Gypsy Sisters Season 3 premieres Aug. 21 on TLC

The beautiful, brawling Stanley sisters and their extended clan return to TLC in the two-hour Gypsy Sisters Season 3 premiere, Thursday, August 21 on TLC. And it looks like Nettie and Kayla may have mended their fractious relationship — at least for the moment. Unless Mellie’s wearing a helmet for reasons that don’t involve skydiving or motorbikes.

According to the press release for the new season, Stanley family ties are more tenuous than ever as Kayla’s 17-year marriage to Richard is tested even as she and Nettie try to put the fist-flailing and social media scandals of the recent past behind them. And while baby Richard has tamed his mother Mellie’s partying ways, she still manages to land in the middle of the ladies’ squabbles. Meanwhile, Annie tries to adapt to being a good gypsy wife and Joann finds her voice — and her independence.

Gypsy Sisters fans can also look forward to a ladies-only road trip  to the horse races in a tricked-out party bus and — clear your schedules and/or set your DVRs for this one, people — a sojourn to New Orleans that, TLC promises, leads to “true gypsy Bourbon Street brawls.”

Also in the new season,  Dallas and Mellie try to put their issues aside to make their sons’ birthdays special, Nettie focuses on keeping her lupus at bay via a healthier lifestyle, and a Stanley family vow renewal on the beach may fall victim to the usual theatrics.

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So tell us, Gypsy Sisters fans — which upcoming, er, festivities are you looking forward to most? Which sister is your favorite? Which could you do without? And who else besides me misses sweet Laura?

 Gypsy Sisters Season 3 premieres Thursday, Aug. 21 at 9/8CT on TLC.

Image/video: TLC

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