Catfish Season 3 episode 8 recap: Miranda and Cameryn … or James … or Gabby

Last night’s episode of Catfish Season 3 ended with a twist no one could have seen coming.

It all started when Miranda, 21, started talking to Cameryn in 2011. In her email to Nev and Max, she mentions that she was never suspicious of Cameryn until she took a trip from her home in Minnesota to his home in California. It was then when Miranda started catching Cameryn in his lies and excuses of not having a working webcam or not being able to meet up due to family emergencies or car issues.

While the two were on good terms, Miranda had seen the first season of Catfish and learned about image searching. She took it upon herself to search for Cameryn’s images and found one connected to someone else. When she confronted him , he admitted to her that he had been lying and his name was actually James and he lived in Georgia. Now Miranda is nervous that if the two ever video chat, that he won’t be the same guy she’s expecting and she needs Nev and Max’s help.

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Once Nev and Max arrive in Minnesota, she explains to them that Cameryn was the perfect person to confide in during a rough time she was going through. Her mother was suffering from Crohn’s Disease and, while Miranda needed support from Cameryn, he also was able to trust her and confide in her about his sister’s battle with Leukemia. Miranda believed that this was a huge step forward in their relationship, so she thought it would be a good idea to move to California and go to school for her passion in the fashion industry. It was during this time when Miranda’s investigation started to unveil that who she thought she had been talking to this entire time was a lie.

She noticed that a lot of Cameryn’s photos had the name of a club on them. When she looked up the club, the address was in Georgia instead of California, where he supposedly lived. She also noticed on the photos that the guy she had known as Cameryn was tagged as Josh. This Josh guy even had a legit Facebook profile. When she contacted him through it, he had no idea that someone had been using his photos and was pretending to be him. When Miranda presented all her evidence to Cameryn, he confessed that he wanted to escape reality and all his issues he was dealing with in his real life. This excuse was apparently enough for her because once he explained that he was actually named James, she forgave him and the two began talking every day again.

With all the information that Miranda gave them, Nev and Max set up their investigation. They start by image searching the two photos of James that they have and find no results. They search for his name on Facebook and find a ton of different profiles, but one in Georgia sticks out as a possibility. When they search his name on Google, a registered sex offender pops up with the same name as James as an alias. While this seems highly unlikely since he’s in jail, it’s still a possible candidate.

One last search for James’ number pops up registered to a “Hang” living in Georgia. A quick Facebook search shows a relative for Hang under the name of James. After investigating all their leads, Nev and Max head out to show Miranda all the possible candidates that they found for her.

Miranda explains that she’s not sure what she’ll do or say until she’s face-to-face with her online love. It’s at this point where she tells Nev to make the call to James so they can meet up. Once Nev gets a hold of James, he explains that he’s very nervous and doesn’t know if he’ll be able to meet up with them to meet Miranda, but Nev tells him that they could make a trip out to Atlanta that weekend to meet up before it’s too late.

After thinking it over and listening to Nev, James agrees he wants to meet Miranda and says he’ll meet them that weekend.

When the gang arrives in Atlanta on the day they’re supposed to meet up, James hasn’t replied to any of Nev’s or Amanda’s calls or texts about where to meet up. After waiting a ridiculous amount of time, Nev gets a novel from James explaining that he really wants to meet Miranda but he’s not sure he can. He blames his family, saying they don’t want him to meet her — which has actually been the problem this entire relationship.

He says the only way to please the everyone is to Skype. While Nev and Max are just as angry and upset at James as Miranda, they agree to Skype. James exchanges information with Nev to set up a Skype chat, but asks if he could talk to only Nev and Max first.

Miranda leaves the camera view and that’s when the shocking reveal happens. None of the possible candidates that Nev and Max came up with are the person on the screen in front of them. It’s 18-year-old Gabby who explains she’s looking for just a friendship with Miranda. Nev makes the observation that Gabby might be interested in something more than just a friendship with Miranda, and she explains that she doesn’t want to lose her friendship with her and agrees that the best thing to do is answer everyone’s questions in person. Later in the night, Gabby texts Miranda a time and place to meet the next day.

When Miranda arrives with Nev and Max to the park, Gabby is nowhere to be found. One last attempt at calling her fails when Miranda gets a text from Gabby after saying she’s sorry. Miranda is beyond disbelief and so upset with herself that she could allow something like this to happen. She wants nothing to do with it anymore and just wants to go home.

A one-month check up on the two ends up with another twist not even Nev and Max saw coming. Gabby explains that she truly feels sorry for how she treated Miranda and wants to make it up to her. Even though she treated her badly, Gabby says that she and Miranda are still constantly talking using Snapchat and FaceTime. Miranda agree, saying that Gabby is actually coming out to visit her soon. Miranda has forgiven Gabby completely and is ready to move on. She even hints at flirtatious texts sent between herself and Gabby explaining that it doesn’t matter if she’s a girl.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Were you surprised who “James” turned out to be? Did Gabby have you convinced with her over the phone guy voice? Would you trust someone after you caught them lying to you with a fake profile twice? Do you think that Miranda and Gabby will have a future relationship more than just friends? Share yuur thoughts in the comments section below!

Image/video: MTV