Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 recap: The Ax Creeper With No Mouth

Teen Wolf season 4 opened up last night on MTV with suspense from the beginning of its third episode, “Muted.” A teenage boy is out looking for his cat, which seems nowhere to be found. The scene is full of darkness and mystery as he’s the only one in the house once he returns inside and into his bedroom. He sees paw prints on the floor that appear to be bloody, and this is when he discovers his bloody cat under the bed, along with screams from the other room. A man then magically appears with an ax, dripping with blood.


With the boy hiding in the bathroom, this mysterious creature communicates with him through a device such as a laptop that regurgitates what it types. It explains that it just killed the boy’s entire family and gives advice on how to defend himself in the bathroom. After hearing the shatters of the window, the creepy man looking creature is revealed as he watches the boy run down the street. The creepiest thing about this new Beacon Hills creature is that he doesn’t have a mouth.

In the next scene, Derek and Peter are negotiating a deal with Braeden on how much they’re willing to pay her for going out to find Kate. While Peter is outraged at Derek for the amount they agreed on, since they were just robbed of all their money, he notices that Derek’s eyes have changed their color. Derek has noticed this change as well and that’s why he’s willing to pay anything in order to find out why.

Once Stiles and Scott show up for practice, they’re surprised to see a new kid on the field. This freshman has all the skills that the lacrosse team needs and it worries the two about where they stand on the team, especially Scott since he’s become captain.

At Beacon Hills Hospital, it wouldn’t be a normal day if something unexplainable would come stumbling in such as the boy, Sean, who escaped from the creeper with no mouth. Looks like it’s going to be another long night for Scott’s poor mom, Melissa.

At Kira’s house, or soon someone else’s, she discovers that she’s going to be moving. This obviously upsets her very much because of all the new friends she’s made but her mother points out someone, Scott, who may have a stronger pull on her. She explains that he won’t be her last boyfriend and she’ll meet someone else. Then Kira remembers that her and Scott aren’t actually dating, they’re in a weird relationship status that you can’t choose on Facebook.

Stiles wants to investigate things more with the news about the family ax murder however, Scott and Kira think it’s better to stay at school. While Stiles thinks it’s irresponsible of them, Scott and Kira don’t seem to mind and remain in class. As Kira is about to talk to Scott about her big news with moving, he asks if they could talk about it after tryouts. She agrees and then Scott unknowingly does something to push the awkward level over the edge-he kisses Kira and leaves for class. Once he’s sitting in class and realizes what he’s just done, he can’t help but feel bad.

Off in some remote location, Mute Man is shown popping off some Frankenstein type of mole/bolt that he then connects a tube to that looks to have blood flowing through it into his body. The one thing that looks even more odd in this picture is that data is being downloaded from a computer, which seems to be going into his tube of blood.

With the new kid, Liam’s obviously amazing skills, Stiles can only find one explanation-he’s a werewolf. He starts questioning him and finds out that while he may not howl at the moon, he did lie about transferring and actually got kicked out of his last school.

At tryouts, Scott and mainly Stiles are suffering for trying to stick out. Liam, or as Stiles calls him, a werecheetah, acts like he has been doing this in his sleep. Being afraid of losing his captain position, Scott allows himself to tune into his werewolf side in order to put some pressure on the new kid. Unfortunately, Scott dipped in a little too much and ends up hurting Liam very badly.

Before heading to the hospital to take Liam, Scott talks to Kira about what he did earlier and apologizes for it. Then he comes running back saying he wasn’t really sorry and lands a big one on her. So I guess you could say they’re dating now but I’m still a bit confused, just like Stile and Malia’s relationship.

At the scene of the murder, young deputy Parrish finds Lydia inside. She’s up to her banshee doings again and finds herself snooping around for something. Once she notices some hidden screaming faces in the wood grains on a wall, she finds a secret passageway. She and the deputy search it to discover a freezer type of room hidden in the walls. At first, he thinks it’s for the deer the family must’ve hunted, but a quick unzipping of a bag shows that there’s a human body inside.

Stiles, being the amazing guy that he is, is trying to help Malia with her studying and discovers how alike they truly are. The color codes of her highlighters for notes are the same he uses with this strings for solving mysteries. Back to studying, he looks at Lydia’s notes she’s been providing Malia and realizes that they aren’t actually math notes, only random letters and numbers scribbled down. Seems that Lydia is on to something big again with her banshee instincts taking over.

Back to the crazy body freezer, Lydia notifies Scott of what she’s discovered and tells him to find Sean at the hospital. Unfortunately, Scott’s mom gets to him first and finds Sean feasting on the sheriff that was standing guard. He has white glowing eyes and rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth when he takes a quick break from chewing on an intestine and looks up at Melissa to tell her he was just too hungry.

Scott is now his mother’s only help in trying to save her from this hungry teenager as he tries to attack her. Another person in need of Scott’s help, Liam, who finds himself in Sean’s hands. They end up on the roof as Sean has Liam dangling off the edge, leaving Scott to take a bite in Liam, an innocent, in order to save him in case he fell. Sean then gets off of Scott and is found dead on the floor, thanks to the Mute Man for killing him with an ax. The episode ends with Scott confused at what this thing is and worried about what he has just done in trying to save Liam’s life.

What were your thoughts on last night’s episode? Do you think Scott is finally recognizing that he’s in a relationship with Kira? What about Stiles and Malia, love it or hate it? Who or what do you think this creature is with no mouth? Why do you think Derek’s eyes changed colors and what does it mean? What do you think will happen now that Scott took a bite of an innocent after Araya warned him that she’ll be visiting if he ever did? Comment below.