Discovery’s “Gold Rush” specials include Season 5 sneak peek

Discovery Channel’s No. 1-rated show, Gold Rush, will be back Oct. 17 for Season 5. Before that, however, the network is debuting two specials that offer inside looks at last season. Both specials air Aug. 19 beginning at 8pm ET/PT.


The first special, Parker’s Take, runs two hours and features Parker Schnabel (pictured) looking back at the end of Season 4, when he raked in an epic 1,000 ounces of gold (worth $1.4 million). Parker dishes out stories about what went on while filming these episodes, and also answers questions from fans.

Later, at 10pm ET/PT, the Heroes and Zeroes special features the top moments from last year, as well as an exclusive sneak peek at Season 5 of Gold Rush, which premieres Oct. 17. According to Discovery, in Season 5: “Big changes are coming for the crews – with the stakes and pressure to succeed higher than ever before.  Will Todd Hoffman be able to resurrect his career and rise from the ashes? Was Parker’s success simply beginners luck? And what about mine boss Tony Beets? In the upcoming season, Tony buys a 75-year-old floating gold dredge which he intends to rebuild. It’s a wreck, and a huge risk.  Will the investment pay out, or will he be left standing in the dust? Season 5 of Gold Rush will bring new crews, new machines and bold challenges.”

Gold Rush: Parker’s Take premieres Aug. 19 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

Gold Rush: Heroes and Zeroes premieres Aug. 19 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.


  1. Love the show i just love watching the clean up and i just want to wish Parker all the best this year and love grampa parker good man and very wise

  2. I’ve looked forward to the new series.
    Having watched them from the start, and compared them to other like series, I must bestow upon all of you my HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award for capturing and holding the attentions of your audiences.

    The Canadians have their series Yukon Gold, and withhold it from the lower 48+2. I think you folks have done a better job, but suggest a marriage of the two, if you can pull it off.

    Todd’s travels gave us a really good look at the other culture’s, and their own ways of mining for gold, and diamonds. More of that please. Our exciting world is too compartmentalized. Watching you folks opening some new doors, we will all benefit. Bravo!!!

  3. I have to send this for Parker and his family!!!You all are the most fortunate people alive the way you have each and are truely family!;!!!!!! I can’t say enough about you guys!!!!!!! Gods’ speed and blessings!!!!!!!! You will find your dreams because all of you deserve the rewards of your efforts and love for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Grandpa!!!!!!!!!!+!+++ You sired one heck of a family!!!!!!!!!! I hope the rest of the world will take note and learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank all of you from bottom of my heart for making this show happen!!!!!!!!! It goes way beyond entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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