Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: And you thought the PSATs were scary!

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 Tea KillerLast night’s episode of Teen Wolf Season 4 opened up with an odd scene: a doctor in a lab drinking some sort of tea as he’s listening to the same mix tape that Kate received. As he’s sipping on his peaceful cup of tea, a werewolf is shown suffering from something this twisted doctor must have done.

As he continues to listen to the instructions on the tape, the scene changes to Scott and Stiles listening to the one they found in the duffle bag of money. It explains that if someone agrees to go on a killing rampage, there will be wire transfers with IP addresses that continue to change with each murder. The one thing needed for payment is visual proof.

Just as Stiles is debating with Scott whether or not they should tell Peter the raging killer about finding his money Malia walks in and tells them that her and Derek found what was left of Satomi’s pack. Derek brings a shot Braeden into the hospital as she was found near the dead pack. Seems that another wolf made it from the pack as Deaton gets a surprise visitor, Satomi.

The next day, everyone is panicking, especially Malia, as they are about to take the scary PSAT. I remember taking all my college entry tests and I’ll admit they were scary; but they didn’t make me get as nervous as the kids in Beacon Hills. After the students got fingerprinted like they were being thrown into jail instead of an exam, they got their tests and waited for instructions.

The other monitor that was supposed to be accompanying Lydia’s mother was Coach but it seems that he was too tired to make it on time, so with only the help of Lydia’s mom, the students begin the test. As you begin to see the confusion and frustration on the students faces, it seems that Malia is about to pass out. However, it’s another one of her classmates that faints and falls to the ground. When Ms. Martin goes over to help, she notices a rash on the girl’s arm, which is a surprise to the girl. As Ms. Martin is about to go check on Coach, she decides to check his back and sees he also has a nasty rash. She takes it upon herself to call the CDC and quarantine the building. Good thinking.

While Scott and hiTeen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 Sick Wolfs pack are stuck inside the school, Deaton is trying to help one of Satomi’s last remaining members of her pack. She explains that his sickness first starts out with a fever and then turns into uncontrollable shifting. The wolves can fully shift without having control, but what’s worse is that they get this sudden and complete blindness. And after they become totally blind, they only have a few minutes left.

Deaton explains to Satomi that they need to get to a hospital to get Scott’s mom Melissa’s help. In the hospital, Melissa wakes Braeden up so she can explain what happened to her in the woods. Melissa is worried because she knows about the school being quarantined with Scott inside. To make things worse, Braeden told her that the werewolves in the forest were all infected with a virus, which achieved its intentions of killing them.

Lydia heads back to her lake house in hopes of connecting with Meredith’s spirit. She asks for her help, but then realizes she really wants to apologize for not being able to help Meredith. As Lydia starts putting Meredith’s things away and is about to leave, she notices something. A photo of Meredith shows the same background wall that Lydia is now staring at with the record player. So for some odd reason, Meredith has been in the exact same spot Lydia has been before. The question is, why and how was she there and who could’ve taken the picture? Or is this Meredith talking to Lydia from the other side?

Things need to move a lot faster because Scott is starting to shift without being able to control himself. Now Malia has her claws out … and she won’t be able to pass them off for a new manicure. This means that an Alpha, along with Malia, will be out on the loose in the school in a short amount of time. They decide that they need to get inside of the Hale’s vault under the school through an alternate route in the basement, but realize that it needs to be opened with a Hale’s claws. Luckily they have Malia, but they need to get her open it without actually finding out she’s a Hale and the only one who can open the vault.

Once inside the vault, things start escalating quickly. The mystery virus is affecting Scott and Malia the most as they are getting weaker and weaker by the minute. The virus is also affecting Kira’s mind while Stiles appears to have a nasty flu. Lydia arrives at the school and tells Sheriff Stilinski that they need to find Scott and the rest of the pack. Scott thinks it’d be best to tell Malia about Peter, but Stiles being the protective boyfriend type, doesn’t think Peter would help them in any way. He’s afraid of losing Malia if they tell her, but Scott points out that they’re already losing everything.

At the hospital, Doc and Melissa perform an autopsy on the member of Satomi’s pack who just passed away. Luckily, Deaton thinks he knows what the virus is, but unfortTeen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 Derek and Satomiunately, there’s nothing they can do for the infected unless they have the antidote.

Melissa brings Derek into the room and shows him that Satomi is still alive. Deaton then provides some crucial background information: He explains that this type of virus has been transformed into one that kills even faster than one that took out 40-percent of a werewolf population. Yikes!

The odd thing is that it didn’t get Satomi infected, meaning she must be immune to it. As she and Derek are reminiscing about the past, she explains that she used to always drink a certain tea. Deaton puts two and two together and realizes that the tea is a powerful remedy for this sickness and they need to get some to the school ASAP. Luckily, Derek says his mother kept some in a jar in the vault since it’s so rare.

Stiles and Malia share a beautiful moment as he explains to her that he has to go back into the school because he knows Lydia and his dad are looking for him and possibly have some answers. It’s a real tearjerker as a super weak Malia tells Stiles he needs to come back for her and he promises he’ll never leave her, emotional music swelling as he walks away and leaves her behind.

teen wolf  season 4 episode 7

Once upstairs, Stiles starts using his detective skills in figuring out why Coach is the only adult to get infected. Stiles goes through all of the things in Coach’s office and bingo! His coffee mug is spotted with the same ink that was used when the students were getting fingerprinted. This is when the fake proctor/new assassin comes in, asking Stiles where Scott and the gang are because he needs visual confirmation they’re dead. The assassin holds a gun to Stile’s head and just as he’s about to pull the trigger, Scott’s dad shows up and takes out the assassin. Way to actually help out for once, dude!He also delivers news that Melissa called and told him about a possible antidote in a jar in the vault.

Down in the vault, Malia finds the Dead Pool that Stiles left in his jacket, which he gave to her. As she’s about to open it, she goes blind. Not long after Scott and Kira become blind, too. Stiles runs down to tell Scott about the antidote, but doesn’t get a response, as they are all too weak to open the door or even reply. They hear that they need to find something in a jar on the shelf and somehow Scott finds enough power to channel into his Alpha powers. He uses his red eyes to look for the jar and finds it on the shelf. Using the last of his strength, he’s able to push it off the shelf and it shatters, releasing the powers of the antidote.

Healed of the virus along with all the humans, Malia is able to see again and discovers her name on the Dead Pool. She now knows she’s a Hale and is upset at Stiles for not telling her. Looks like Stiles might be single again. The poor guy can never catch a break!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Meredith and Lydia have some other type of connection rather than just both being banshees? I doubt they’re related but with this show you never know. Maybe Lydia’s mom does know something. Do you think it was a wise idea for Scott and Stiles to not tell Malia about Peter? Now she knows and she’s not too happy about it. I think they should’ve told her but Scott was just being the nice guy listening to Stiles. Stiles has to pay for it now. Do you think that Malia will try and connect with Peter now or just hide it? How many more assassins do you think these poor teens will face? I mean there can’t be too many people left who know about Beacon Hills and its supernatural residents, right? I thought no one else was going to die Scott! Leave your thoughts below.

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