Naked And Afraid Poll: What Survival Item Would You Bring?


Naked and Afraid
“Bring a spear!” “No! Bring Britney Spears!”

On Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, brave (and a little crazy) survivalists are dropped in a harsh environment armed only with a complete stranger, their survival skills and a single survival item each.  Choosing that one item can be what makes or breaks the entire Naked and Afraid experience and can be the key factor between success and failure.

If you were on the show, what would you choose to bring along? Feel Free to use the comments section to suggest something new.

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  1. I would bring a Fresnel Lens, You can start fire and boil water in about 5 to 10 minutes.

    Are there any restrictions set by the Producers of the Show?


    • Sorry, I meant to say, with the Fresnel Lens You can start a fire in seconds for cooking etc. and you can boil water [ With the Fresnel Lens and Sunlight ] in 5 to 10 minutes without fire.

  2. Husband and I hated alana and her partner, and the rest of the group 0f 6. They only survived because of jeff and ej. Thet werethe most caddy and hypocritical people ever, Hated her and them, but absolutely lovedjeff and ej.what wonderful guys.

  3. I would bring a lighter for my item…I smoke…so I’d be more likely caught unaware in the woods with a lighter then a knife.

  4. I would bring a big tub of peanut butter… I have low blood sugar so that is an issue, but with a spoonful a day a 3 pound tub would last 21 days. If not allowed, I would bring a machete with a built in fire starter… two birds, one stone.

    • Low or High Blood Sugar, good point. Would the Producers of the Show allow some latitude for people with blood sugar issues?

  5. potassium rumagninite in season 4 episode 4 Redemption was a great idea!!!! HOWEVER just like hot peppers you do not want to get on your fingers (her first mistake).. we always rub our eyes unconsciously.. use a stick a wet stick to dip a little.

  6. I would bring my sawyer water filter!WeIght is only a few ounces and it turns the nastiest water clean.It seems every location its dehydration that comes into play.And if you get to choose how come you never see both people showing up with a machete?

    • A parachute is a genius idea!!! Cordage, Shelter, Clothing, Filtering water. But I bet if the producers let one participant have a parachute, there’d be no way they’d let the other have a blade. That’d be too easy, right?

  7. I agree wt u guys. I don’t understand why no one has requested a tent. You can always make fire.

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