TV Shocking Moments: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Channel Guide Magazine’s Viewers Voice AwardsThese are the ones that feel like a gut punch. Your jaw drops. Your eyes water. You’re left in sheer devastation. That couldn’t have happened, could it? We’re talking about those most shocking moments on TV. It’s the stuff you share immediately on social media because you need to talk (and/or need therapy) about it. These are also the moments that make the rest of us scream – “Spoiler Alert!” We’ve got losing heads, bullets, a hanging and demon eyes oh my! 2014 brought us many shocking moments on TV, which one of the below nominated moments affected you the most? Vote for TV’s Most Devastating Moment in the 2014 Viewers Voice Awards below:

Let us know what we missed in the comments below or vote on one of our other categories in the 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards!

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