Lifetime’s Raising Asia to star Asia Monet Ray of Dance Moms

raising asiaDance Moms fans know Asia Monet Ray as the wriggling little firebrand who parlayed her Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition notoriety into a couple-season stint on Abby Lee Miller’s original Lifetime hit. Now Ray and her no-nonsense mom Kristie — who also made a splash on both series — have landed a 14-episode gig of their own. Raising Asia will premiere July 29 on Lifetime, at the oddly kid-unfriendly hour of 10/9CT.

Each half-hour episode will feature the eight year old, California-based singer/dancer and her glamorous momager chasing Asia’s dreams of international fame, with bodybuilder dad Shawn, and baby sister, Bella Blu (yes, Bella Blu Ray), cheering them on.

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According to the Lifetime announcement, Asia was already an internet sensation and world traveler before placing third on AUDC‘s first season and migrating to Dance Moms. Usurping Mackenzie Ziegler as Abby’s little-kid favorite while her mother drove the veteran Abby Lee Dance Studio mothers nuts with her combative nature and big-city dismissiveness, Asia left the team (and the show) midway through the AUDC’s trip to nationals in New Orleans in the Season 3 finale.

Raising Asia is the latest offering from Jeff Collins and Collins Avenue Entertainment, who brought Lifetime audiences Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Raising Asia premieres Tuesday, July 29, at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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  1. My own opinion is I think Asia is an amazingly talented little girl. What bothers me is I think she is a train wreck waiting to happen. I understand the dance world, but this little girl is being trained on a too mature level for her age. She is too sexual and mature in her routines. Her mother is feeding off of this. Although she will not face the fact or even realize it, she is not being a real mom. She is a stage mom that is pushing her daughter into the fire. A real mom will encourage this talent and growth, but also realize she is a child still and needs to live a bit of a child’s life which doesn’t ALWAYS center around performances and rehersals. Where are her days of relaxing, PLAYING like children do? She doesn’t realize she is putting a lot of expectations onto her. Yes, Asia has aspirations, but she is too young to realize the fallout from it. Look what happens to other young stars. And where IS the little girl when she’s not performing? When I watch the show she is ALWAYS dressed like she’s 15, always wearing makeup, false eyelashes, hair done. Is she always a perfect doll or are there times when she is an actual 9 year old? I fear that she will be in rehab and counseling before she hits her mid teens. Again, major talent, congratulations to her and I wish her the best, but I think mom needs to be more mom and pull back just a little. Don’t stifle her, but make sure she has some kid time in there too. She is growing up too fast.

    • I agree with most of you on this program. I will not be watching it I watched the first one for about 15 minutes and realized it was not the Asia show but the Christy show..and I also agree about Asia’s little sister..poor dear..Mother Christy is a stage mother…reminds me of Gypsy Rose Lee’s mama..and how she was a stage mom..Asia know you are talented but at the same time feel very sorry for you.

  2. After watching the show I can agree, Christie Ray is certainly no Mekissa Zeigler. Melissa never forgets that she has TWO children. Poor little Bella can’t even have her mothers full attention for her birthday. As far as that narcissistic, petty, shallow sack of silicone that calls itself a woman is concerned, Bella is an irritant, something that pulls her focus away from the self absorbed little meal ticket that gets Christie into the spotlight she so obviously craves. Christie CLAIMS to love Bella, but people make time for the people and the things that matter to them, and Christie only has time for ASIA. On Bella’s birthday, Christie’s only thought was ASIA, her only concern, ASIA, and Bella’s feelings were of no consequence. Did you see Bella’s poor little face and hear the disappointment but resignation in her little voice when she found out that her birthday was just a way for ASIA to kill some time between gigs? That her mother was leaving her behind yet again, to take the only child that she cares about to a photo shoot instead of spending Bella’s birthday with her? News flash Christie, you talk about making sacrifices “For Asia” , well Bella is the only one sacrificing, and you are a monster ! Bella deserves a family, (not someone else’s fan club),that loves her , cares about her, and doesn’t place her happiness behind their own, or someone else’s ambition, something that it doesn’t appear that she has now.

    • Great post, I agree with you on all of it! I’m wondering though, in reference to Melissa treating both her girls the same and spending equal time with them – would she be the same if she didn’t have both of her kids involved in the same activity? What if Kenz wanted to quit dance (not that she ever would, just using this as an example), and focus on her singing, would Melissa be able to devote as much time to that as she does to Maddie and dance?

      I just wanted to scoop up little Bella and squish her, she looked so sad when Kristie said they were leaving the party early….breaks my heart.

  3. I think the Rays show was already in the works and they put Asia on Dance Moms just to introduce her to the public. That was a genius way to set up her spin-off.

  4. Asia is fierce and blows up she was big on tv shows with little spotlight then blew up, I love Maddie she’s a beautiful dancer I agree Maddie and Mackenzie are Abby’s favorite yes 95 percent of the time it’s Maddie Maddie Maddie but Asia’s life will be interesting to watch she has amazing talent and people are haters but her and Maddie are both amazing dancers and can make it big in life same goes for the entire ALDC some people just have more of an advantage in the end it’s a tv show get over it In the end it’s life dont spend it in front of tv and on web pages this is only like my first time posting anyways !!!!!

  5. Asia may be an amazing talent, but she’s being trained to be just as much, if not MORE (if that’s even POSSIBLE), of a brat (and I use that word for decorum) than her mom!

      • she’s 9, but I can see where he’s coming from, if I spoke to my mother the way she does, I’d still be grounded and I’m 42!! LOL

      • no one is hating on here, what you class as hating used to be referred to as an opinion, if you took a minute to look at the industry she is being pushed into, then you might just see that these comments are concern for a child who is having her childhood made into a commodity, take a look at Michael jackson, take a look at lindsey lohan bot of these were pushed into the industry as children, and the adults as in this case all saw a bankable product, they also see a way of living their dream through their children, i watched a little of the show, and i saw the father telling Asia that she couldnt go roller skating with her little sister at her birthday party, because she might fall and then her career would be over, that is not parenting thats assert management and i hope that the father is incredibly ashamed at his actions, Asia will become more damaged as she gets older, more pressure to perform, more expectations to be better each time, more people around her riding her coat tails and less genuine parenting, but i guess Nessa none of that matters as long as people like you get your weekly fix of someone elses misery, which you lovingly refer to as reality television.

  6. You haters don’t get it ….

    Once in a great while a truly exceptional talent appears. The Collins Avenue group and Lifetime TV recognized Asia as such a talent. Maddie, Chloe, and the Dance Mom girls are excellent dancers but ASIA is one in a million!

    I might enjoy watching “Dance Moms” while I work at my computer but when ASIA appears, I’lI drop everything to watch every second of her performance! Both Asia and her mother possess that intangible factor so important for success in show business. In addition to Asia’s exceptional athleticism and dance ability, she has an endearing personality, is intellectually very bright, is “single minded” when necessary and she knows when she is right. I often wonder how her very competent and capable mother manages to deal with this child, who can be a real handful. Asia is still only 8 years old!

    Mom Kristie is a special talent in her own right. She’s a super bright, gorgeous, graceful dancer and body builder among other things which I hope will be explored during this new series. Most of all, Kristie is Asia’s mom, and raising a child like Asia is a full time job for the most competent parent.

    “Raising Asia” should be as exciting and entertaining as Asia and Kristie. If it only shows another side of this exceptional family, it will be a hit! Comparing Asia to the Dance Mom competitors is like comparing apples and oranges – there’s no comparison.

    • I mean this in the nicest way possible Jessica, but your comment sounds like a PR person trying to create buzz or a family friend.

    • I agree their all amazing but maybe not as big as your making Asia she’s great but the ALDC dancers skill level is still quite a bit more of an advanced level than Asia she will be phenomenal when she is older though…

  7. I found it a little curious too that the Rays spun off, but the Zieglers didn’t. Contracts, perhaps?

    • Possibly, if it’s by JC and company, I’m surprised that they weren’t offered the same thing.

      • I agree, I think all the girls have Great talent. I got tired of watching the Maddie show so I stopped. I tried watching Raising Asia but I can’t stand her parents. I hate seeing how that poor little sister is being raised! How disrespectful they treat Anthony! I can’t stand the manager! His “fame” days are over!

  8. So are these the same producers as DM? I imagine Melissa is SEETHING in jealousy that her girls don’t have their own shows…Not sure if I’ll tune in to watch or not, looks like another trainwreck in the making.

    • Why should Melissa be angry about that? Asia was never a member of “Dance Moms.” She was just there for a while and left. Melissa and her kids are already part of a show, and have contract with “lifetime,” which makes it very hard for them to venture into other things, especially having or being on another show. Melissa daughters are doing well for themselves. It’s about Asia, not Melissa or her kids.

      • oh please, anything that takes attention away from those girls is enough to send Melissa and her army of minions into a tailspin, I’m sure the message boards are already full of hate for Asia’s new show.

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