TLC returns with fifth season of “Four Weddings”

On Friday, August 15, TLC returns with its battle of the brides, premiering the fifth season of Four Weddings. This special 100th episode premiere includes a brand-new episode to follow up, as this season will continue with back-to-back epifour weddings karisodes on Friday nights. This 16-episode season includes all the competition from previous seasons along with brides pushing to the extremes in order to win the special luxurious honeymoon perfectly fit for newlyweds. So let the games begin as four different women embark on a journey of love, competition and new friendships as they attend each wedding.

In the premiere episode, an acrobat and trapeze performer named Kari perfectly displays the new heights this season of Four Weddings will take. Not only does Kari offer her wedding guests a circus vibe performance at her reception but she also makes sure her grand entrance will be the one to beat. Kari makes her 50-foot spinning entrance from the ceiling, complete with wedding dress, on an aerial silk down to meet her groom. With the food matching the circus feel of the wedding it’s no question whether or not the other brides had fun at Kari’s wedding and felt intimidated.

Stiff in competition for making grand entrances, bride Brianna pays tribute to her fiancé’s Native American roots by arriving on canoe. The heartwarming moment when Brianna steps off the canoe and asks for her fiancé’s parents permission to be welcomed into their family brought tears to everyone’s eyes. While Brianna had a more structured and traditional wedding, fellow contestant and bride Monica was more carefree with planning her wedding.

Monica “The Cougar” and her fiancé don’t let their difference in age get in-between their relationship. The freestyle living couple even catered their own cocktail hour before getting hitched. While this is a bit different and goes against all superstition of the groom and bride not being able to see each other before the wedding, the two seemed very in love while giving their vows. To remember the special day, the couple had their friend who happened to be a tattoo artist, give out tattoos of the infinite 8.

four weddings karenWrapping up the weddings, Karen had a traditional wedding with country farm flare. The main event of the night was the crowd-pleasing carriage rides. While Monica was afraid to ride the carriage because of her fear of horses she eventually got the courage to take a ride. Monica and the other two brides loved the carriage rides and found this to be the highlight of the night.

After attending all weddings its time to tally up all the scores to determine a winner. The brides’ nerves rise as they wait to see who will step out of the limo with a bouquet and trip to a surprise location honeymoon. It’s no doubt that this season of Four Weddings will be unlike any other as the brides take more risks accomplishing their dream wedding.

New episodes of Four Weddings air Fridays at 9/8c on TLC.

Photos: f2 Photography, Aurelia Newborn