Naked And Afraid Poll: What Survival Item Would You Bring?


Naked and Afraid
“Bring a spear!” “No! Bring Britney Spears!”

On Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, brave (and a little crazy) survivalists are dropped in a harsh environment armed only with a complete stranger, their survival skills and a single survival item each.  Choosing that one item can be what makes or breaks the entire Naked and Afraid experience and can be the key factor between success and failure.

If you were on the show, what would you choose to bring along? Feel Free to use the comments section to suggest something new.

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  1. Id bring matt Graham! Lol seriously though, id bring a big ol can of pinto beans. The can with the “pop top”, top can be used as a cutting utinsel, can be,used to heat\carry water, and loaded with protien and calories.

    • that’s a great idea! I think lack of protein is one of the major obstacles facing the survivalists. Or maybe an institutional size jar of peanut butter, with the same pull-top you describe.

  2. I see a lot of water filters as a suggested item. I understand the necessity of it but considering that you can only bring one item, I think a Machete would make a lot more sense just because of the sheer amount of uses you could have with it vs an item that is designed for one purpose. Let’s think shelter building, weapon making, defense from wildlife, preparation of food supply, making other tools, the list goes on. Water filter? It’s sole purpose is to filter water, while that’s great and will be an absolute life saver, that’s it. That’s all it does for you. Even a fire starter would be a more of a lifesaver as making a fire does a lot of things for you such as boosting morale, keeping you warm, fending off insects, cooking food, boiling water, visibility at night, and so on. When picking an item, in my opinion anyways, I think a person should consider how many different ways can you use this item because frankly, it’s all you have.

  3. I can’t believe that a water filter is not the most suggested item. As RJFlorida stated, many teams would have been better off with one. It makes me wonder if any of the teams have really practiced real survival or not? It’s the one item I cannot do without when I go backpacking. I can leave the fire starter, knife, tent, food, etc., but not the water filter.

    • Keep in mind that while fire starting is easy in a given controlled environment, I think these survivalist really show that in a environment that’s outside of their comfort zone, it’s not so easy to just simply make fire. I mean, Season 3 Episode 1 really proves this, as it gave that guy a reminder that fire making is not a easy thing to do. What if you’re stranded in a rainforest during the rainy season? Plenty of fresh clean water but good luck making any kind of fire, or how about a desert where there isn’t any water anyways? Or even a deserted island with no inland water and only salt water? Not much a water filter can do for you in these circumstances. It’s use is just too limited. In a forest setting like North America, absolutely I’d pick a water filter. In the Kalahari Desert? Definitely not.

    • Anyone think that maybe water filters are not allowed?

      It’s easy to be hateful about the survival skills of others from the comfort of your living room sofa.

  4. survival knife has waterproof matches, fishing line, compass ,
    And sharpening stone. multiple survival items all in one seen as they all come in the handle of the knife but still considered one of item

    • HK-5697S – 16″ Survival Knife with Hunting & Fire Starter Kit Survivor Knife
      •Fixed Blade Survival Bowie Knife
      •16″ Overall Length
      •9.75″ Silver Stainless Steel Blade, Double Reverse Serration
      •6.25″ Textured And Ribbed Solid Metal Handle And Guard
      •Kit: Match, Fish Line, Hooks, Sinkers, Buttons, Needle
      •Includes Thread, Pin, Fire Starter, Compass & Nylon Sheath

  5. Tough one. I’d say Bear Grylls would be my first choice.
    If you can’t actually bring a person then a cow.
    If neither of those worked then I would settle for a keg beer with tap.

    21 days no problem.

    • A keg of beer would sure make the 21 days a lot more fun. And I don’t even think I’d mind being naked.

  6. Forget the fire starter, how about a windproof lighter?

    Water purifying drops?

    Bear repellent.

    A jar of peanut butter?

  7. Judging by everyones failure to bring it I would bring a waterfilter. People just cant grasp how much you need it. Almost every team that failed would have been saved by a water filter.

    • Really depends on the environment in my opinion. North America? sure, it’d work great. Kalahari Desert? South-East Asia? The Amazon? The Galapagos? Siberia? Probably not.

    • Tarp is my number one choice too!! Make clothing, weatherproof your shelter, transport water, make shoes… A tarp would be very useful

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