Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 4, Recap: “The Full Moon”

Teen Wolf Season 4, aired episode number four last night and kept the drama going with its nerve-striking suspense and heart-warming relationships. One relationship we see blossoming is between Sheriff Stilinski and Derek, as they search the hospital rooftop for clues on who or what could have killed the wendigo, Sean. Derek tells the Sheriff that someone else, other than the boys, had to be up on the roof because he could sense their fear.

While Derek and the Sheriff are oddly working together to solve a crime, Scott has some news to break to Stiles. He explains what happened at the hospital and shows him that he has Liam taped up in the bathtub to keep him safe. While it isn’t true that Liam is just “lying down” as Scott had told Stiles, he seems pretty calm as Scott tells him that Liam will now most likely become a werewolf. The timing is perfect, of course, because the next night is a full moon and since Liam is just a newborn werewolf, he has no idea what’s going on. As Scott tries to calmly tell him everything, Liam finds his new strength and darts out of the house past Scott and Stiles.

While the boys try to find where the heck this frightened newborn weTeen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4 Mute Manrewolf went, Peter gets an unlikely visitor. As he’s waiting for Derek to appear, a flying ax dipped in wolfsbane, slices through his chest. This means none other than the Mute Man has arrived and made his presence known. He uses his computer device to tell Peter that he’s looking for Derek and promises he’ll be his next victim.

The next day at school, Liam avoids Scott and Stiles at every chance he gets. Lydia, Kira, and Malia know that their help is needed so Scott can help Liam with his first transition on a full moon. They come up with a clever plan no freshman could resist — a party. Kira uses her vixen ways to get Liam’s attention, until she completely falls down the flight of stairs, and convinces him to attend a party with her. Girl power!

As Kira is on her way to the “party” with Liam, Stiles tells Scott about why Liam was kicked out of his other school. Apparently Liam has some major anger issues he needs to deal with because he totaled his teacher’s car. Stiles shows Scott the picture of the car Liam demolished with a crowbar and sees the words “You did this to me” scratched along the side of the car. I wonder what exactly pissed off Liam to make him do that to a car and carve those words into it as evidence? It’s got Scott freaking out and making wonder if biting Liam to save his life was the right choice. The werewolf life just doesn’t seem right for Liam.

When Kira pulls up to the house with Liam, he notices that it seems pretty unoccupied for a paTeen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4 Liamrty. She takes him inside telling him they’re just early. Must’ve been a surprise party because Liam had a huge shock waiting for him when he walked in. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia were waiting for him and Scott again tries to reason with him and explain what is about to happen. It’s too late because Liam starts to transition earlier than expected. Another surprise is that Liam took it upon himself to invite his friend who invited everyone else to this awesome “party.” Scott and Kira take Liam to keep him away from everyone while transitioning and Stiles takes Malia, along with her chains, to keep her from harming anyone else.

Derek and Sheriff Stilinski are still trying to find out what the Mute Man wants. Derek tells him about his brother’s attack and when wondering who would be so weird and creepy as to carry around a tomahawk ax, Deputy Parrish walks in to say he would. He tells them that he had to in the military, it was only normal. Peter was lucky enough to get the Mute’s voice box system and Parrish points out that it’s also familiar; it looks similar to a the ones used by the military, only revamped. He agrees to help crack inside it and finds something important. A name, “the Benefactor,” pops up on the screen with a message saying money was transferred. Sheriff Stilinski now knows this weirdo isn’t just a murderer but an assassin.

Back at the party, poor Lydia is left to babysit and host the party. Just as the keg delivery man is leaving to his car, he shockingly starts turning into a werewolf. However he starts talking to himself and calms himself down back into a human only to be beheaded by one of Liam’s freshman frieTeen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4 Teen Benefactorsnds. Who the heck saw this one coming? Kill her with her Texan necklace tie thingy, please! As she walks back into the party with her head held high of her dirty deed, she walks over to another friend. He delivers some good news for her that the benefactor sent a message saying the money was transferred. When I was a freshman, I was worried about finding my way around school, not working with a murderous Mute Man to get money. Start earning that college fund early, I guess?

Lydia follows a kid who decides to explore the house’s upstairs. She follows him into a room where she spills red wine on the white carpet and things start to get weird. I know I’m not the only one who kept checking their volume or thought the connection was bad because I could only hear music playing. Whenever Lydia and this guy talked, nothing came out, just their mouths would move but they communicated. Once she started walking over to a record player and played the record, I knew she was up to something. I was waiting to hear some satanic words being played in reverse like the Ozzy records, but only Lydia was meant to understand this one. She started looking at the wall and it turned into A Nightmare on Elm Street when faces started coming out of the walls. Man, I’d hate to be a banshee!

Just as Scott and Kira are having a moment slow dancing, Liam wakes up from the knockout Kira gave him and breaks out of the metal chains binding him to a post. He runs off into the woods leaving Scott to go find him.

Sheriff Stilinski and Derek arrive at the high school because they discovered that the Mute Man was using the school’s Wi-Fi. They come up to a classroom with a pool of blood streaming under the door. Both Derek and the Sheriff are nervous to go insidTeen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4 Peter Murders Mutee, but bravely, the Sheriff steps up to open the door. He opens it slowly and just enough so Derek can see a bomb rigged up to explode once the door opens. Quickly, Derek takes the Sheriff out of the way as the Mute Man makes a flying ax appearance once again. The two manage to get a hold of the creep just before Peter walks in and ruins everything. Derek is too late to grab him and Peter lets all his rage out on the Mute, slashing him apart into pieces. Derek tells Peter how upset he is with him since they’ve learned better but Peter recognizes it’s in his blood.

Stiles is able to help Malia during her transition by explaining his story of when he became possessed. He tells her how he feels ashamed of how he felt powerful and loved the feeling when he killed and harmed so many people. She finally calms down and transitions back into a human ready to forget her anger.

It’s not as easy for Scott when he finds Liam. Liam pins Scott down and tells him it’s his fault that he’s turned into a monster. Just as he’s about to slash Scott up, a flash of light makes him run away. Allison’s father shows up to help just as Scott had asked him to in a message. He explains that he needs to make Liam listen to him because he’s his Beta. Liam finally listens to Scott when he reveals his Alpha self and says that they’re going to be okay.

Kira finds Lydia still in her trance staring at the wall. Lydia tells her that she found the key she needed in cracking the code she had on her computer that she took down as Math notes. She gets cracking on the computer and enters the keyword, “Allison.” A list of names pop up and Lydia realizes it’s a dead pool with names of the supernatural people living in Beacon Hills. Yikes! Looks like this is going to be a bumpy ride ahead for everyone.

What were your thoughts on this action packed episode? I think Liam will realize that he really needs Scott’s help and will listen to him because he’s Scott’s Beta. He needs an Alpha leader. As much as I hate to see Stiles taken away from me, it’s nice to see someone finally love him back. Although I’m worried about his choice in were-coyote. I love that Allison’s dad came to help Scott even though his daughter was murdered for getting caught up in this mess. He seems like he’ll be willing to help out in capturing his sister, no matter what, since it’s the right thing to do. Comment your thoughts below.