Adam Richman series Man Finds Food postponed by Travel Channel

In the wake of perennial Travel Channel favorite Adam Richman’s controversial online exchanges with a few detractors, the network has pulled his newest series Man Finds Food — which was to premiere tonight — from its schedule.

Though the announcement did not specifically state the reason for its decision, Richman’s recent, shockingly vitriolic adventures in social media with several people who challenged his use of the term “thinspiration” in interviews and  Instagram posts about his recent 70-plus pound weight loss are presumed to be to blame. Richman has since apologized for his comments and made his personal Instragram account private.

Adam Richman Man Finds Food Travel Channel

The network has not said if it plans to air Man Finds Food at a later date.

We talked to Richman recently about the show and his fit new physique.

“People didn’t recognize me right away,” he said of heading out on the road to shoot Man Finds Food. “It was funny and flattering. My director will back me up on this: I was in an airport and we were going through the security line. My crew and I know the looks when people think they recognize me, and the whisper — ‘Hey, is that the guy from …?’ So I see this couple and the women says ‘That’s Adam from Man v. Food and the guy gives me the once over and says ‘No, it’s not! That guys was much bigger!’ It is kind of surreal.

“I like to surprise people I like to show people that you can have your cake and eat it too,” Richman continued, “People thought I had gained weight because of the [Man v. Food] challenges, but it had nothing to do with that. It was a lot of the ancillaries. I was cooking and writing books and not being as calorie-conscious as while shooting. You’re shooting and then you want to eat lunch and then the chefs want you to try other stuff on the menu and it is like, this is what I live for! Culinary exploration!  It is hard to meter that out and to pick and choose.”

Richman said that, in addition to improving his health, he hoped he could show people that it is possible to eat most things in moderation and still maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

“I hope people can see a guy that men and women find attractive and see me eating burgers and steaks and tacos and curry and pizza and looking good,” he explained. “I have always said if you do what you can to stave off the adverse affects of comfort food, you can have your cake and eat it too. I think there were people who worried about me when I was a little bigger  eating comfort food — and may not have found me attractive. May start to now! The bottom line is, they should be watching the food, the people and the places — and if people will say, ‘Hey, Adam actually took care of himself,’ that’s great. I also love it that parents would say ‘I watch the show with my family,’ but now they say ‘I can see Adam eats well, he works out, but he still can enjoy a great chocolate cake.’ I do and I can. It is all checks and balances.”

Richman’s NBC competition series Food Fighters is still slated to premiere July 22 at 8/7CT.

So what do you say? Should Travel Channel have pulled Man Finds Food? Will you tune in when and if it does air? Sounds off in the comments section below.


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