truTV’s new reality show “Way Out West” looks at Idaho outfitters

TruTV adds another reality series, Way Out West, to its lineup beginning Monday, July 21 at 10pmET/9pmCT. Way Out West gives viewers a glimpse of Idaho’s vast wilderness for tracking, fishing, rafting and camping trips by following three outfitter families: The Bullocks, The Yourens and The Korells (pictured below in order). These families have a long history of rivalry in their businesses of outfitting in the Idaho Backcountry, as they compete against each other to lead the best excursions.

The Bullock family from Way Out West on truTV

The Youren family from Way Out West on truTV

In addition to guiding city-dwellers who would otherwise lose their way, the show follows their everyday life adventures from running the business to raising kids to living with the crazy older Youren brothers (the middle picture), who could be mistaken for The Three Stooges.

The show is a good fit for truTV because it gives as “true” of a look — as far as reality TV goes — at family life amid Idaho’s west. The series takes a modern twist on how residents in the Wild West live after keeping a family business open for so long. Unlike some of the other more trashier reality series, this one is actually a family show that people of all ages can watch. The Korrell family in truTV's Way Out West

The only issue I have is that subtitles would have been nice on occasion. At times it was hard to understand what they just said and it felt like I missed things. Oh well, it’s not like you would be missing some major plot line, as it sure isn’t too hard to figure out what they are doing since the majority of the time it’s tomfoolery.

In the pilot episode, the three families actually plan a competition event where they compete against each other to earn some bragging rights. Each family gets to pick one event and whoever wins will be considered the best outfitting family in Idaho. While the events aren’t exactly geared toward their respective businesses — not real sure how chariot races fits into their outfitting options —  you do get a good feel for each of the family’s dynamics.

The pilot also finds the Korells, also known as the pretty boys, over their heads when they get too many drunk guests for an outfitting visit. This is when they head to The Bullocks, the old and wise, for their help. Even though they all pick on each other, they are willing to help out when they can. However, this time The Bullocks aren’t willing to help and leave Chris Korell with The Stooges. You’ll have to see how that goes.

Way Out West airs Mondays on truTV beginning July 21st at 10/9c.
photos credit: John Nowak/truTV


  1. These people show just how lame and ignorant the people in this state are . No wonder this state ranks so LOW in Education. If I want to show other people that I know in other states just how stupid people are in this state I can now tell them to watch this show. Thank You for saving me the time trying to tell others this show says it all. I feel bad for their kids it’s a vicious circle of Ignorant people raisin the next generation of ignorant adults. Their high school in Emmett treats these kids like mushrooms NO WINDOWS and you know how mushrooms are raised. Get this pathetic attempt of a so called reality show off the air !!

  2. This is an embarrassing show for Idaho. No outfitter in real business would put up with the situations that Hollywood dreams up. It would be really nice to see real people doing a real job and not acting like a bunch of Yahoo’s.

    • I totally agree. I wish they could film a reality show without the added drama and added stupidity. I absolutely love Idaho back country, yet found it painful to watch this show, much like other “reality” shows. Why cant they find a normal family doing everyday things?… that’s reality. Make it more like a documentary, which I would find way more interesting and entertaining. As it is…I just mute it and fast forward thru the crap, to catch some good glimpses of beautiful Idaho landscapes.

  3. Would like to write letter to the youner family to find out bout a hunt or employment if they have it

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