Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Forever Unfaithful

The sixth episode of Teen Wolf aired last night and boy did it leave open a lot of different paths for Teen Wolf the rest of Season 4 to travel down.

We start out by flashing back to four weeks earlier and Kate in the back of a car. She found a mix tape in the car stereo that said read “Play Me.” Popping it in, she hears a man talking about werewolves — and it caught her attention when he began talking about Teen Wolf Season 4 EP6 Kate Werewolfthe Triskelion. He explained that this is what helps a werewolf control its powers, and without it chaos and extreme violence happens.

Sure enough, in the next scene, Kate has her pet berserkers with her, holding one of the few men still alive from her killing spree hostage. She asks who the benefactor is and the only answer he can provide is that he knows about two teenagers nicknamed The Orphans who also received the same mix tape. Since he didn’t give her the answer she wanted, she turned into her true werewolf self and killed him off.

The show then goes back to after the lacrosse game with Parrish leading Violet out of the locker room in handcuffs. They mention that they’re keeping a lookout for Garrett in case anyone sees him.

Back at Dr. Deaton’s office, Brett is suffering from the effects of the crazy, self-made wolfsbane that the orphans created. Since Stiles isn’t a werewolf, Derek needs to step it up and help hold him down in order for the doc to make an incision to release the poison. However, something has been going on with Derek lately; it seems he’s losing his powers. Peter shows up and knocks poor Brett out cold, noticing some slashes on Derek’s arm that aren’t healing right away and making a point that he isn’t as powerful as he used to be. So basically Peter is being a d-bag as usual.

Just as Brett is coming to, he says three things that have been repeated over the season so far: the sun, the moon, the truth. Doc says it’s Buddhist and means that those three things are the things that cannot be long hidden.

Before the police could get into Garrett’s locker, Scott and Liam break in to check it out. Liam stands guard as Scott looks inside. When questioned if Scott found anything, he lies about finding a duffel bag full of money. Could it be that Scott took this money home and lied about it because he was trying to be a helpful son since his mother is a bit behind on her bills? Poor Scott, he’s always trying to do good — even if it may seem like a bad thing.

The next day, Liam is ouTeen Wolf Season 4 EP6 Liam in Wellt for a jog when Garrett runs him down in his truck, stabs Liam with his wolfsbane concoction and hides him in a well where no one will find him. Not a good day to be Liam, either.

While in class, Malia starts hearing her name and decides it’s okay to just get up and walk out of class. She discovers Derek was the one calling for her and the two embark on a mini adventure to find Brett’s pack, since the Buddhist line helped Derek narrow down who they could be. He explains that Satomi is a werewolf who got bit and is probably one of the oldest remaining werewolves. She’s the Alpha of Brett’s pack and needs Malia’s expertise to find them.

Lydia and Stiles decide it’s time to confront Parrish about his name being on the Dead Pool list. He’s just as shocked as I was to see that he’s on the list — and by the fact that he’s also worth 5 million dollars. They put aside the thought of what he could possibly be­ — bad idea — and focus on gaining his help with talking to Meredith to get the third keyword.

While looking for Liam at school Scott gets a call on his cellphone Garrett tells Scott that he wants his money — and Violet — otherwise there’s no way he’s going to see Liam ever again. He wants Scott to stop the vehicle that’s transporting Violet to a federal prison, informing Scott that he doesn’t have much time because he gave Liam his hocus-pocus wolfsbane and it won’t take long for it to reach his heart. When the two are on the road to stop the vehicle, they see someone else already got to it. Kate and her minions have taken Violet — and one of the berserkers ends up killing Garrett and stabbing Scott.

Parrish ends up helping Stiles and Lydia with getting in contact with Meredith, although, it doesn’t seem that Meredith wants to do much talking and says she Teen Wolf Season 4 EP6 Meredith Scaredcan’t tell them anything. She says the benefactor was the one who told her not to give them the third code, and she only gave them the second one because she wanted to help. Pushed to her tipping point, Meredith lets out her banshee scream — and later in the night, it’s revealed that she was found hanging in her room only a few hours after Stiles and Lydia had left.

That girl was always strange but she helped out in the weirdest ways when she could. R.I.P. Meredith. You will be missed.

To add to this series of unfortunate events, Malia and Derek can’t find any sign of Brett’s pack, so she advises that they start thinking like Stiles — in a detective way. Instead of thinking where a werewolf would hide, they need to think about where Buddhists would hide. Derek comes up with the idea of the looking point to the East and they head out. Once they arrive Malia is horrified by the smell and Derek does find the pack. Dead.

With Violet in Kate’s hands, this can’t come out to anything good either. Scott teams up with Argent to take Kate on, along with her pets. Kate tells them to put the gun down and walk away but of course a fight breaks out instead. During the battle, Scott gets pushed through some walls and into a room where he sees Violet dead in a chair with her throat slashed open. Just as one of Kate’s pets is about to take a final whack at her brother, Kate spares Argent’s life and tells the berserker to leave. Who knew she actually cared about family?

After the fight, Liam is able to climb his way almost to the top of the well and let out a scream that’s loud enougfor Scott to hear. Just before he’s is about to fall back down, Scott appears to grab him and pull him out.

Stiles and Lydia are still trying to figure out what the third keyword could be. Lydia said she tried every dead person’s name and can’t get in. Finally Stiles — being the smart guy he is — tells her that banshees always predict death. Since she’s a banshee, she could possibly try and channel her powers and take a guess at who will be the next person to die versus someone who has already died. Lydia sits down at the computer and comes up with a name: Derek. Unfortunately — fortunately? — this opens up the third list of the Dead Pool.

All I know is that I hope this doesn’t mean Derek is going to die.

Teen Wolf Season 4 EP6 Scott finds mix tape

Scott takes Liam over to Doc’s to get released of the toxins, venting his anger and frustration. He’s sick of people getting murdered in his town and vows that everyone on that list, no matter what they are, will not die. I don’t know how he’ll be able to this but it’s very Scott-like of him. He always wants to be the noble knight and I applaud him for that. I just hope he doesn’t sacrifice himself for it.

At home, Scott and Stiles are about to count all the money found in the duffel bag when they find the same mix tape Kate received weeks earlier. Could this be a Grudge or The Ring sort of thing where you hear or see something and are doomed to die in a couple of days.

Just as things couldn’t get any worse, Peter finds his way into the sewers where Kate is hiding. He isn’t there to harm her though; he wants to negotiate a deal with her. He knows everything she’s going through with not being able to control her powers and anger, so he offers her a deal. He’ll teach her control and in return he gets his money back. Kate and the audience aren’t as naive as Peter thinks because we know what he really wants. Giving his money back will only earn Kate a certain amount of his help. In order to gain all of his help, he wants power.

What were your thoughts on last night’s episode? Do you think that Violet and Garrett deserved to die? While I’m glad they’re dead I’m not so happy that Kate was the one to get to them. Do you think she’s trying to get back in the family business with Argent and continue hunting? I don’t understand how that’d be possible since she’s a werewolf herself. Do you think Lydia’s prediction with the keyword means Derek will really die? If he does, I hope Peter goes down too because we don’t need him with all that power. I think Malia needs to find out who Peter really is. Leave your thoughts below.

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