Naked And Afraid: Cambodia Recap. Season 3, Episode 3

When I imagine Naked and Afraid: Cambodia, I think mosquitoes, and rain, and snakes. So much fun. Do you think areas that Naked and Afraid visits ever tout the amount of misery that is shown in the show? I would never like to visit any of the places shown on N&A, it all looks so desolate and even the places that are lovely, are infested with plague-carrying bugs. I once got over 350 mosquito bites while visiting Minnesota and that ended my desire to visit nature … ever.

Let’s meet this week’s people who are braver than me…

Carrie Booze (that’s right, Booze. Says the woman with the last name “Freeze.”), age 25 from Denver, Colorado. This single lady is a former Marine who currently works in nightclub marketing. And she’s a part-time model. She learned to build shelters and to fish from her brother, and studied emergency survival operations with him. What made her want to learn survival was the desire to travel the world and live in self-sustaining environments.
Skills: Land Navigation, Building Shelters, Plant identification, Fishing

Tom Touw, is a 40-year-old defense contractor who was born in the Netherlands but was raised in Arizona. This dude loves to travel and has traveled the world. Tom was a boy scout and a member of the military and has served in Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Skills: Tracking, Land Navigation, Bow Drill and Fire Plow, Fire Starting, Shelter Building, Trapping, and Water Collection.

It’s pretty awesome that we have two former military survivalists. I expect that their skill sets will be high, and hopefully they can bother keep their egos in check.

It’s kinda funny that this episode, we’re introduced to Tom and Carrie at their homes while they’re getting ready for their adventure. Tom and Carrie both have access to their survival items, so when we see that awkward moment where they peek into their burlap tote bags like it’s Christmas morning,those liars already know what’s inside.

They also get to experiment with their video cameras. Tom’s has already been on other Naked and Afraid episodes because “It reeks. It stinks like B.O. and campfire. That will be me.” I am so glad I don’t have a smellavision.

Carrie selects a machete for her survival item and Tom has a fire starter. But not one of the garbage orange ones, he actually has a flint and steel.

My research-loving husband informs me that Carrie has appeared in’s Hometown Hotties. I’ll post a link to her photo shoot here. You’re welcome and thanks to my husband for “sacrificing” his time looking at nearly-naked pics of Carrie. I’m going to make a wild guess that Carrie’s bosom isn’t natural. Just a guess. Who knows if having saline-filled chest will keep her warmer at night.

At the start of their adventure, both survivalists are given PSRs. Tom’s is 6.6 out of 10 and Carrie has a 6.4 out of 10.0. This seems low to me because they both earned automatic 5.0s because they each have served in the military. So if their own skills only added a 1.6 and 1.4 to their scores, these two must not have much experience.

At this point I’ll pause. This episode was a total bore except for the fact that Tom and Carrie loathe each other. I’m going to be very light on the rest of the episode and try to highlight their conflicts.

Day 1
Tom is chatty. Carrie says that she likes it now, but it may drive her F@#$ing bonkers soon.
After they step over an absolute army of ants, they locate running water and set up camp on a rock.

Tom mentions that he loves his wife dearly and doesn’t want to jeopardize anything. Tom’s Discovery bio says he’s single so I’m confused. His bio also says some of his skills are fire making and shelter building. He’s feeling awkward because his partner is smoking hot. On night one, When Carrie tries to snuggle for warmth, Tom thinks it feels wrong to be close to anyone but his wife. If you’re afraid of poking your partner, put your tote-bag over your man-bag!

Day 2
How is Carrie so dirty already? It’s day 2. But, she looks amazing covered in filth. She’s like a freaking Cover Girl.

Tom comes up with a plan to boil water. Even though the water they have access to is flowing, they still need to boil it to kill of the wicked, kill-you parasites that it’s infested with. Tom takes long lengths of thick bamboo, fills them with water and sets them in the fire. Once the water steams, on a few more minutes and the water is safe to drink. This is utterly genius.

Day 5
Tom’s obsessed with getting firewood, but not with finding food. Perhaps her royal hotness could look for food.

Day 6
Carrie is frustrated and wants to explore in search of a greater experience.
And she’s bored to death.

Naked and Afraid CambodiaIs it because I’m no longer 25, that she’s starting to annoy me? So far, she and Tom have the cushiest Naked and Afraid experience yet. They have fire … they have water … they have no rain … they have shade … they have no bugs … Why so much complaining?

Tom is shocked that surviving isn’t good enough for Carrie. I’m sure that much of the Naked and Afraid experiences are totally dull. There’s a lot of sitting around and lying around and walking around. When you’re surviving in a remote location you’re unlikely to come upon a circus.

Carrie decides to take a hike in search of food. And heads downstream to and area I’ll call, “Crocodile Cove.” And finds clams. A bunch of them (like 8). This would be a great appetizer in a restaurant, but for them it’s the first food we’ve seen them consume. Tom rigs a cool bamboo contraption where they can steam the clams, but he is pissed off because Carrie didn’t bring back firewood with her.

Naked and Afraid CambodiaAfter they eat, Carrie freaks out at Tom and questions his survival skills. We’ve seen a lot of Tom’s fire maintenance skills and his wizardry with bamboo, but he hasn’t made much of an effort to find food. But if you can’t have food, at least you have a bad-ass fire and lots of cool bamboo kitchen stuff. Carrie can twirl bamboo like a majorette while she yells.

I’m totally impressed that Tom took Carrie’s rant a lot better than most people would have. If Carrie would have been partnered with Justin from Episode 2, he would have gutted her. But Tom was calm, and perhaps he has experience dealing with volatile personalities.

Day 9
At this point, Naked and Afraid introduces the Twitter hashtag, #RumbleInTheJungle and I get a little excited that the tension might boil over into a Thunderdome situation.

Tom and Carrie hate each other. Tom wishes he was given a different partner.

Day 11
Carrie says Tom is a weight dragging her down.

Day 14
Tom is overworking himself to spite Carrie, and Carrie lays there doing nothing out of spite as well.

Day 15
Carrie says being with Tom is being with an ex-boyfriend who you won’t leave because he still has your CDs in his truck. I’m not sure this makes sense because no one has CDs anymore.

Day 16
Nothing happens other than Carrie and Tom still hate each other.

Day 18
Tom is going to hike back to Clam Beach (I like Crocodile Cove better) leaving Carrie to tend the fire. He finds a whopping 7 clams, but after boiling them, they find that most of them are dead and inedible. Wah-Waah.

Carrie: “We have a saying in the military. “Officers can give orders and do nothing.” Ouch!

I wonder if the Melissa depicted in Tom’s shoulder tattoo loves how much eyeliner the tat has. It’s righteously foxy.

Day 20
Naked and Afriad CambodiaCarrie is so ready to be done with this experience.  She loves doing selfies in the confessional camera.

Day 21
Just before Carrie and Tom are about to leave camp, Tom spills all of the water that they’ve prepared for their extraction hike.

Then Carrie makes more water and she spills water. Hunger makes them stupid and grouchy.

Carrie “You’re diluted.” Obvs she’s not a genius. Deluded. Or delusional. But not diluted.

Carrie nakedly stomps off, leaving her partner. Alone with lots of water, but no map to the extraction point. When he finds her, she’s 2 miles upstream.

Naked and Afraid CambodiaTo reach their extraction point, they need to travel downstream, so Carrie Boobs has headed in the wrong direction. Headed in the correct(ish) direction, they emerge on the cove in the wrong spot. With the time running out in the episode, the helicopter decides to pick them up anyway.

Afterwards, Carrie says “Hate is a strong word. We strongly dislike each other.” Are they still going to be Facebook friends or follow each other on Twitter?

Over the course of 21 days, Tom lost 24 pounds and Carrie lost 11 lbs. But the songle most shocking aspect of the show was the change in their PSRs.

Tom’s fell to a 5.4 out of 10 and Carries dropped to a 4.8 Yikes! They must have mega-pissed off the producers of Naked and Afraid!!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was Carrie a bitch? Was Tom a wimp? Who would you have rather had as your partner?

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  1. Wow..this girl..wins the trophy for the worst person on the show. Mental toughness my ads. She put her partner down left and right the whole time. She just went on the show to help he”modeling career” Golden Apple right there. Any future she has I hope they see the show and what a cruel person she is..puke

  2. ok, i do not write websites and reviews and blogs and all that. ‘m a very successful businessman and ya can’t screw around on the web and do all too lol.

    That guy was the most useless ass ever, would have died without you, and god bless your soul for keeping him alive.

    I’m probably twice your age and someday you are going to meet mr great, but if you ever get to Detroit, gimme a shout and I’ll take ya out the best restaurant in town, and, “i ain’t ugly” lol so we’ll have a great time – tthst means i know hen dinner is over aaaaaand you go off with some guy your own age. no problem
    you rock, don’t, don’t, settle
    mike 248-760-2114

  3. Carrie was ridiculous, she was pissed off because Tom rejected her snuggling and she’s used to getting her way. I hope she feels sorry when she watches the show and realises what a spoilt brat she was being, but as someone else said, she’ll just blame that on someone else as well. The only person that was “diluted” was her.

  4. Just my opinion, but Carrie acted like a fool. I think she was more irritated that her partner had absolutely no interest in her, which is why she made such a big deal about his unwillingness to share body heat. In fact, maybe Tom refused to share body heat because of the vibes he was getting off of her (although I do think that in this environment, Tom should have shared some warmth). Carrie struck me as a self-absorbed narcissist; unhappy, selfish, and really pissed off at life. Her partner DID do most of the work…the camera’s show that Carrie mostly slept the whole time. How many of you have kept a fire going for 21 days? It takes an INCREDIBLE quantity of wood. IRT her comments about officers in the military , I think its pretty clear she showed why she could never qualify to become one. Would any of you ever want to work for her? On the other hand, Tom showed incredible restraint in the face of being treated so rudely by such a hateful, trash talking, unladylike person.

    • Her attitude ruined her looks. I wouldn’t have put up with any of her crap at all, and I sure as hell wouldn’t touch her. If I was her partner, she would have been put in her place by day 7.

      “I’ve got the fire, the water, the shelter you dumb witch…now go fetch some food and do your part, whiny brat.”

  5. This twit was a trainwreck. And she kept saying “diluted” when she meant deluded. Dumbshit too. People like her should be saved for the sequel, “Naked and Alone” and let them stay out there forever. The world would be better.

  6. the twit was a trainwreck. And she kept saying “diluted” when she meant deluded. Dumbshit too. People like her should be saved for the sequel, “Naked and Alone” and let them stay out there forever. The world would be better.

  7. These comments are spot on. Carrie just couldn’t believe a guy didn’t want to be all over her and she became more and more insolent when she realized she couldn’t hypnotize Tom into submission with her giant implants. I do think Tom could have done more to get food – there were snakes everywhere, for God’s sake – but he never let Carrie’s bratty whining and ranting get the best of him. When she called him “diluted,” I knew she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the package, and I seriously doubt she could have survived the 21-day challenge on her own. I’m sure she went home and watched the episode with her equally vacuous girlfriends and blamed her poor showing on “editing.”

  8. Tom showed good restraint as a fellow officer should when dealing with a spoiled brat or a Prima Donna. Carrie was furious after the first night of snuggle rejection and only got worse every day. If he had marital concerns he should have just reversed the spoon and let her warm his back with her implants. She got on the show the same way she got into the Marines and the rest of her life, by using her body to mask her immaturity and overall bitchiness. Tom should have been given a 10 for what he had to endure.

  9. Carrie was horrible. She did less than Tom and complained the whole time. Besides help with the shelter and find some clams, I didn’t see her do anything useful. There was no reason for Toms psr to go down. The fact that he kept them going for 21 days without choking that brat should have alone bumped up his score. I’m very disappointed in whoever makes those decisions.

  10. Carrie was both irritable and irritating, but she made some very valid points about the general uselessness of her firewood-obsessed partner. Without her, they would have starved the entire 21 day trip. Tom’s mentality/strategy was clearly that of a person who looks forward to eventual rescue/extraction. On the other hand, Carrie’s strategy was that of a person who tries to adapt to a challenging environment. They were just badly mismatched. If I were there, I would have cuddled the crap out of my smoking hot partner and helped her to find clams, hunt snake, cayman, etc. Woulda been fun.

    • I don’t understand that comment. Was Carrie to do nothing at all, while Tom did everything? Yes, Tom didn’t look for food…possibly because he’s busy doing his share of the work, the fire, water and shelter. Carrie griped about doing her part – looking for food. She sure wouldn’t do anything else… Tom was great. He obviously was expecting a partner, not a liability.

  11. Carrie stayed pissed at Tom the whole 21 days for him not keeping her warm the first night. He should have conserved body heat and adapted to the situation. She became a spoiled brat and he became a befuddled grand-paw. They both showed effort, but not in the same direction. This episode seemed brief and less painful than most of the others I have seen. I’ve had more trouble going to the beach and camping out. Tom you are a testament to restraint and good judgement. In a real life situation Im sure she would not survive by herself. Walking off into the jungle by yourself is just stupid.

  12. Carrie is an adventurist Tom just wanted to sit on the rock boil water and wait for day 21 boring. Carrie was adventurous enough to go look for food she is hot and cant believe tom didnt want to keep her warm. lol

    • Adventurous/stupid. I saw little to no evidence of any kind of useful training on her part and even though it says she knows plants , never saw it used. Not trying to be sexist, but jugs needs to stick to being juggy. Just the attitude alone (part of being a young jackwagon) would have been enough for me to just go sleep in a tree. But whatever, it is all loosely-scripted entertainment and the same reason it is not called “wearing f-ing pants and afraid” lol. Thanks for winning out sensationalism. I want to see mother of four, Pauline, from Pelion, South Carolina that pees a little when she jumps or laughs and whose fupa covers her junk and not “Tittania”, swinger of poles that can’t climb a tree lol.

  13. All about Carrie…I think she was used to getting her way when she pouts. The fact she made him chase her, not answering to his calls, just hiding with her arms crossed when he ‘found’ her tells me she gets her way ALOT because she is cute. I actually felt bad for this guy!! Who can work with with someone that is so self centered in that kind of situation! I was blown away that she claimed to be a Marine. They are so much more than that. Im sooo doubtful, unless she was clerical?

    • I agree… clerical exactly. No team player here. Maybe they will let the good ppl of the couples come back on the show with other good ppl and make a show… especially Tom I think he should really hav another chance with a different partner, ijs

      • As a 21 year vet, I would have to agree with your assessment of her being clerical. I admit that I would have kept her warm the first couple nights, but after she ragged once too often, I probably would have killed her and eaten her. Probably couldn’t have shown that on camera. LOL

  14. Tom was to “afraid” to cuddle for body heat, grow up and be a man Tom. That’s what started Carrie being pissed off. Even if my wife was out there, I would want her to be warm, in those situation, sex it’s not even on your mind! Great job building shelter Carrie and finding the only food!

  15. Tom had wisdom of years on his side. While he should have done a bit more to find food, he knew the importance of conserving energy in a potentially hostile, harsh environment. Carrie ‘s youth worked against her, but somehow I think she’ll be the same miserable bitch at 50 that she is now. She wanted “adventure” and complained of being “bored.”

    What I found most hilarious was Carrie working herself into a dither repeating assertions that Tom was not cut out for this, he should have never come, “I don’t know what made him think he could do this,,” meanwhile Tom (other than being understandably irritated) remained calm and even. I’d take Tom as a survival partner any day over that “diluted” chick. (Still cracking up over her repeated use of that word!)

  16. Kudos for finally getting some fake bewbs on! Although Carrie only entered to be on the show for self promotion

  17. Carrie was just mad because she was bored, and she’s one of those people that are entitled to be entertained. She is also very vocal about being ex military, which by listening to her talk, she didn’t sound very intelligent. So smart move on her part. I don’t think she couldve knocked out any college credits.

  18. Carrie’s one of those unfortunate people who don’t see themselves for who they are. She was a nightmare. Tom just drew the unlucky straw of being paired with such an annoying bitch. What a pathetic woman. I feel sorry for anyone foolish enough to date her. Tom at least handled it maturely.

  19. Carrie was such a little bitch. Tom was mature and while he may have stumbled a few times he actually got work done. Carrie mostly just stood around and got pissed off at everything. Tom was willing to work hard and preserve the team while Carrie just was a pessimist the whole time. I don’t think Carrie should ever be allowed to return to the show.

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