Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Who Are The Martins?

Last night’s Teen Wolf began with Scott and Stiles going to Kira anTeen Wolf Season 4 Ep8 Dead Scottd Liam with a plan to keep Beacon Hill’s death rate down. Since the Benefactor needs visual proof in order to give payment for the killings, the plan is to make the Benefactor come to them to get it. In other words, Scott will have Kira shock him into a coma-like sleep that makes him appear to be dead. He’s rushed into the hospital and pronounced dead.

Mom Melissa puts on an Oscar-worthy performance as a grieving Mom! Turns out she was in on the plan, but the performance she delivered in the hospital was amazing. You had me fooled, Melissa.  Although her acting skills may really be tested once she realizes that she was left out of the loop on one important detail: If Scott stays in this comatose sleep for more than 45 minutes he really will be dead.

While Scott is under, he begins to have weird dreams of waking up in the morgue which then leads him into the high school. Once inside, Liam greets him in his lacrosse uniform and tosses him a ball. Liam makes a remark as to that being the reason why Scott is the team captain. Then Liam’s remarks start to change. In the beginning, Liam leads Scott to a classroom that has a computer asking for a keyword. Scott types in his name and it pops up with a mini Dead Pool containing the names of The Mute, The Orphans and The Chemist. Scott tells Liam he can’t kill them, but Liam assures him that he can and has to because he’s the Alpha.

It’s at this time that our creepy friend the Mute shows up again and stabs Liam in the back.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Ep8 New FangsThe second time Scott wakes up in a dream, he notices his appearance is changing. Liam says it’s because he’s an Alpha. Once again, Mute shows up to kill Liam.

In Scott’s final dream, the Mute gives him a lesson on how to kill Liam using his ax. It’s eerie because Scott seems to really be enjoying it and the new fangs he acquired during his dreams show while the blood splashes onto his face. Thank God he isn’t really this Reaper!

While Scott is dealing with his dreams, Stiles goes to Argent and they contact the Benefactor through the computer and tell him that they have killed Scott. They make sure to mention that he is at the top of the list when asked for visual proof. The two tell the Benefactor that they aren’t able to get visual proof and need for him to come to retrieve the body in 40 minutes. If not, then they will come after the Benefactor. After this it’s a waiting game to see who will show up.

Argent helps Stiles, Liam, and Kira tap into the hospital’s security cameras to track who is coming in and out.

During this time Derek is  at his apartment with Braeden. She realizes that he isn’t healing and tries to help him learn tricks in order to stay alive. She starts to teach him how to use a gun even though he has no clue what he’s doing. Finally catching on to what she was talking about, he tricks her into kissing him, giving him the chance to pull the gun on her. It’s a success —not only is she not able to take the gun away from him, but he might have just found his new girlfriend. Needless to say, the two hook up.

It’s a weird way to make a love connection, but I’m really happy for Derek because I like Braeden. We all know she’s a lot better than the last girl he fell for… and the one before that!

Meanwhile, Malia did some snooping in the Hale family, as well. She stayed in the vault looking for things to discover who she truly was. She pries open the same safe that contained all the Hale fortunes and finds a file folder with her name on it. Awkwardly enough, Peter walks just then. Looks like you’re going to need a better safe, Peter.

He explains to her that she can’t take the files away with her, but he’ll let her look at them there in the vault. Peter tells her that he’s been spending thousands of dollars trying to find who her mother was and all he could find so far was that she’s a Desert Wolf. Malia seems happy to hear this and tells him that it means she was a coyote.

While Scott and the gang are trying to trick the Benefactor, Lydia is still trying to connect with Meredith. I’m not sure why she didn’t try doing this while Meredith was actually alive and could actually talk to her, but I guess she’s still trying to do something to help. This time, Lydia isn’t alone at the lake house — her mother followed Lydia there since she’s been spending so much time at the lake house. Lydia kind of lets her mom in on what’s she’s doing by showing her a picture of Meredith and asks if she knows her. Strangely enough, her mother says her full name.

Back at the hospital, one of the cameras suddenly loses its signal. Kira volunteers to go up on the roof and check on it, along with Liam who wants to tag along. On the roof, the two are greeted by a berserker who easily takes them on in a fight, while inside the hospital, Kate shows up to fight Argent and Stiles in gaining Scott’s body. She assures them that she isn’t the Benefactor, but she still needs his body. Argent begs for her to take her creatures and leave, because they have a plan that will get them to the Benefactor just like she wants.

It would seem that Kate has a heart because she listens to her brother and leaves the hospital. However, she goes to visit Peter in their secret sewer meeting area (ew!) to let him know that Scott isn’t really dead. Somehow this is a big relief for Peter.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Ep8 Berserker

At Lydia’s lake house, her mom starts to tell her about how they thought her grandmother was crazy. Turns out she thought she heard things and voices just like Lydia, so maybe banshee runs in the family and she wasn’t really crazy at all. Lydia’s mom takes out an urn that contains the ashes of Lydia’s grandmother and says she Lydia to scatter them in the lake when Lydia turned 18. Lydia goes to scatter the ashes and realizes it’s not her grandma inside but rather Mountain Ash. She then looks around and sees the whole lake house is also made out of Mountain Ash.

After the whole fiasco at the hospital, Scott emerges from the coma alive and well. He tells Kira that even though they didn’t figure out who the Benefactor was, they did discover something about him. They have the power to tell when someone is dead without needing a body to confirm it happened. This sound familiar to the powers someone else may have? It has to be a banshee who is the Benefactor — and Lydia may have a clue as to who it is. Her grandma left a note before she died, which to everyone else sounded like crazy-person nonsense. However, Lydia knows that it is in code … and it may mean that she isn’t really dead. Especially since Lydia’s mom couldn’t give a straight answer when Lydia questioned if they knew for sure her grandmother was dead.

Something doesn’t seem right here.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Derek and Braeden will last? I really hope so because Derek really hasn’t had the best of luck in the girlfriend department. He deserves to have a nice girl for once especially now that he may be dying! What do you think about Peter and Malia’s so-called developing relationship? I’m not too sure if he’s really trying to help her in finding out who her mother is. I think he has a reason for finding out and it’s not for her. He’s always interested in what’s best for himself and I don’t think even his own daughter will change that. Clues as to who the Benefactor is? I mean they make it seem like it’s Lydia’s Grandma but why would she want everyone dead? Teen Wolf Season 4 has left us with so many questions. Leave your thoughts below.

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