How to get on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge

Based on reader feedback from our original blog it appears several of you think you’ve got what it takes to get to the Skullbuster. You’ve seen the course and some of the first competitors and now you need to know how to get on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, right?!

Well, according to publicists at CMT anyone who is interested in competing on the show (or, really, any of their shows) you can register at Here you How to get on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challengewill find a form to complete where you will need to answer the basic questions on who you are, where you live, your current and past occupations, as well as, any of your social addresses (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc). There is also an area to upload any relevant videos and photos. Note that this site is used for all of CMT’s shows, however, there is an area where you can click on the specific show you are interested in and/or indicate the show in the space below if it’s not included.

See our interview with Steve Austin

When we talked to Austin earlier about the series he told us that the athletes that were selected for the first 10 episodes of the series came from various disciplines. “A lot of the athletes we are bringing to the ranch are people from the worlds of CrossFit, Spartan Race, the Tough Mudders, MMA backgrounds, some power lifters and body builders,” Austin says.

This season features five episodes with gals against gals, and five episodes with guys vs. guys. “All of the competitions are exactly the same,” Austin says. “The women do exactly what the men do. Man, I didn’t know how the women were going to fare just because some of the stuff is very tough. To me it’s fun watching women compete as they just put it all on the line. I was just blown away with everybody — men and women — we brought truly the elite athletes out to the ranch and they all performed. They all kicked ass. I was blown away and inspired actually by some of the training these people do.”

When does “Broken Skull Challenge” air?
Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge airs on CMT Sundays at 8pm ET




  1. I’m 41 years old I’m in recovery and I can’t do it alone I need my higher power in my life to stay clean I have 8 mouths clean came a long way I would love to do the course to see what his will for me my path thanks

  2. My name is Joe, I am 42yrs.old,medium built, bald,& weight 205lbs.I would love to see if I would be able to see if I can win the $10,000 dollars so I can pay all my bills and get everyone some gifts for Christmas

  3. My name is Joe, I am 42yrs.old,medium built, bald,& weight about 205lbs.I would love to get on your show to see if I could win the $10,000 dollars I could use it to pay my bills and buy gifts for everyone this Christmas

  4. I have been a carpenter framing and roofing houses for years. Lifting for years, including shingles, and large amounts of materials up ladders and carrying them across roofs.I am 42 years of age and I think I got what it takes to beat the scull buster ranch. They also call me by my nickname, “BUSTER”

  5. I’m a 25 yr old female from small town Oklahoma. I grew up watching wrestling and always threw down with my brother afterwards trying to do everything we jus seen on the show. I’ve watched Austin since he first started out and have continued to watch him on his show now. I couldn’t find the form to fill out so I posted my comment here. I believe I have what it takes to come out on top! I’m ready for the challenge ;D

  6. Looking for a change in life at 25 years old. I have respect in what you did/doing with this show. And I want to get something like this going in my small town. What better way to get one started in my home town then by winning yours. I love to compete Iits who I am. But although that’s just my opioion I say we let America see what I’m talking about.

    • I my name is justin pellegeini i am 22 years old and i work out every night and i I weigh 200 pounds and i can prove to you that I can make the broken skull busters and i hope you pick me because i will gave it my all

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