Catfish Season 3 episode 7: Solana and Elijah

On Season 3 episode 7 of MTV’s Catfishviewers gained hope once again for the idea of a successful online relationship.

This particular relationship started so long ago that the two people involved started talking on Myspace — Yes, I know, Myspace. — when Solana, from Delaware, was only fourteen. The now eighteen-year-old Solana explains that she met Elijah, now 20 and living in Minnesota, on Myspace and developed a deep connection with him, confiding in him during her parents’ divorce. However this encouraging friend who later turned into a boyfriend wasn’t always there to help her — and one day, his account was deactivated.

After two years of feeling alone after losing contact with her boyfriend Elijah, Solana receives a message from him on Facebook. He explains that he had been searching for her and it was his mother who made him deactivate his account. Ever since she received that message, Solana and Elijah talk every day, just not the same way they used to.

When Myspace and talking on the phone were still cool, the two used to spend hours talking to each other  and now Elijah says he doesn’t have a phone so he can’t call her. In other words, Solana hasn’t heard Elijah’s voice in six years.  Solana tries to get him to video chat and again Elijah says he cannot because he has no webcam. Instead, he uses his IPod to talk to Solana on a texting app — as hard as this may seem. To increase the pressure on Solana, she’s met a guy named Danny who has become her boyfriend over time. She’s in dire need of meeting Elijah because she’s sure of her feelings for Danny but can’t shake her feelings for Elijah, too.

Nev and Max start their investigation by searching for a phone number and they find a Denise who is 33 registered to the number. A theory that comes up is that when a boy hasn’t hit puberty yet, his voice is higher like a girl’s and a woman could have been posing as  Elijah. It explains why they talked all the time when they were younger but not now after Elijah would have hit puberty. When the guys look up his name on Facebook, they find tons of different accounts with the same name. Some even have Elijah Prok in parenthesis as if they’re trying to impersonate him. So the next thing to do is search the images they have which leads them to  a YouTube page. One of the videos has Elijah talking about getting a brand-new camera that he’d like to use to connect with his fans through Skype.

When Nev and Max show Solana all the information, she’s outraged at the fact that he’d refuse to Skype her but would with others. Coincidentally, she receives a message from Elijah while looking at the evidence, asking what she is up to. Nev and Max tell her that this is the perfect time to bring up the idea of meeting up, so she tells Elijah that Nev and Max were there helping her and she’d like to meet him. He replies that he’s nervous that he might not be what she’s expecting, but agrees to meet up anyway. A quick Skype call to Solana’s boyfriend, Danny, confirms that he only wants the best for her even though he doesn’t want to lose her with this trip.

The next day after arriving in Minnesota, Solana and the guys head out to the address Elijah gave them for the meet up and that’s when the tension starts building. Waiting a while after ringing the doorbell, a surprise guest, Joshua, answers the door. He asks if everyone wants to come inside and meet Elijah, which only makes things seem odder. After heading inside, Joshua heads downstairs to fetch Elijah as Solana and the crew wait nervously upstairs. They’re not sure if Joshua is going to come upstairs again as Elijah or if they’re going to be murdered inside this house or what.

All nerves are calmed as the real Elijah comes up the stairs and they confirm that he doesn’t have a phone or camera. His answer is that he simply doesn’t have the money for them and he even sold the new camera he talked about in the video to pay his rent. His disappearance from Myspace was caused by his mother not wanting him talking to someone he didn’t know; making him deactivate the account until he could create Facebook. When questioned about his popularity, he said he simply got lucky. He made a YouTube video about Christina Grimmie and once she commented on it, it brought in some fame.

To catch up after this rollercoaster, Solana and Elijah got to hang out at a skate park. It was here when Elijah asked Solana if she’d be interested in getting a tattoo that would come together with one Elijah would get, creating a huge mural. He would get a lion and Solana a lioness to explain their journeys instead of being “matching tattoos”-— even though that’s pretty much exactly what they are. She agreed to the tattoo and later in the day is when she has the answer she’s been looking for.

She writes down all her emotions in her journal and figures out that she’s truly in love with Danny and not even Elijah will be able to diminish that. Solana and Elijah say their goodbyes but both agree that this won’t be the end of their friendship and will keep in contact.

catfish season 3 episode 7

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Would you hold onto a relationship for 6 years if the guy went M.I.A. for 2 years? Do you think it’s fair for Solana to have Danny holding on for her while she makes this decision about Elijah? Did you think they were going to get murdered in the house when Joshua went downstairs? Comment below.

New episodes of Catfish air Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. I would have loved to see a happy ending to catfish. She should not have married so quickly to Danny!!

    • I’d say that the episode still ended with a happy ending. Elijah and Solana are still talking, which is rare for many people on Catfish. Plus, she’s happy that she ended up marrying Danny, so it’s a happy ending but in a different way.

  2. I think Solana should stay with Elijah they seem very close to each other then Solana with Danny..Solana and Elijah are meant to be together!!!

    • So you don’t think it’s a good idea that Solana just got married to Danny right after filming? I don’t think Solana and Elijah showed that much chemistry when they met, to be honest. We’ll see where this relationship goes.

  3. I think Solana should stay with Elijah they seem very close to each other then Solana with Danny..Solana and Wlijah are meant to be together!!!

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