Tonight, Zendaya Gets “Zapped”


ZendayaMultitalented teen star Zendaya (Shake It Up, Dancing With the Stars) is excited to star in Disney Channel’s new original film, Zapped. She spoke to us during a break in rehearsals for her upcoming music tour. “I grew up watching Disney Channel,” she gushes. “I enjoy doing what I do and I enjoy who I do it with.” Zapped premieres June 27th at 8pm ET/PT, immediately before the premiere of Girl Meets World.

In Zapped, 16-year-old Zoey Stevens’ chaotic life starts changing when a dog-training app on her smartphone begins to control the boys around her. Suddenly her boorish new stepdad, unruly stepbrothers, the family dog and even the jerks at school obey her every command.

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Zendaya“Obviously, the plotline’s a little fantasy — it has to do with a magical smartphone app that can control boys — but at the end of the day it’s a very relatable subject. Zoey’s trying to figure out how to fit into her new world,” Zendaya says.

If the actress had a magical app on her phone, boy control isn’t what she’d wish for. “I would have a teleportation app that would teleport me places. I think that would be very, very helpful.”

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