Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: “The Dead Pool”

MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 4 aired its fifth episode last night, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Teen Wolf Ep 5 VioletThe confusion started with a girl running around Beacon Hills High. Not only was it odd for her to be running around at night, but she had blood on her hands — or should I say hand, since she later revealed that one of them had been cut off, which made some sense once Violet showed up with her trusty burning lasso. Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for this new wolf girl when she is able to escape Violet, but unknowingly gets in the truck with Garrett, who stabs her in the chest multiple times.

What I want to know is, why would you trust someone who would just so happens to be there at the same time as a killer is on the loose?

With another murder on Sheriff Stilinski’s hands, Scott and Stiles come forward with all they know. They tell him about all the connections they’ve made between The Mute and his killings with a benefactor on the loose willingly paying for someone else to keep murdering supernaturals. Then they show him the Dead Pool Lydia found with Allison’s name as the keyword. They believe that there are two more keywords left, but they need Lydia to figure out what they are.

The sheriff is worried that half the town may be at risk of being murdered, but Scott and Stiles assure him there is a set number of people. Each name has a number next to it, which, when added up, will equal 117 million dollars — the amount stolen from the Hales. Seems like someone has managed to keep up their studying while dealing with a masked murderer on the loose!

Teen Wolf Ep 5 Liam RageWith a big lacrosse game coming up — and the new player being a new werewolf — Derek provokes Liam to test his anger. Of course, Liam has to show he’s the tough guy, lashing out at Derek when he breaks his lacrosse stick. Thankfully no one gets hurt as Derek handles Liam before Scott comes in to tell him to sit and stay like a good doggy.

Derek can see Scott’s true Alpha self shine through after handling the situation with Liam. However, he warns him that with all of Liam’s anger, it’s going to make him that much stronger and dangerous. It warms my heart to see Derek show emotions for once!

In class, Stiles figures out that the end of a lacrosse stick matches the markings found on the body of the werewolf girl found dead a few nights before — new information that narrows down the possible suspects to lacrosse players. That puts Scott and Stiles on edge because they know that Scott and Liam are on that Dead Pool. Being on the team makes it easy for the killer to murder both of them, and also Kira, the new team member. Once they warn Liam with this new information, he informs them that he knows of a possible suspect who was at the party when everything started happening: Garrett.

While Lydia has no luck channeling her inner banshee powers, Malia offers another way to get the help they need from another banshee, Meredith. Lucky for the girls, Meredith took it upon herself to pay a visit to Lydia and got picked up by Deputy Parrish. Sheriff Stilinski gets Lydia and Malia down to the office to talk with Meredith and ends up with four numbers that she says are a phone number for help. After Lydia snaps and almost smacks Meredith across the face, Malia —the one not so smart in math — offers the idea that the numbers are like algebra. Sure enough. Lydia decodes the numbers for letters and comes up with a name, Aiden, and enters it as another keyword.

Success yet again for Lydia as she finds another list of the Dead Pool and surprisingly finds Deputy Parrish’s name on that list. I always thought there was something fishy about him!

Back at the high school, the lacrosse game has started and it’s against Liam’s old school, Devenford Prep. Scott and Stiles keep a watchful eye on Garrett to make sure he doesn’t try to use his hidden dagger stick again, this time on one of them. Even with a killer on the team, some good things do happen. Kira scores her first point with the team, but Coach benches her for not playing by his rules and including other players.

Good one, Coach. Now Kira can’t help the guys keep an eye on Garrett!

As the game goes on, Liam tackles his rival, Brett, and both go down. The surprise is that Liam didn’t use any of his powers, even though he probably wished he had. Scott fixes Liam’s broken arm and Brett is taken off the field. In the locker room Violet pays a visit to Brett, but she’s not interested in how he’s doing. She informs him that Garrett used his dagger, with wolfsbane dripped on it, to hurt Brett. So once again, we find out there is another werewolf, Brett, that no one knew about. She then puts her lasso around his neck to finish him off.

Teen Wolf Ep5 Scott Burning LassoScott and Stiles thought that Garrett was after Liam but missed. Little did they know, he didn’t miss but really meant to get Brett. Scott rushes in to see what happened and finds Brett still alive. Then it’s Scott’s turn to have Violet’s lasso around his neck. He shows her he’s not the Alpha she wants to mess around with and grabs the necktie with his bare hands as it continues to burn him, then grabs her and knocks her out cold before she can harm anyone else.

Derek and Argent have a heart-to-heart as Derek shows him what Kate was after — the Triskelion. Argent tells him that he’ll do anything to put her in werewolf “jail.” But for some very odd reason, Derek shows his interest in wanting to keep Kate alive and safe. He shows Argent his eyes and explains that she took not only the color away but also his sense of smell. He seems to be losing all of his wolfy powers and doesn’t know why. Poor Derek. Why wouldn’t you want revenge after that?

Just before the episode ends, Argent gets some surprise visitors. The Calaveras show up on his property for some weird standoff. All Lady Calaveras has to say is to remember the code of the hunters. In other words, she is trying to provoke Argent in taking down his own sister.

What were your thoughts on this episode? I really want to know who Violet and Garrett are and why they’re killing. Do they need college money? Are they supernatural? Who is the benefactor? Also, what the heck is Deputy Parrish doing on the Dead Pool list? Lydia seemed afraid of him once she found out. She didn’t want to question him or tell him, so something must be up. Derek is losing his powers, so I wonder if that means he is getting weaker and dying? I sure hope not. If that’s true, I hope Argent listens to the Calaveras and takes Kate down! How did she even take Derek’s powers away? Do you think the Calaveras really just came to tell Argent to kill Kate or do you think they’re here to mess with Scott for biting Liam? Either way, it’s not always the greatest time when they’re around. Leave your thoughts below.

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