“Under the Dome”: Alexander Koch clues us in on mysterious new character

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As the CBS summer sci-fi hit Under the Dome returns for Season 2, CBS presents a one-hour special looking back at highlights and storylines from the first season with cast and creator interviews, plus an advance sneak preview of the new season, in Under the Dome: Inside Chester’s Mill on Monday, June 23, at 10pm ET/PT. The Season 2 premiere, “Heads Will Roll” premieres on CBS Monday, June 30, at 10pm ET/PT.


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The weather forecast for Chester’s Mill calls for total blackness, followed by occasional pink stars and total whiteout conditions with a slight chance of magnetism and collapsing bodies.

In Season 2 of the CBS summer sci-fi hit Under the Dome, life’s not going to get any easier for the folks living under the mysterious semisphere, which acts out like a temperamental toddler.

The Season 1 finale ended with Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre), recently crowned “the monarch,” throwing the egg into the lake, setting off the pink star show and turning the Dome white. Meanwhile, Dale “Barbie” Barbara is on the gallows, and conniving Big Jim Rennie (Dean Norris) instructs his conflicted son Junior (Alexander Koch) to pull the lever.

“It’s tough for Junior, who craves so much acknowledgement and respect, and he’s getting that from his father for the first time,” Koch says. “But then he also has these things creeping in his mind about ‘What is the Dome? What is my purpose in all of this?’ He’s torn between these two places, and he knows that if he hangs Barbie, it’s probably going to have some pretty dramatic consequences.”

Stephen King, who wrote the novel on which the series is based, wrote the Season 2 premiere episode “Heads Will Roll,” and makes a cameo appearance in a scene with Koch. “He’s actually this really kind person,” Koch says of the famous horror author. “He’s just doodling on this pad during the scene, and he was really funny in between takes. He’s just a great guy.”

The new season introduces Melanie (Grace Victoria Cox), a mysterious woman Julia rescues from the lake, and Sam Verdreaux (Eddie Cahill), Big Jim’s reclusive brother-in-law and Junior’s uncle. “[Sam] was kind of a surrogate father at times — in ways, a better father,” Koch says. “But Junior has a hard time forgiving that he wasn’t around to be there for him, especially when all he had left was Big Jim. So there’s a little awkward tension between them. But there’s also a chance for Sam to redeem himself, to kind of get back in Junior’s good graces, and for them to work together to figure out more stuff about the Dome.”

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