Best Family Values TV Show: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Channel Guide Magazine’s Viewers Voice Awards
This category, Best Family Values, is a collection of shows that revolve around profiling family life and all of the diversities that can come with it. While some of the nominees may not always be “family” friendly viewing (the Starks and Lannisters come to mind), they all demonstrate, in their own way, a family that works together. What show wins your heart? Vote for your favorite show that demonstrates the Best Family Values in our 2014 Viewers Voice Awards.

Let us know what we missed in the comments below or vote on one of our other categories in the 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards!

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  1. I loved The Alaskan Bush People and have a wave of disappointment sweep over me every week when I check for new episodes of this clean, family style, real reality show. You have lost a ‘good thing’ that was highly valued by the people who followed and loved it. Betty Jo Campbell

  2. My husband and I really liked the show Alaskan Bush people. Got used to watching then nothing. Hope they are going to put the show back on

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