Teen Choice Awards 2014 date, time, channel and more!

teeh choice awards logoOne of the biggest events of the summer for music and celebrities is the Teen Choice Awards 2014 on FOX. Now it may say the word “teen” in the title but that doesn’t mean it’s only for teens to enjoy. Co-hosted by Sarah Hyland along with MTV’s Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, she admits that she has the mouth of a sailor. Since this is a live show and mainly directed towards teens, she hopes that there is a delay in between her words and what airs in case of an emergency.

With that aside, the Modern Family star says she isn’t nervous about hosting the show. She was asked to co-host the show and felt more at ease once she found out her former fellow cast member from Scary Movie 5 Posey, was already on board. She thought it’d be fun and she’d be more comfortable having worked with him already.

The Teen Choice Awards always offer the hottest of celebrities and musical performances. Some musical guests tonight include: Demi Lovato, Cher Llyod, Rita Ora, Jason Derulo, Magic!, and Rixton. Hyland says that she’s most excited to see Magic!’s performance since she hasn’t been able to see them perform live yet.

Since everything revolves around social media now, when Hyland was asked what she thought about being able to see fans’ instant reactions through social media she said she’s interested in seeing what happens. She thinks it will be cool to get an instant feedback from fans but I’m sure she’ll be having to watch what she says so it doesn’t become an online trending scandal about her sailor mouth. I know her and Tyler will do a great job hosting while making it fun for the audience to watch. Just please don’t overdo the not so funny sketches that always happen at award shows!

Tune in at 5pm ET/PT on FOX to watch the celebrities arrive on the blue carpet and catch some interviews along with what everyone is wearing.

The Teen Choice Awards 2014 start at 7pm C on FOX and you won’t want to miss this show.