Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Not So Innocent After All

Teen Wolf Season 4 began with the question of who is the benefactor? In episode 9 of Teen Wolf, viewers may finally be able to answer that question. However, this show is known for switching things up all the time so you never truly get a straightforward answer.

This episode opened up with Deputy Parrish trapped inside his squad car after waking up from what appears to be a knockout. As he’s pleading for his release, a fellow deputy reveals that he isn’t too worried about what Parrish has to say and is only concerned about making some quick cash from the benefactor. He continues to pour gasoline around the car in hopes of burning Parrish alive, then makes sure to put some headphones in before lighting Parrish on fire so he can’t hear the screams and just enjoys the show. What a creep!

Teen Wolf Season 4 EP9 ParrishWhile this is going on, Lydia and Stiles head into Sheriff Stilinski’s office to warn him about Lydia’s grandmother. They tell him that she might not really be dead, and has been faking her death this whole time. Just as Stilinski is questioning where his right-hand man is, Parrish walks into the station … naked. He’s not exactly burnt-looking like Freddy Krueger, but he is covered in black ash. Not too bad for a guy that was just burned alive a few hours ago. Parrish walks in like he’s the Terminator on a mission, right up to the dummy who tried to kill him. Stunned at what they’re seeing Lydia, Stiles and Stilinski stand back as Parrish fights off his foe knocking, him out pretty good!

Since Parrish just came back from the dead and isn’t a zombie, he gets a 101 lesson on the supernatural in Beacon Hills. Derek isn’t sure as to what Parrish is exactly, but they all know he’s something supernatural. It’s a really cute attempt at trying to fit in when Parrish asks if Scott and Derek are like Lydia being a psychic. They don’t exactly tell him what they all are at first, but rather show him. Let’s just hope he catches on quickly since someone has a high price tag on his head.

At Liam’s house one night, he starts to notice that his printer keeps printing something out all by itself. Since I’ve had a lot of run-ins with possessed printers and computers doing things all on their own, I could understand why Liam was so shaken up — especially since an updated dead pool list continues to print out with Derek’s name now gone and Liam’s price going up from $3-million to $18-million. While he should kinda see this as a compliment, it also makes him nervous about why he’s worth much more now.

Lydia reveals some of her family secrets, including her grandmother’s connection with Meredith, to Derek, Scott and Parrish. She says that Meredith only visited the lake house once — which unfortunately was one time too many.

It all started when Lydia’s grandmother Lorraine started hearing noises similar to rain inside her head, but whenever she looked outside there was a clear sky. Her love, MTeen Wolf Season 4 EP9 Meredith Lake Houseaddy, was away from her and Lorraine asked her about the weather where she was. Same thing — weather was perfect and Maddy was going to take a boat ride later that day. The noises started getting louder in Lorraine’s head and ultimately turned into a storm. Not being able to take it anymore, she let out a loud scream just like a banshee.

Turns out, Maddy was in an accident and it took four days to find her body. Lorraine spent decades trying to figure out how she knew what was going to happen before the accident occurred. She used the help of psychiatrists, mediums, even psychics, until someone found Meredith for her. She was the one they were looking for.

They took her to the lab in the lake house and while she was able to help, they almost killed her in the process. Meredith was hospitalized, never returning to the same girl she once was before. Those Martins sound pretty brutal!

After hearing the horrifying story about Lydia’s family, Scott notices that Derek has a gun. This isn’t like Derek, so Scott questions him as to why he has it and Derek responds that it’s for his protection, because whatever Kate did to him is still taking over his body and making him weak. If it’s not one thing it’s another for poor Derek! Plus, I forgot that Derek isn’t really a werewolf anymore … or whatever is going on.

Then Scott tells him that if it’s true that a banshee made the dead pool, Derek might be the next to die, since he was the one to break the third list and the other two names were of people who are already dead. Derek doesn’t seem too worried about it, but I’m freaking out!

Lydia and Stiles head over to the Stilinski residence to try and crack the code that Lydia’s grandmother left for her. Of course, they need another password and Lorraine didn’t think to provide it. Thankfully Stiles is super smart and tells Lydia to think of something the two used to do together. Lydia remembers that they used to always read The Little Mermaid to the point where Lydia would pretend to be Ariel. Click! Lydia makes the connection and types in Ariel to get through the code. Sure enough! A new list pops up and it’s the names of people who have committed suicide at the Eichen House.

Trying to have some fun while keeping an eye on his not-so-sober team, Scott attends the bonfire at the school. Surprisingly, he sees Malia drinking… then Liam drinking. Then Scott notices that the two are actually normal-teenager drunk — which isn’t supposed to be happening to a suTeen Wolf Season 4 EP9 Scott Firepernatural teenager. He thinks that someone spiked the drinks, but when Scott starts feeling loopy, too, he knows it’s something else.

Liam’s friend Mason comes over to help babysit Malia and Liam while Scott goes to try and figure out what is going on. He sees a strange man in the crowd and then realizes that it’s the music making everyone feel this way. As Scott makes his way over to the booth, it looks like the DJ is in on this, too. Then “security” comes to lead the pack away and into the school building. It’s in here where they try to once again burn the people from the dead pool list by pouring gasoline on them. Luckily, Derek and Braeden show up to help beat up the bad guys and Mason makes his way over to the outlets for the DJ and unplugs the crazy music.

Given this new list that Lydia has found, she and Stiles head over to Eichen House to try and bribe  the sketchy Brunski. After bribing him with $500, they notice that he plays a mix tape that looks very similar to the one that the benefactor uses. They follow him into the file room where Stiles notices that Lydia added his name to the bottom of the list. Of course, she has no idea what he’s talking about — and then up pops Brunski.

He ties up Stiles and Lydia and asks for her help in decoding a message left by Lorraine right before she was murdered. I’m not sure why this guy thinks he’ll get help from her since Lydia just found out he killed her grandmother along with all the other “suicides” at Eichen House.” But he plays the tape anyways and the message is Lorraine pleading for no one to hurt Ariel.

It all makes sense now. Ariel is code for Lydia, since they both have red hair.Teen Wolf Season 4 ep9 Lydia and Brunski

Just as Brunski  is about to inject Lydia with who knows what, Parrish shows up to save the day, shooting Brunski after he refuses to put the needle down. Lydia tells Parrish that he’s responsible for all the “suicides” and used Meredith to create the dead pool then killed her off when she tried helping them.

With his last breaths, Brunski says that he wasn’t the one who made the list and he’s not the benefactor. Meredith had him in her control the entire time. Just as he dies and Lydia puts everything together, Meredith walks in to confirm that she was the one who created the dead pool.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Lydia’s grandmother is still alive? What the heck do you think Parrish is? I have no clue but I hope he doesn’t turn evil like Jackson did. What about Derek, do you think he’ll still be alive by the end of the season? I really hope so because it looks like he finally found himself a girl! People die too often in Beacon Hills. Think Malia and Stiles will ever get back together? I bet they will I mean who can resist Stiles and his charm? (No one!) OMG shocker! Did you see Meredith coming as the creator of the dead pool? I felt bad for her this entire time even during this episode when I saw what Lorraine did to her. Now I can’t believe I ever felt bad for her because she had everyone fooled this whole time! We’ll see what happens next week because you can never guess. Leave your thoughts below.

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