Destination America continues paranormal programming with “Monsters Underground,” “Ghost Asylum,” “Amish Haunting”

Destination America has found itself with a hit over the past year with its series Mountain Monsters, a fairly standard entry in the “guys in the woods look for legendary monsters” sub-genre of reality programming. It’s likely that show will be back, but in the meantime, the network is trying out a couple of other new series in that vein, and, believe or not, they seem even a bit more out there than Mountain Monsters.


Coming up first, on Aug. 22, is Monsters Underground (pictured above), a six-part series following Bill Brock and  his team — a military survivalist, a trained biologist, a reclusive hunter-tracker and a pro fighter — who are intent on proving the existence of monsters living beneath the earth’s surface. The team investigates underground caves, caverns and mines for legendary creatures. At least the location is a bit different than the typical forest/wilderness setting of shows like Mountain Monsters or Finding Bigfoot, and should add a little bit of a creepier ambiance.

Monsters Underground kicks off with back-to-back episodes on Aug. 22. At 10pm ET is the “Volcano Cavern Olitiau” episode, which finds the guys in the maze of Volcano Caverns in Flagstaff, Ariz. There, it is rumored that a giant, reptilian bat creature known as the Olitiau, or “cave demon,” has made its home.

At 10:30pm ET on Aug. 22, the “Graveyard Gulch Mapinguari” episode has the guys entering an isolated cave. They believe that a descendant of the giant prehistoric sloth, known as the Mapinguari, may live.

Other Monsters Underground episodes will include the Rake (The Grand Canyon – Peach Springs, Ariz.), the Aswang (Apache Death Cave – Two Guns, Ariz.), the Subterralien (Shadow Mine – Calaveras County, Calif.), and the Draco (Cross Creek Cavern – Angels Camp, Calif.).

ghost asylum

Destination America will be getting away from monsters with another new series, called Ghost Asylum (pictured just above) premiering Sept. 7 at 10pm ET. Similar to shows like Ghost Hunters, this series follows a group called the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, led by founder Chris Smith, whose differentiating feature seems to be that they almost exclusively investigate reported hauntings in asylums, sanitariums and mental hospitals.

In the premiere episode of Ghost Asylum, the Wraith Chasers travel to Old War Memorial Hospital in Scottsville, Kentucky. Locals believe that a doctor lost his mind while in residence at the hospital and, after his death, his spirit returned for a permanent shift in the exam rooms he loved so much.

A week later, Sept. 14 at 9pm ET, Destination America debuts another ghostly series: Amish Haunting. The series brings to life ghost stories from within the Amish community, with narrators from that community guiding the way.

“You need to get a monster soon or I am gone,” a frustrated reader once commented to one of our features on Mountain Monsters. Our guess is that frustration in not seeing a monster (or, now, a ghost) will continue in these series. But shows like this seem to be more about the creepy ambiance and chill factor as opposed to hard evidence (honestly, if someone did find a monster below the earth, I think we’d have heard about it before this series aired).

Monsters Underground premieres Aug. 22 at 10pm ET on Destination America.

Ghost Asylum premieres Sept. 7 at 10pm ET on Destination America.

Amish Haunting premieres Sept. 14 at 9pm ET on Destination America.


Monsters Underground and Ghost Asylum photos courtesy of Destination America


  1. Ghost Asylum is the most ridiculous show on television. Fat clowns and imbecile’s pretending to catch spirits. Don’t give up your regular jobs at Wal-Mart.

  2. I’m with the majority of the replies. This is STUPID!. Just one more Ghost or mountain monster show that relies on the green “Night Vision” to set a mood and hide whatever then the dialogue of the Ghost show scripts ” What was that?”, “Did you see that?” Something just touched me”. What a bunch of crap. Enough is enough of these shows that bring a whole new meaning to the TV being the “BOOB TUBE”!

  3. Why does anyone watch this show, it keeps me laughing you have a
    button change it, no body is making you watch it. Maybe it is stupid but it
    is funny so shut up, go see how big Kim’s ass has gotten this week or
    what actor is gay this week. That is why a lot of people watch television
    to escape from the day of waiting on stupid ass people like you. ” Hey
    fella” television is fake , except for the news, that is why they are actors, or do you really think Blue Bloods is real.

  4. Ok, so many of you on here are really spewing off a lot of hatred toward TWC crew. Talk about total disrespect. If you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it! Why search out the website and mouth off making yourselves look like total douch bags?

    I agree that the inventions on the show are a little far fetched and don’t make much sense to me, but that isn’t why I watch the show. I watch paranormal shows to see what evidence they can come up with. The inventions are just added entertainment. Honestly, I have seen these guys come up with more evidence than TAPS on Ghosthunters.

    So they aren’t great actors, so what! The show isn’t about their acting skills (or their fashion statements)! If you want to watch actors then tune into your local networks for Law & Order or CSI.

    As for the remark about camera crews focusing on the guys rather than catching anything… ALL the shows do that. What would be the point of spending a half hour of a show staring at dark rooms and tunnels waiting for something to happen and have no human interactions at all? Part of the “show” is listening to what is going on and explaining stuff that the viewer cannot see, feel or hear on the TV screen.

    Mountain Monsters… now that is a whole ‘nother issue. The concept is nice, but if anyone hiked into the mountains at any given time and came upon one of these legendary monsters, then they probably wouldn’t be legendary monsters, but a local nuisance. Too much of a coincidence that these guys go into a huge forest and stumble upon something – every single time – that few people have actually encountered. But, to each his own. I’d rather watch that show than 95% of the shows on national tv.

  5. I tried to watch Monsters Underground and found it so dumb just gave up. None of these shows is ever going to find a monster or a ghost. There is just no such thing in existence. The only danger from going underground is something falling on you or you falling in a hole. I guess you could run across a rabid bat but even that is unlikely. I have no idea why they want to even take a gun. Oh what a laugh this crew of dummies are.

  6. I have enjoyed the entire season of “ghost asylum” and hope it returns! I think the cast is great, and can’t believe some of the negative responses I have read. do these people hate all paranormal shows? because twc seam to be doing the same as all the rest, except they are more grounded and produce more proof than anyone I have seen yet!

    • I agree, Michael! I have watched Paranormal shows for years and aside from Ghosthunters, I think Ghost Asylum is the best in terms of “catching” evidence! Their attitude, respect and down to earth personalities outrank many of the other reality shows out there.

  7. I like this shows better than those stupid reality shows like real wife jersey shore bachlerette bachlor those shows are only teaching young kids to hey get drunk spend money you don’t have to everybody that puts down these monster and ghost stories can kiss ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Okay, “Ghost Hunters” was a novelty. Key word is WAS. Now every Network have their own version of “Ghost Hunter-ish” or “Ghost Hunting-ish” show of some sort. As for the TWC, well they maybe a bunch of nice guys, but as far as the show…I mean, come on, a solar panal capacitor spirit catcher?? (It was something like that),…At night????(Guys, if they drain your battery dead to manifest themselves what do you think they will do with a solar power panels?? How they thought ‘catch’ them as apposed to putting them on ‘steroids’ (juice…get it? steroids…juice lol) Ill never know. I could be here for days pointing out what is wrong with this whole show but as I read the reviews everyone else sees it as well. The guy that came up with the idea you cant understand a word he is saying… Now, I love a southern draw just like the next girl but this guy is over acting. The highlight ( or rather the low-light), was when they regrouped the next day to review what they may have caught, all the fella were dressed…well like fellas…BUUUTT there is one fella that reminds you of a Elvis Presley impersonator reject, (The lazy-eye while he talks and all)!!! This guy thinks he’s a stud. Dude stuck out like a …well..a morning ha*&^on ! ..and I know, he might have been going for that, but TRUST ME, he shouldn’t have, he SHOULD reconsider who he calls his friends? because a REAL ‘friend” would NOT have let him wear that eighties-badly cut-throwback tank at the end of the show This guy, is in a sleeveless muscle shirt, he may have thought he looked ‘stud-ley” when in the reality, he looked likethe philsberry dough-boy look is muscles WITH some kind of shiny stuff on his arms..(hmmmm? oil? perhaps?). The show is a whole lot of “I just seen a shadow”…”Something just touched me!” (Maaaybe THATS why….) I fell bad for all the fellas truthfully. They are just the networks test dummies, (Sorry fellas). It would probably have better ratings as a comedy spoof of “Ghost Hunters” called “Ghost Dummies, INC.” Their motto would be,”You kill’em we’ll grill’em” or “You give us a call and we’ll harass them all”

  9. Ghost asylum such a sad show. Trapping a spirit really? What are you going to do with one if you catch it? I think all the ghost hunting groups should leave the spirits alone.

    • they are trapping them in order to release them. that is the goal of most legitimate paranormal investigators, that is to help the spirits move on.

  10. What a joke. Fake sounds, fake thermal footage. Always have to leave cave just when “something” is found. Never return to follow up?
    Terrible show.

  11. I think the show is a bunch of fucking bull where is all the tracks and piles of shit these creatures leave behind??? I say bullshit on some fucking proof.take the show off the air .

  12. Another fake show like Mountain Monsters. Bad acting, phoney witnesses and cameras more concerned with focusing on the players than on any alleged creature. This show needs to be buried permanently and never see the light of day.

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