.


  1. Asia’s mom should be locked up in jail. She is a horrible mom. Work Asia to death. Christie needs to work as hard as her kid instead of standing there in her high heels looking pretty. She is working Asia for her life. It is disgusting.

  2. I only watched the show because Dario was scheduled to be on the episode and I was truly disappointed at how the show portrayed him. I just went to go see him in concert on his Evolution Tour last month and there was thousands of people in attendance. I will never watch this show again, it’s so sad that she will never really have a childhood.

  3. I cant stand the way reality TV decides to edit their “reality” shows. Just because they did not know who Dario was doesn’t mean others (like me) don’t. I’ve been a Dario fan since 2011, and I saw pictures and videos from his release party after it happened a couple months ago in magazines and blogs and it was packed for him. Not to mention he’s currently on tour selling out 10,000 seat venues. It’s just that they both have different age fan bases. Dario released a statement on his FB this morning check it out: https://www.facebook.com/Dariofans/posts/10152317650217514

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