Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host: The 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Channel Guide Magazine’s Viewers Voice Awards David Letterman. Jimmy Fallon. Stephen Colbert. Jon Stewart. Jimmy Kimmel. Craig Ferguson. Seth Meyers. These guys are bringing in the millions, both ratings-wise and financially, along with the laughs. With the shifting of the guard this past year on NBC, Fallon is the new man to beat in terms of the ratings war. So who is your favorite late night talk show host? Who is the best person that keeps you up at night? Vote for your favorite late night talk show host below in the 2014 Viewers Voice Awards.

Let us know what we missed in the comments below or vote on one of our other categories in the 3rd Annual Viewers Voice Awards!

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  1. ther it is again yestrdayCraig Fergusoh had 81now its 78you vote and it goes down something smells bad that is for sure why is the vote nunbers changing

  2. i dont know why but it looks to me that something is wrong craig ferguson numbers are not right he had 83 yesteryday some thing stinks

  3. Craig Ferguson totally excels! He has awesome facial expressions, he is genuine, and unique with blatant boldness, wonderful timing, attitude and great off the cuff humor. All this makes him extremely sexy. I love, love, love Craig Ferguson. Aileen

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