Raising Asia Recap Episodes 4 & 5: Kid Star or Mega Star?

On tonight’s two-episode Raising Asia event, it seems things haven’t changed much since we last visited the Ray family. Kristie is still coaching Asia’s every move while practicing-as if she knows how to dance that way herself.

Things at home are no different as Nana Vicky is still visiting for a couple more weeks to help around the house and pay attention to poor little Bella.

Anthony and Billy seem to continue to be on two different planets when it comes to where they want to take Asia’s career. Anthony calls Kristie to let her know about a manager, Tina, who has worked with many celebrities such as Chris Brown and is interested in working with Asia. Kristie insists that she’s happy with where she and Billy stand as they progress with Asia’s new song, but aerial dancer Shannon Beach (you may recall her from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition) is brought over, thanks to the risk-taking Anthony, to teach Asia some new moves.

raising asia episode 4 surp

While Asia is thrilled to be learning such a fascinating technique in her own backyard, once again little Bella is left in the dust. And while I agree the silks are not the safest thing to have a child of Bella’s (or probably Asia’s) age playing on, Kristie could have at least shown some attention to Bella while she was asking to join her big sister.

Instead, she gets sent to do some crafts with Nana which she “loves” … as she’s pushing her face up against the glass trying to watch Asia.

Anthony is very persistent, calling Kristie back to let her know that he talked with Tina again and wants to set up a meeting while she’s in town. This consistent nagging only adds more fuel to the fire, which isn’t pretty. She and Asia are very happy with their Fame star-turned-manager-now-vocal-and-acting-coach, Billy. Even he himself can’t get over the thought of his career and how amazing he is because he gets “chills” just thinking about it. (Puke!)

After a vocal lesson with the great and powerful Billy, Kristie decides to tell him about Anthony and his new friend Tina. Billy knows about her  and stands up like man saying he would only want the best for his little Asia. If they feel the need to move on with someone else, he wouldn’t hold them back. Of course, he then goes on to point out all the wonderful success he’s brought Asia making Kristie’s point of wanting to keep him seem reasonable.

And so the saga continues of how will Kristie ever find the time to spend with her family and Bella and Asia and still have some me time. She comes up with the idea of spending quality time with Bella playing dress up. This rare sensitive moment shared between the two is short-lived once Asia has to return to dance rehearsals (Go figure!).

Since Anthony can’t seem to figure out how to choreograph Asia’s kiddy bubblegum pop song or get Kristie to meet with Tina, he takes it upon himself to be the matchmaker.

While Asia is rehearsing, Tina pops in and explains that she’s very interested in working with Asia and making her a star. She hears a preview of the song and can tell right away that this song was done by someone who is new to the business. Ouch! Sorry Billy!

raising asia episode 4

The episode ends with Kristie getting furious with Anthony and letting him know that  if he sneaks something past her like this again she might not keep him around. Dun dun dun!

The next episode, “It’s (Not) My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To,”  started out with Shawn taking the lead and attending a dance rehearsal with Kristie and Asia. He said he wanted to be more involved so good for him. He’s doing it…sort of. Shawn heads out of the studio to talk with Anthony privately and asks about how Kristie has been. Anthony explains how she can be crazy stressful and draining towards him.

Shawn can understand that part, but once Anthony starts talking about wanting to change Asia’s music Shawn gets upset. They only hired Anthony for dance, not music. The two head back to the srudio and somehow Shawn gets Kristie to step out of the rehearsal room to allow Shawn to be the only parent in the room.

It’s only fitting that once Kristie leaves, Asia lands on her knee and hurta herself. Rushing to her aid, everyone thinks it looks pretty bad and this means that she can’t attend her sister’s birthday party at the roller rink. For Asia, this is so heartbreaking because she had been planning on going to this party and skating. Papa Ray has to explain to Asia that she’ll have to make sacrifices such as these in order to further her career in becoming the next Beyoncé. Although I’m pretty sure Beyoncé was allowed to go skating when she was Asia’s age. You can see how upset Asia truly is when she begins to cry and explains how hard it is to be a big sister to a little sister she can never do anything with or barely sees. Don’t blame the onions for your tears, people.

So the day of Bella’s birthday arrives and Kristie has things all planned out to be Bella’s big day. Bella is dressed like a ballerina, but she says she wants a truck.

raising asia episode 5 bella blu

…or so it was supposed to be Bella’s big day. Then Kristie gets a call  for Asia to work on a photo shoot as the lead in a project — only catch is they’d need to leave Bella’s party early. So Kristie being Kristie, she agrees to it and says they’ll be there, keeping this a secret from everyone else.

Bella’s day with an awesomely tacky pink Hummer limo taking the girls in the family to get some manis and pedis. It’s here when Kristie decides to drop the bomb about the photo shoot, making Bella upset. The family tries convincing Kristie to let it be about Bella for one day, but there’s no use and it ends up being Asia’s day once again.

Back at the house, Kristie tells Shawn about the photo shoot and he isn’t too happy about it either. He tells her that some things you just have to say no to and it’s okay. This would have to be one of those things — no matter who or what the photo shoot is for, Asia is not going. She is spending the day celebrating her sister.

Finally it’s party time at the skate rink and the family and friends have tons of fun, even though Asia wasn’t able to skate.

Adorable little Bella gets surprised with an adorable little motorized pink Hummer in which she can drive herself and her sister around. And seeing all of the family and friends spending quality time together made Kristie realize that she wasn’t going to mess things up if she took some time off. Place your bets now about how long that will last.

Raising Asia Bella Car

Next week on Raising Asia, looks like Kristie and Shawn have some decisions to make about where Asia is performing because the way the place looks and sounds makes it seem like a strip joint!

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  1. They are the poster children for dysfunctional – the mom is livng vicariously through Asia who is a smart alec brat – she is marginally talented but does not have what it takes to be a mega star….mom looks like an exotic dancer, little Bella is getting left in the dust and this “so called” family looks as if it will self destruct. Both girls are developing too fast and loose and they will both be mixed up adults. So sad…what happened to little girls looking and acting like children and not hoochie mamas?

  2. How are they taking advice from a manager like Billy doesn’t have any children he doesn’t like children how can he be the manager of children o that’s right he’s the all knowing great Oz what a joke!



  5. If she doesn’t start spending time with her younger daughter it is going to come back and bit her in her ass.

    • no kidding, poor little Bella, I’m surprised she’s not a raging little monster, she’s a sweetheart.

      • I’d believe it. The children are products of the parent they are around the most. Asia is a diva, her crazy mothers mini me. The father seems like a reasonable guy thus far. He keeps his cool and Bella is around him a lot more than with her mother. I feel she takes after him.

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