Little Women: LA Recap, Episode 7, “Miss-Conception”

Christy and Todd head to Costco.  How I love that every episode, ergo every Little Women: LA recap, contains at least one Christy and Todd adventure. They are too hilarious. Christy gem — “You’ve got little people + warehouse shopping = Potential death by merchandising.”

Christy drops the bombshell that’s she’s OK with eloping with Todd. Is this just a ploy to upstage Traci? Her first wedding wasn’t what she would have wanted, so after considering for a nano-second, she decides that a small wedding isn’t what she wants, she actually wants a huge wedding.

Traci is excited for the country club wedding that she’s been planning since her childhood. Her sweet dad started crying just thinking about his princess’ big day. Aww, now I’m tearing up. Note to Lifetime

When Traci learns that she’ll have to cut her guest list, one loud mouth is immediately on the chopping block…Christy. Oooo, snap!

The ladies get together for drinks, and once again, the tension with Christy is palpable. Elena is postponing further investigation into breast augmentation surgery because now she and Preston have babies on the brain! And she is dreading telling his family that their future children all have a 50-50% change of inheriting drawfism. His family doesn’t even know she has dwarfism, they just think she’s super short. Are they the least observant people in the universe?

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While sunbathing, Tonya is bothered by a pesky bee. Why is this noteworthy? Because the show uses the most cartoon-y sounding bug sound-effect in the universe. Seriously, a person saying, “Buzz goes the bee,” into a microphone would sound more convincing. Also, the SFX is of a fly: the tone of a bee’s drone is much lower. I’m just saying.

After this lightheartedness, Terra tells Tonya that Trevore may not be as interested in Tonya as she thinks. Bummer, I really liked Trevore. And his weirdly-spelled name. Tanya takes her disappointment like a star, saying if they’re not on the same page “he can bounce!”

Did anyone else see Joe’s awesome spit take? Oh my gosh, legendary! I was laughing so hard that I almost did a spit take myself! I will see if I can get a screen grab.

Yay! (girly clapping!!) A bridal show! Christy asks Briana to be her maid of honor and her response is “What?” and then cries. I think this means yes. Tear. Then the rest of the girls arrive and Christy is weirded out that Christy asked Briana to be her maid of honor since Briana once dated Todd. But I think that maybe she’s still mourning the dissolution of her friendship with Christy. I know what will make us feel better — cake!

Little WOmen: LA recapLater, Traci dis-invites Christy to her wedding and I’m pretty sure I saw smoke coming out of Christy’s ears and laser beams out of her eyes. It’s pretty classless that Traci humiliated Christy in such a public way. Anyone else agree?

Terra and the other women call Traci out on her coldness and tell her to stop living in the last.

Little Women: LA RecapAnd a fun fondue double date (Fundue!!!) And when Trevore arrives I’m a little sad that he might be a tool. But maybe this is all in Terra’s head because the more she browbeats Trevore, the more crazy she sounds. I’m all for protecting your girl, but it seems like Trevore is getting blamed for shadiness that he didn’t do. Terra needs to slow her roll because it seems like Joe doesn’t have her back and is changing her story.

Little Women: LAAnd, Tonya is murdering you with her eyes. I think Terra had no right to butt into Tonya and Trevore’s relationship, but why didn’t Tonya stop Terra in the beginning? Before Trevore arrived, while they were scheming like teenagers, that was the time to say, “Hold up. We can do this privately,” not after more restaurant yelling!

At the park, Elena tells Preston’s family that she has drawfism. Again, who could miss this and who cares? Preston’s sister listens to Elena explain the risks and promises her support and says who cares if the baby’s short? Preston’s cousin Chris is totally making me cry. Who knew such a tattooed guy would utter such sage and supportive words? The entire family is so supportive! It’s shocking that Elena only weighs 80 pounds and it makes me wonder how Briana, who is significantly smaller, and Tonya, whose daughter is average sized, could carry babies?

Terra confronts Joe about his lack of support. Their relationship is floundering. In a confessional, Terra cries her eyes out. Is Joe perhaps jealous of Terra’s new-found success?

Terra apologizes to Tonya for attacking Trevore. Nothing fazes Tonya, and nothing can affect her friendships.

While the ladies enjoy salads, they discuss IVF. It is possible, though in-virto fertilization, to   only select embryos without dwarfism. Elena isn’t interested in IVF as an option, but Traci reveals that she’d like to use IVF because she doesn’t want to bring another little person into the world. Whoa! That is some serious self-loathing. When we were introduced to Traci’s parents earlier in the episode, they seemed lovely, loving and supportive; so why does Traci hate herself and who she is? The women all encourage Traci to find love for herself before having children. It’s an emotional subject for all of the women as they consider what if their parents would have chosen not to have them. And what does it mean when people can selectively choose which traits their children have and don’t have?

Phew! This was a heavy and deep episode! So many tears! So much to ponder. Thankfully next week looks like a bachelorette blast as the ladies head to Las Vegas for Traci’s bachelorette party and surprise, surprise, Christy decides to get married! Will the wedding happen or will fickle Christy change her mind at the last minute?

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