Top TV Cop/Detective: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Channel Guide Magazine’s Viewers Voice Awards
Since the days of Kojak and Dragnet, TV has had a long-standing success story when it comes to our crime-fighting and crime-solving heroes. Whether they are in pairs (Cagney & Lacey, Starsky & Hutch) or doing it alone — single handedly taking down the bad guy — there’s no denying we all have our favorites. Channel Guide readers, as well as the staff, have nominated the following current shows for our 2014 Viewers Voice Awards. So which TV cop/detective from 2014 is your favorite? Vote for your favorite below!

Let us know what we missed in the comments below or vote on one of our other categories in the 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards!

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  1. Why is Nathan Fillion listed as top cop? Stana Katic plays the Cop/Detective on Castle. Are you sure you cover TV?

  2. Why Nathan Fillion, not Stana Katic – Beckett in Castle? He’s neither cop nor detective.
    Love Angie Harmon as Jane Rizzoli and voted for her but would have to have voted for Stana if she were on the list. Maybe that’s why both Beckett and Rizzoli weren’t nominated?

  3. I don’t understand why “Rizzoli & Isles” is constantly ignored when awards time comes around. The show has excellent actors and great scripts. I never miss a minute of this wonderful series on TNT.

  4. I,ve been watching rizzoli and isles for five years and every awards show they have rizzoli and isles has never been acknowledged that must be changed

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