Catfish Season 3 episode 9 recap: Jeff and Brandy

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Last night’s episode of MTV’s Catfish was a nice change from the recent scandals involving the catfish trying to become famous.

The story starts out with Jeff, 26, from Florida who is in the Navy. One day, he got a message from a girl named Megan, 25, who apologized for accidentally adding him. The conversation went from them talking about their mutual love for Siberian Huskies to exchanging phone numbers. After talking to Megan for almost a year, Jeff needs Nev and Max’s help to decide whether or not he should reenlist or move to Texas to be closer to Megan.

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When Nev and Max arrive at Jeff’s house, he shows them everything that’s happened between him and Megan so far. Being the sweetie Jeff is, he sent Megan a Valentine’s Day gift and while she took a photo of it, her actual face isn’t in the photo so he can see who she truly is. He tells the guys that he only got a webcam a couple months prior so he didn’t have the urge to video chat with Megan. With no video chatting, Jeff took a big step and made a trip down to Texas to visit Megan, but got stood up once he arrived. He couldn’t get a hold of Megan until she finally texted him saying she had family issues and wasn’t in Texas.  After this, the two drifted apart and Jeff tried dating other people, but it wasn’t so easy. Now he doesn’t know how he feels about Megan.

The big issue with this episode is that Jeff needs to stay put in Florida since he’s in the military. This means that he can’t fly to Texas and try to meet up with Megan like in all the other episodes. Nev comes up with the idea of staying with Jeff while Max heads out to Texas to try and fetch Megan to come back with him.

The investigation begins with all the information Jeff has on Megan. Nev and Max image search her Facebook pictures first, and find nothing. They then run her phone number and find it registered to someone named Brandy who also happens to live in Texas and has the same address that Jeff sent the V-Day gift to. A quick search on Facebook for Brandy comes up with a Texan profile displaying the same meme photos that “Megan” had on her profile. The two are also in the same group, “Malamutes and Huskies,” and have the same birthday. The only thing missing is a photo of Brandy.

Nev and Max show Jeff what they’ve found and obviously know it’s not Megan. Nev then calls Brandy and explains to her that he knows she’s lying, but he would like for her to meet up with Jeff. She repeatedly tells him that  it’s not the best time for her to be meeting him. Then she clearly hangs up on Nev. Nev tries to call Brandy back but gets her voicemail and leaves a message saying that she should reconsider this and follow through with meeting Jeff. While Nev waits with Jeff, Max gets the spotlight while trying to bring back Brandy from Texas.

While Max is on his way to Brandy’s address, Nev gets a call back from her. He explains that he didn’t think she’d call back, so they sent Max out there to try and convince her to come back with him — or at least sit down and talk to him. She thinks they’re crazy — thought she’s the one pretending to be someone else — and says she can’t do it. Max gets a call  as he’s sitting by the building complex where Brandy lives, and she finally agrees to come out to talk to him once she realizes Jeff isn’t with him.

She tells Max that she created Megan while she was in a deep depression from being in an abusive relationship. She lost all self-esteem and wanted to get away from it by being someone else. She wants a relationship with Jeff because he’s different than all the jerks she’s dated, but her fear is that now he’ll hate her for what she’s done. But she doesn’t want to lose him, so she agrees to fly with Max to Florida to meet Jeff and explain everything to him.

Once the epic meet-up happens, there’s a strong sense of awkwardness between the two. No emotions are exchanged, and hardly any words at first, and everything just seems weird and uncomfortable. To break this up, Brandy starts explaining herself to Jeff and tells him why she created the fake profile in the first place. She confesses that she’s not a registered nurse, but actually works at a dispatch center. Also, that she isn’t turning 25 until tomorrow. Happy awkward early birthday!

She then opens up that she’d like to keep a relationship with him and is afraid of losing him because of what she’s done. She tells him that she loves how understanding and kind he is, which she really needs in her life. He tells her that she hasn’t lost him and wants to talk to her more tomorrow.

The next day, a ceremonial birthday cleansing occurs as Brandy deactivates the Megan account. She then goes to sit down with Jeff and we can see a real connection between the two start to develop and unfold right in front of our eyes. She tells him how sorry she is and understands if he doesn’t forgive her, even though he does. Jeff even hints at seeing their relationship blossoming into something more than just a friendship over time.

Good for you, Jeff! Always so nice! The two say their goodbyes and the visit ends on a happy note.

mtv catfish jeff and brandy

One month later, Jeff and Brandy are talking every single day. While things look good, Jeff reenlisted in the Navy so he isn’t sure if he’s ready to pursue a serious relationship just yet. He explained that he goes overseas in a week and won’t be able to see Brandy for at least 3 months. However, Brandy is doing fantastic and looking forward to her future. She began going to counseling and finds it very helpful. She also wants a relationship with Jeff,  but realizes that he’s leaving and is equally unsure about where they’d end up. But I’m hopeful for these two if they continue to stay strong!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Did you find this particular episode more relaxing and hopeful than most recent ones? Do you think Jeff should have been so nice to Brandy after what she did? Do you think Brandy and Jeff will have a future together? Comment below.

New episodes of Catfish premiere Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. Anyone else notice that Jeff looks like a nerdy, out of shape version of the boxer Gennady Golovkin? I was shocked by the resemblance.

    I also thought it was cool to hear “Luminous” by Alice & The Glass Lake when he discusses how he used the fake profile to explore his sexuality, it’s like the new Frou Frou

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