Little Women: LA Recap, Episode 8 “Sinner Takes All”

Before we get to the Little Women: LA recap, here’s a fun opportunity to ask a question to one of the women! In a few days I’m interviewing always hilariously outspoken Christy McGinity and if you submit questions in the comments below, and I’ll ask her some of your questions and post her answers before next week’s episode.

Now, on to the show, and on to a Bachelorette party!!! The six ladies head to Las Vegas to celebrate Christy and Traci’s pending nuptials. Given the drama between Christy and Traci, a double party for the double divas could lead to double trouble!

Little Women: LA

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Except when you bring TV cameras and a pocketful of bad decisions! Ooh, how I hate that quote. It’s been the start of many weekends fueled by too much alcohol and not enough good judgment. And at the onset of Episode 8, when Traci utters that infamous line, you know that this weekend will be filled with a few booze-soaked regrets.

The first being the ladies’ choice of hotel. The Golden Nugget. Hopefully the hotel comped the suite to the show because it looks like it was decorated by the cast of Designing Women. 1980’s tacky. I would have loved seeing the women one of the mega-amazing suites at the Palms or a more chic area of the Golden Nugget.  These women are too young and sexy for floral couches. And where are all of them going to sleep? Because that suite looks like it’s a 1br.

Elena is ready to get the party started and wants the ladies to give each other lap dances. Some of the other the ladies are pumped to go clubbing, but Traci wants to go lay out near the pool and pulls an, “It’s my bachelorette party” moment. Traci, your girls love you, but if you say this more than once, it’ll get tiresome. You should perhaps be grateful that a group of women are spending their $$ on your weekend.

Christy hopes that “Old Traci,” who used to be a lot of fun, comes out this weekend. And recanted a story about Traci getting wild and topless at a Moby concert. I’m not sure which is a more shocking image: The idea of Traci topless or someone going to a Moby concert.

Little Women: LATraci, Tonya and Terra head down to the pool and start ripping on Christy. But once Christy, Elena and Briana arrive poolside, the ladies retract their bitchy claws and play nice.As the ladies chat about options for the weekend, Traci says she will say yes to anything except: NO strippers and no kissing. The other ladies agree with wicked looks on their faces. You can still have a lot of no-kissing, clothed debauchery.

Little Women: LAChristy suggests indoor skydiving. The ladies redress and soar over to Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Kudos to Christy for being so adventurous! Indoor skydiving looks like so much fun, I’d love to try it the next time I’m in Las Vegas. I enjoyed regular skydiving, but I think that is looks so safe that even my kids would have fun doing this! Christy is eager to get started but Traci is terrified and refuses to try. She even flees the wind tunnel. As she watched he friends having a good time, Traci sucks up her fear and tries the experience. It’s a triumphant moment for her. Afterwards, Traci and Christy share a tender moment. Could it be that the Bride Wars may be headed for truce?

Later it’s martini night! The gals get glammed for a night out. Can I point out that Elena’s makeup is always flawless? She’s stunning to begin with, but she is an expert in makeup application. Can I get her to do my makeup? I am dying for a smoky eye!!
Christy asks Traci to let loose and you can see hints of the friendship that once was. They’re finally acting playfully toward each other and I can see a glimmer of the friendship that once was.

Little Women: LASince this is a bachelorette party, there are plenty of embarrassing (and hilarious) gifts including an inflatable penis and a battery operated vibrator. (I can’t believe I just typed the word “Vibrator.” Twice! Oh Little Women, this is a night of firsts for all of us, isn’t it?)
“Traci needs a little Buzz in her life,” says Terra.

Little Women: LAThe ladies strut their stuff and head to downtown Las Vegas and of course, the throngs of slack-jawed, margaritas-by-the-yard-guzzling yokels snap pictures like paparazzi. Well paparazzi with camera phones, at least. Is a group of women walking around such an oddity that it requires photographic proof? This isn’t a flock of unicorns (is that what a group of unicorns is, a flock? a herd? something else?)
Traci: “Being a little person is like being a celebrity without the fame.”

Little Women: LAA complete laugh-out-loud moment: All six women squeeze into a single compartment of a revolving door and after is turns verrrrrrrrry slowly, spill out like beautiful clowns from a clown car. By the looks of delight on their faces, that was as fun for them to do as it was for me to watch.  Traci looks particularly gleeful.

At Blue Martini, the ladies let loose (except sober Christy, but she’s so much fun that she’s like a Little Women: LAshot of hilarity). With a few drinks in her, Traci so much fun! She even dances on a table top! Perhaps the “Fun Traci” of Moby concert fame will make an appearance! Two hot guys stop over and give the bachelorettes some attention. Perhaps they saw the cameras and wanted to be on TV, but who cares, they were smokin’, their twerking was bangin’ and they were handing out free cash! Thanks guys! And when Christy gets in on the fun, you know that perhaps the friendship can be saved. Weddings have a way of bringing people together. Or turns sane people into bridezillas but we don’t want that. Well maybe just a little.

The next morning, everyone is feeling rough and giant coffees are slugged for revitalization. Sober Christy is as chipper as a bride on her wedding day.
This morning’s activity is a scavenger hunt. Another fantastic idea. It’s funny that Team Traci has been dressed in like colors. They’re all in teal now, and yesterday at the pool the three of them were all wearing pinky-red.

The tasks include getting a stranger to propose to them, give them lap dances and allow strangers to kiss them. The most awkward moment was Traci asking a stranger for a condom. But taking photos of the ladies without asking is a no-no and when a random guy gets shutter-happy with Team Traci, they ask them to stop.

Over on Team Christy, a woman pats Briana on the head and B takes the bitch to task. She’s not a dog or a child. A head pat isn’t okay.
Little Women: LAIt’s a mad dash back to the room and shoes are flying, ladies are screaming and Team Christy is victorious. It was like a moment straight out of The Amazing Race!
Traci is pissed she didn’t win, she wanted that prize. It’s a gift basket though, so I’d be pretty bummed if I didn’t win it too. The clasy thing would have been for Christy to break that gift basket open and share. I’m always doing that for my ladies. But that’s because I’m a prize-winning saint.

Little Women: LAThe mood has soured. The ladies need to regroup, re-dress, and get ready to party! The men arrive. The ladies smooch their loves and poor Briana is the only woman without someone to greet. in the giant limo, she’s feeling left-out.  Traci must be drink, because she looks around the limo and utters the disastrous line again, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Soooo clunky.

Terra has invited her friend Abdul who is also a little person performer to come hang with them. Briana isn’t really into him, but she’ll take his number.

Little Women: LAWhile dancing at the club, Christy pulls Todd to a quiet spot and tells him she wants to marry him. But not in the big wedding she’s planned, she wants to be wed … tomorrow! Life is never boring when Christy is around. Todd agrees and suddenly, the party shifts from a bachelorette party to wedding planning mode. Traci thinks this is a bad idea, but thankfully she doesn’t say anything to Christy.

Little Women: LAThe next morning, Christy is still excited to get married but at A Little White Wedding Chapel, the butterflies begin. As Christy’s about to walk down the aisle, she gets cold feet, pulls Todd aside, and says that she still wants to get married. Todd gives her an opportunity to reconsider the quicky wedding, saying, “This is the story you’re going to tell for the rest of our life.” She decides to wait for her dream wedding. And Todd is relieved because he was a little sad to not have his dad there to witness his happiness.

They tell their friends that they’re going to wait for their wedding. Traci rolls her eyes, but Christy says that Traci is right, she needs to make her wedding special and share it with her family. So the race to the altar is back on!

Christy: “I went to Vegas and almost got married.” Trademark that and put it on bumper stickers, it’ll sell millions!

Next week on the season finale of Little Women: LA, someone’s going to say “I Do” (for real this time, I hope).

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  1. Absolutely love this show! Can’t get enough of the women! So much personality! So much drama and excitement! Super pumped that there will be a second season – YAY!!!

    Question for Christy: are there plans to include your kids in season 2?

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