Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 recap: The Hunt for the Triskelion

Last night’s episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 4 finally brought forth some answers that fans have been looking for.

The episode opens with a flashback of high-school-age Derek shifting on a full moon with assistance from his older brother, Peter. The significant piece in this scene is that Peter is trying to make Derek focus on the triskelion to make the transition much easier.

Coming back from his high-school days, Derek is still the same age in the present, thanks to Kate, as he arrives at Dr. Deaton’s vet clinic. Deaton is unaware of how such a thing could have happened, but advises that he be supervised overnight. Lydia offers to stay, ignoring Stile’s disapproval, and learns some alarming news. When the doctor cuts into Derek’s arm, he instantaneously heals — even faster than normal. A short while later, Derek wakes up shocked and alarmed, not recognizing Lydia or Deaton, lashing out at Deaton and cutting his arm. After storming out of the clinic, Deaton’s diagnosis is that Kate not only physically changed Derek, but also mentally.

Telling the rest of the gang about Derek’s new state of mind, they realize that he won’t know who any of them are. Then they start to think of where he’d head off to as a teenage Derek Hale, since he doesn’t know about his apartment. Quickly, they remember that he doesn’t know of the fire that burnt down his house and killed his family inside, so he must still think it’s there and may try to head home. Scott decides that they have to tell him the truth, because either way, he’ll hear their heartbeats if they’re lying. Dr. Deaton reminds him to hurry because if he already made it there, he’ll see the evidence for himself and someone else might have already have told him what happened.

Sure enough, little Derek made his way to the remains of his house, enclosed with a gate and a  no trespassing sign. Needless to say, this rebel wolf went in and shortly after, the Beacon Hills County sheriffs show up. A game of good cop/bad cop was played and after having enough of the bad cop’s attitude, Derek went to twist his arm. which earned him some volts of electricity from a taser and a trip to the station.

Luckily, Stiles and Scott show up just in time to tell Stiles’ dad, Sheriff Stilinksi, that everything will be OK and they got this one handled. Scott gains Derek’s trust by explaining he was in an accident and lost a lot of his memory. He then shows him his glowing red Alpha eyes, only to lie to him and tell him his family is alive; they’re just not living in Beacon Hills anymore. He says they can take him to his family once they learn how to get his memory back. Scott tells Stiles to take Derek back to his house and wait for him while he goes looking for Peter.

While on their way to meet up with the guys at Scott’s house, Lydia and Kira stop at a gas station. When Lydia gets out of the car to fill up, Kira notices they already have a full tank and goes to find Lydia. She finds her by the bathroom and Lydia warns her not to look at the gruesome scene in front of them. Lydia’s banshee powers took over and brought her to another dead body — one of a gas attendant mutilated by Kate, in an uncontrollable rage while shifting, the night before.

teen wolf season 4 episode 2

After sharing an awkward meal with Scott’s dad at home, Stiles leaves Derek upstairs for a while to call Scott. When he returns upstairs, he sees Kate crawling out the window and discovers that Derek is missing.

When Scott goes to find Peter, he gets a special visitor, Malia, who wants to assist him after what she’s heard about Peter. Scott tells Peter about Kate still being alive from her scratch wounds, and after hearing and seeing the photos of the gas station attendant Kate did a number on, Scott, Malia, and Peter try to figure out what her intentions were. Peter says it wasn’t really a murder— it was her not being able to control her shifting. Then Malia decides that she wants Derek to help her in learning how to shift, but Peter knows the truth. He says Kate wants the triskelion all to herself and will use Derek to get it while she has his trust.

Under Kate’s spell, Derek agrees to take her to his family’s vault, where they have the triskelion hidden. However, everyone is in for a big surprise once they get down to the vault at the high school.

Scott, Malia, and Peter arrive and Malia notices a smell similar to the one they encountered in Mexico. Peter hears the creature lurking in the darkness and knows exactly what they are — berserkers. Scott and Malia are left to try and fight off the two predator-looking creatures while Peter runs off to find Derek.

Finally, Peter arrives down inside the vault where Derek is handing Kate the triskelion and delivers some bad news to Kate. He tells her that it’s just a prop — one made in China, in fact — and he used it to try and help Derek concentrate on something while shifting. Derek hears Scott’s growl and leaves the two down in the vault to fight it out.

Kira comes to Scott and Malia’s rescue, but she, too, is thrown down to the ground. Derek fights off the two berserkers, even better than the older kids did.

Back in the vault, Peter tells Kate that he taught Derek how to control his shifting with anger and that’s why the triskelion didn’t work. Just before a major duel breaks out, smoke bombs with bright lights are thrown down into the vault and a mysterious person in all black comes in and steals the Hale briefcase containing bonds worth 117 million dollars.

Derek fights off the berserkers and ends up turning back into his older self that every fangirl dreams about, glowing yellow eyes intact. Stiles and Lydia make their way down to the vault with Stile’s trusty bat to find Peter freaking out. He explains to them that this whole thing was a heist  and that it the plan was for them to get robbed. It was never about the triskelion, but about the money.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Scott did the right thing by lying to Derek? Was it smart to get Peter involved in this mess? What made Derek turn back into his older self? Why do you think Kate needs the money? Who do you think is the mystery man that stole the briefcase? Comment below.

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Image/video: MTV